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  • Wow! What a show!

    Allison does a much better job dealing with dead people at the end of her bed than I would. This show makes you laugh and makes you jump! The best part is Allison DuBois is an actual person, with a real gift. I was hooked after the pilot episode and continue to watch every Monday. I tend to push my shows off on everyone that comes to my house; I will continue to push this one off on everyone I talk to! This show is a trendsetter, I mean look at the knock off already coming next season, the one with Jennifer Love Whatever. This show is gonna be around for a while! Sit back and don’t relax!
  • i love this show!! completly original

    this must be the most real kind of tv show iv seen i meen allison dubois dosnt have any makeup on she like the real time house mother fabulous defineitly a two thumbs up show! its so great with great twists and plots.its definaly a must see as well go allison!!
  • A show I should like but like someothers I just don't.

    Patricia Arquete plays a good medium. Her husband is interesting to have in the show. Yet, I can't understand why this show bores me. I love the Dead Zone and this show is similar. I guess it just rubs me the wrong way. This is unfortunate because I was really up on the hype before the show started airing.
  • Doesn't interest me, but a decent show none the less.

    Personally, Medium does nothing for me. I gave the show a few shots to win me over, and it failed miserably. I just can't get along with shows that are one episode capsules (do you hear me Alias?).

    The show's premise is mildly interesting, but I don't care about the characters at all. Patricia Arquette's character is not that compelling, and the plots seem old and stale. To be honest, it feels like CSI with mind readers instead of scientists.

    Even though I don't like it, I can see why other people do. Over all the show is well structured, and for the people who like one show capsuls with no story arc, this is the show for you. I'm looking for more from a show, but most people want to just catch an episode now and then, and this show is fine for that. I can't recommend it, but I can understand why other people would.
  • I'd really like to like this show. I should like this show. I can't figure out why I barely like it enough to keep watching it. On paper, it's fantastic but I just don't enjoy it nearly as much as other shows.

    I'm just shocked that I don't like Medium very much. I should. Patricia Arquette's acting is fantastic, the main character is lovable, and the overall premise of the show sounds really great. Perhaps one problem is that Jake Weber gets on my very last nerves. His accent drives me crazy (I don't ususally criticize people's voices but I'm searching for a reason why I don't like this show!). I hate how his character is rarely supportive of Allison and her following her dreams, despite the fact that they always are true. His sarcasm is annoying and rude. I'm pretty neutral about Miguel Sandoval and I like Sofia Vassieleva and Maria Lark so they're not the problem. Maybe it's the writing. A lot of the episodes' storylines bore me to death but the one problem with this theory is that I don't even enjoy episodes with fascinating storylines much (ex. "I Married a Mind Reader"). The one episode I truly enjoyed was "Coming Soon". It's too bad that it was so predictable. I would've liked to have been surprised with the twist at the very end. I think that my real problem with the show is that I tuned in partly to see April Grace, who was originally supposed to star on the show (she ended up just guest starring on "Pilot"). I'm a huge fan of her and I was excited to see her get a starring role in a series. Unfortunately, this completely backfired and instead of getting a starring role, she lost a reccuring role on one of my favorite shows (Joan of Arcadia) just to guest star on ONE episode of Medium. The main title sequence is boring, strange, and very, very disappointing. It'd be nice if it actually had the stars in it. Overall, this show is just barely worth watching for me and if I was going to eliminate one hour of television from my TV week, let's just say I wouldn't be watching anything on NBC Mondays @ 10.
  • Making new episodes

    The show is the best on television, but there is one catch, it always has reruns, I have watched every show. I want to watch new episodes not the same ones all the time, that turns you away from it. I am the kind of person that watching one episode one time is enough.I get excited wandering whats going to happen next week to find out that I have already seen that one. Please make more new episodes to keep people interested. Love the show.
  • Exciting

    I absolutely love love love this show. Each episode gets better everytime. I anticipate the next one. The character dynamics are great, from the husband/wife perspective to parent/child. I love how every episode starts with her dreams and by the end is developed into so much more. I loved the cliffhanger this seasons ending, and glad they picked it up for a second
  • My 2nd fav. show of all time!

    Medium is my 2nd fav show for a number of reasons. This show creates suspense, which keeps the person watching sitting at the edge of their chairs waiting to see what is going on. This show also creats a great guessing game for people watching it. People get to predict what is going to happen, and see if they are right or not, and usually the clues can help you out. Makes a great mystery/suspense show. Every eppisode is different, and not like the last, giving you a whole new mystery to work with, which keeps this show going strong, and keeps people glued to the screen, waiting for what is to come next. Excellent show :)
  • Honey, there's a dead man at the edge of the bed. The life of Allison DuBois is anything but normal, and believe me, this is no 'Sixth Sense.'

    NBC has long-since been in the lacking of a good, strong drama (particularly that of a supernatural nature). When first commercial airings for a show entitled "Medium" began airing, I decided that I might give it a try. After all, I was a sometimes-fan of the lead star, Patricia Arquette. The cast was intriguing enough, and I awaited the pilot heartily. I thought it was going to be a mediocre, "it's okay if I miss this week" sort of show, but the first episode completely ripped apart my standpoints. Wow!

    To know that this was based on an actual woman made the show all the more interesting, even though it had more than enough twists and turns to keep me loving it. Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette) has made a great transition to the screen from being a real-life person to the leading woman in a sleeper hit by NBC. Arquette plays out an extremely believable character who just happens to see the dead. She has instant karma with her new boss, D.A. Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval), who is a more sensible side to some of her more intense visions. Along with her husband (Jake Weber), Allison slowly puts the pieces of these puzzles together to undercover a deeper truth.

    One of the greatest points of interest is the great chemistry between the lead stars (Arquette & Weber). Although some episodes may get caught up in the current storyline, there's always good quality DuBois family time. From fighting, to the strange habits of their adorable children, to visiting mother-in-laws--"Medium" always keeps a fresh balance of action, mystery, humor and love; all a very refreshing break from many other shows currently on the air.

    Although there is no major season-long plot (how could there be, exactly?), the show never fails to enthrall me and keep me tuning in each week. I literally have to fight for the remote some nights, but I make it. Each episode is different in it's own respect, and the writers never fail to come up with a dramatic twist that will throw you completely off (take the brilliantly crafted "Night of the Wolf" for example). I was surprised and over-excited when I found out about the renewal of this wonderful piece of art, and cannot wait for the next season! So give it a try, even if you didn't like "The Sixth Sense."
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