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  • Missing link?

    The show is solid and has a certain degree of normalcy to it. I know, a little hard to claim normalcy when you talk about psychics, but aside from the aspect, although major, the show has a certain real-life feel. The people are appropriately faulty and don't represent some fake Hollywood image.

    However, the show is missing something to draw me in ... maybe I'm subconsciously needing some hyper attractive addition to the cast to draw my attention ... ;-)

    More likely, I'd love to see a stronger development of a couple of sub-plots that can sustain better than the intermittent concerns around the main characters marriage.

    I have to say though ... that I hate kids, and I mean I really don't get them at all ... never have ... I just don't find them particularly cute or interesting ... but the youngest daughter, has to be one of the first kids in a long time that I find absolutely adorable. That cute quirky behavior is almost reason enough to watch the show ... although probably not the missing link to make this a break-out success.
  • Season one caught me by surprise. And Patricia Arquette won a well-deserved Emmy.

    Watched this pilot last year. Was a bit curious. Before I knew it I was hooked. Story telling is very well done through the use of dream imagery and the domestic relationships really ground the series in reality. In addition to the interesting "A" stories, the kids are adorable and Jake Webber does a fine job as the husband. Do yourself a favor and give this one a shot.
  • A great show

    I absolutely love this show. This is one of the most original shows to come along in a very long time. Patricia Arquette is wonderful as the real-life Allison Dubois. There have been a couple of episodes that have been clunkers, but that is going to happen sometimes. For the most part this is a very intelligent and well-written show. The little girls that play her daughters are very good and their characters are pretty realistic. Jake Weber plays her husband and I don't care for him much of the time. Not that he's not a good actor, but sometimes the character is unsympathetic. I hope this show runs for many years and I think Patricia Arquette more than deserved her emmy.
  • Original writing, wonderful acting and fast paced, on the edge of your seat suspense will keep this show on the air.

    Now, I was never really a big fan of Patricia Arquette. Other than "Stigmata", I actually thought her acting was rather amateur...the only Arquette who could be considered worse is I was very doubtful she could pull off a series such as this, which would call for drama, intrigue, and most important, self depreciating humor.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ms. Arquette does a, dare I say it?, superb job as the real life psychic Alison DuBois.

    With the exception of Miguel Sandoval, the rest of the cast is relatively unknown, with the exception of the occasional big (well, BiggER, anyway) name guest star (i.e. Chad Lowe as the pilot who murdered his wife), the acting is wonderful...even from slightly over the top Bridget, and if they had gone with a more well known cast I believe it would have been the death of the show.

    The writing each week continues to astound me, as the writers come up with fresh ideas each week and make them work in a realistic situation. Let's hope the writers can keep this going long enough for this show to make its mark.

    Overall, I gave this show a 10 rating because, while the premise isn't all that terribly original, the twists in plot and fine acting and directing make this a welcome addition to Must See TV!
  • This show is a wonderful combination of the most successful show types on the networks. The real Allison DuBois must be truly blessed...

    This show is a wonderful combination of the most successful show types on the networks. Take the courtroom drama from Law & Order, the forensics and detective work from the CSI family, the hectic family trying to adjust to the new "gift" and all it entails from Charmed, throw in a beautiful leading lady like Samantha and you have Medium. The better description of Allison's character would be Phoebie from Charmed (the psychic sister). Similarly, both had a gift they were not sure about. They both started off slowly, and learned over time. The problem is, with Phoebie the powers developed over time and practice taking many months to gain new abilities. Allison (the character) discovered her abilities were more than just "weird dreams" in the pilot episode, but seemed to jump in ability each episode, especially the pilot. All that said, the show is still one of the most fascinating shows on the air today. It is definately a beautiful compromise from the extremes of law or supernatural, blending the best of both worlds into this extra-Medium show!
  • Allison DuBois is a psychic solving the crimes of Phoenix.

    This show is great for those who love SUSPENSE. After all, you have to consider, "what do her dreams mean? how are they connected to her life?"

    I do, however, find it annoying that she always seems to have dreams that coincide with the case coming up. Of course, I suppose that is the point of being psychic.

    I love that this show is set in Phoenix. Of course, I have never been to Phoenix, but I just don't hink I could stand one more show set in NYC. Give me a break, there are other cities and I actually find myself turned off by shows just because they are NYC based and I don't think I can stomach another.
  • A show that only gets better and better.

    The "psychic person helping police solve crimes" has been done to death, with supernatural phenomenons galore; mostly, results have been at best mediocre.
    But that. There is talent behind this show.
    Besides starring excellent actors, it is never out of fresh ideas that keep the spectator puzzled, always in doubt of what is real or not, guessing, and at the end giving the impression of having watched a plausible distorsion of good ol' rationalism. All that while being comfortable in the events of the everyday family life of Allison Dubois.
    This is the only thing that makes me impatient of getting to Mondays.
  • Good concept made better with good writing and very good acting.

    This is one of the few shows I bother to set my ReplayTV to record.

    The idea of a show based on a Medium doesn\'t seem like it would be such a big hit...But this show is quality because it doesn\'t rely soley on a good story (writing seems very good for the show) but also in great execution of it.

    A lot of the new shows still don\'t seem to understand this...Whiz-bang only last for so long, eventually the watcher (well, me anyway) wants some SUBSTANCE. This show delivers on that and that\'s why I like it.

    What stops me from giving it an even higher score is the seemingly cut-short endings...As if the Editor was working with too much content and got lazy at the end and just cut it short without properly ending the episode.
  • Emmy Winning Actress Deserves It

    I thought it wonderful when Patricia Arquette won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series for Medium. So many actors and actresses get snubbed from show like this.
    It is an excellent show and it has a different edge to it that puts it in a different league from all of the other crime dramas.
  • A show with a great twist

    This show takes an old idea and brings it back to life. Its a breath of fresh air. Its not the lovey dovey family that doesn't have conflict and disagreements. Yet shows that no matter what, being partners for life comes with support for each other. Bringing in the hint of the daughter inheriting her mom's gift brings a whole story line they can tap into. I love the dry wit and spark of humor that is brought into the show. The acting is wonderful. Its nice to see a show which brings a whole new perspective on an old idea for a show.
  • This show is the closest thing to the real deal when it comes to mediums. I read Allison DuBois\\\' book and watch the show every week. The writers keep us on the edge of our seats. The characters are well defined and wonderful.

    The music was haunting and took us inside Allison\\\'s mind to feel her confusion. The writer\\\'s creativity rises to new heights with every story. The family situation, work situation and frustration she felt came home to rest in each of us watching. Every show challenges our imagination. It gets better every week!
  • Mediums are People Too ...


    I'm glad to see this return.
    "Medium" takes a look at the life, daily struggles, and 'reality' of the a person 'gifted' or 'plagued' with an extra sense she didn't ask for, and sometimes would like to ignore.

    This show isn't afraid to dive into the circumstances around each story, both what is happening around the 'spirit' she's working with, as well as how the events in her own life shape her perceptions of what she 'sees'.

    This is a warm, interesting perspective of the PERSON Allison, who happens to be a 'medium' in addition to a wife, mother, friend, relative and neighbor.

    Interesting and inventive.
  • The BEST

    This show is the best in all of the shows out there today. I think it should be the number one hit. I can't figure out why it doesn't get better nat'l ratings. I have dvr and i bought a DVR just so that I could record the Medium. I just love It!
  • Televisions Best Medium!

    Some people may not like this show. They want high gore blood and guts. This show is based on a real live medium Allison DuBois. So this show isn't going to be much in the fantasy realm. It's all about her, her abilities, and her life.

    I find it also very informative. It gives you an inside look at what a person with those abilities goes through.

    It's also very interesting, and it does keep you on the edge of your seat. The acting is done well, and not over done. The epsoides are very well researched, and have an element of surprise.

    Anyone who doesn't like it, is probably looking more for Charmed Meets Law and Order. This is more like The Dead Zone meets Law and Order.
  • I love this show

    I love this show but I have to say that last night was not the best one I have ever seen-however, there were some cool incidents that intrigued me about what is to come. This show even in its worst moments always keeps me interested to the end. I have to make sure I am completely ready for bed before it comes on so as not to miss any of it. I do not care about her pyschic powers, but they do keep me and the show on its toes-this show can truly be really scary yet endearing at the same time. I hope they keep this one coming for a while.
  • Usually I have been biased about 'mediums', but I started watching this show and became hooked. I am glad to see it back this season.

    This show is very intriguing. I make sure that I watch it each Monday night at 9 pm MST. It is a show that keeps my attention. My daughter got me to watching it. Thanks for running it and I hope to see many more seasons. You're doing a great job.
  • Makes you wonder.

    I found the show very interesting and wondering about the life hereafter. I absolutely find her relationship with her husband refreshing. I like the way she handles the cases by getting down to the truth. I never really thought about the dead having unfinished business, but that goes back to the show bring up questions about our hereafter.
  • Without a doubt the BEST new show from last year. Its sense of humor and writing are top-notch!

    We took a chance and watched the first episode of this last year. After about 10 mins I knew i was hooked for good. The fact that Patricia Arquette doesn't look like a MODEL but looks like a REAL woman and a mom, makes this show soo great. Her husband Jake Weber plays the role perfect. He gets pissed when he is left to deal with the kids, gets freaked out when his daughters show psychic abilities, and shows how much he cares for his wife in every show.

    The snide comments, the jokes, the little jabs, make the show a blast to watch. We laugh as much with this show as we do with the so called "comedies" on other networks. We love the way the shows are written, they are never a gimme with the "who done it's".

    Keep this show on your DVR and you will always have a great show to watch!
  • I think that is about time people saw what so many already believe. Even if people do not believe in what the show is about they still like the show.

    I feel that this is a great show because you can relate to the characters. It is also something that you are able to find yourself getting lost in, you look forward to next weeks episode and get disappointed during the summer when it is reruns. I also think that Patricia Arquette brings Allison alive and makes you feel what she feels. She is also a mother and a wife which gives her a level that most television characters do not have.
    I mean I have other shows that I love but most of the time a female lead character does not havea husband and children, it takes too much time away from the story line. Yet with this show it builds her up and makes her seem real in our eyes. SHe is the type of person that you feel you would be able to trust and you would look to her for advice.
    So I know that I will continue to watch this show and I hope that it continues to get better as it seems to be doing.
  • Dramatic thriller about a lady who can see and hear dead people. Her dealings in hospitals and at funeral homes are creepy because of all the deceased that want to communicate through the medium, Allison DuBois

    This show is so fabulous because the theme and subjects are on-the-edge-of-your-seat-but-not-scary-enough-to-lose-sleep freaky. And, the DuBois' husband is a great man, because he not only puts up with his wife getting home late from work and leaving him to get the kids ready for, and pick them up from, school - he also awakens to her waking up in a cold, freak-out sweat from a nightmare that she's just had about someone dead who needs her help. It usually ends sad, but at least the bad guy gets busted.
  • "Not like I said let them eat Brussel Sprouts"

    This show is just great. There is not a thing wrong with this show. With a few exception of PATRICIA ARQUETTE. I have never had a thought of her befor or after this show. But I don't think she is that great. BUT There is something about this Charature that just fits her. At first i thought it was just bad acting. I think she is just great. Anyways GREAT show.
  • I find this show engaging, well written, well acted and entertaining. It wisely keeps away from the macabre and sexual titillation, and shows the human side of psychics. The family life is realistic and provides a warm backdrop to the sometimes brutal c

    I like this show. I like the acting and the story lines and the ordinariness of the premise. I like the self-doubt and the skepticism and the humanness portrayed by the main characters. Although I like the paranormal content of the show, what makes it a winner for me is the characterization which is very well done. Although the medium herself and her husband are portrayed as likeable characters, they are shown as sometimes flawed, insecure, doubting and impatient, all in a realistic way. I like that there are not often cut and dry solutions to the weekly plots and episodes. It makes you believe that these people could be your next door neighbours. I like that.
  • Paved the way for "Ghost Whisperer". Interesting show but not to die for.

    Three shows were introduced to network television last midseason dealing with the unexplained and supernatural: "Medium" and "Revelations" on NBC and "Point Pleasant" on FOX. I happen to be a fan of all three, although I prefer the latter two to "Medium".


    Well, "Medium" is certainly a good show. It has good acting and directing. And despite the fact that it's supposed to be based on "real" life psychic Allison Dubois, it gets old how Allison talks to ghosts mainly in her dreams. And in flashbacks they often use hand-drawn backdrops and greenscreens, which some people may find original but I find annoying. "Ghost Whisperer" at least has the main character communicating to the dead in reality as well as the dream world.

    NBC also constantly advertises "Medium" as being suspenseful and creepy, when it is not. It is basically "Law & Order: Special Psychic Unit" in a way. But one thing that is appealing about the show is the sense of family that the main characters have. It's rare to see a TV family with values these days and "Medium" delivers that. Patrica Arquette is also an outstanding actress and does the role quite nicely.

    Despite it's flaws, "Medium" was the only show out of those three to make it to a second season, which I'm sure will be even better than the first. Hopefully "Medium", along with ABC's smash hit "Lost", will lead the new army of supernatural and sci-fi shows: "Supernatural", "Invasion", "The Night Stalker", "Surface", "Ghost Whisperer", and "Threshold" - to success. We can only hope.
  • This show has reeled me in!!!!i have enjoyed every single episode.This is one show you get hooked on without even realizing it.The Dubois family is great,the children are so cute and just add to this show.Kudoos to Patricia Arquette im sure this is a chal

    MY family and I enjoy this show greatly.Its like touched by an angel with a twist,and like wise will tug on your heart strings.The kids are a good addition.The husband Joe(Jake Webber)can be funny as well as supportive.Dont know how they came up with such good matches for each other.
  • This is one of the very best shows that I like on Monday night. 10pm Monday, you will find me in front of the boob toob watching this show. I would have been very disappointed if this show would have went off air.

    This is one of the very best shows that I like on Monday night. 10pm Monday, you will find me in front of the boob toob watching this show. I would have been very disappointed if this show would have went off air. Of course, it seems that some show producers don\'t care what the watchers want. Thank goodness this one is continuing on!!! :)
  • One of the better shows about the paranormal...

    I like this show do to the fact that it is based on a true person. Most of the stories in the first season are all based on actual events. That's what gives this show a "life of it's own". The show is enjoyable even with some of the campy dialog I think that Medium is worth the time to watch and maybe even enjoy.
  • A pretty good show.

    I like the plot. Its very eye-catching. My mother actually introduced it to me. Shes into all those crime shows like that. But its one of the better crime shows out there. Crime shows are getting to the point where theyre almost like reality shows. Theres just too many stupid, pointless ones out there. But this one is original.
  • Its very personal plus its very good!!

    Ever since i heard bout this i was intrigued about mediums now that they have a show about it. It's like a dream come true. It's very good show if you like Law and Order or Court Tv. You dont need to like mediums to like this great hit!!
  • A really good show!

    This is one of those shows that we got a fleeting glimpse of and then it was taken away until January 2006!! How can they do that to us? This show was interesting, different and Patricia Arquette was completely unique in this role. I love the family dynamics and the way she tries to juggle work with family. I'm counting the weeks until it returns.
  • Allison Dubois is a mother to three,a wife, and a law student who begins to figure out she can talk to the dead,see the visions in her dreams, and read peoples thoughts.Fearing her gift she turns for support to her husband Joe. She then helps the criminal

    Medium is an incredible show which takes you out of the box and shows you how to understand your dreams,and imagination.It shows you that if it is possible to have visions or talk to the dead or even read peoples mind that your gift may help criminal justice.You dont have to look at it through the dark side you should see the bright side,and helping is a great thing to do.
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