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  • miss miss miss this show

    i don't like much on tv... loved this show. miss it still. i love the plots, twists and family members. I miss this show else like it.
  • I loved this show so much!

    This was one of my favorite shows. The last episode was unexpected and very sad but this was a great show.
  • We need it BACK

    I watched this fantastic show from the first show. My niece in Portland loved it too. I didn't know it was being taken off and I was so shocked at the last show. This show had a talented cast and original stories. I could related to Allison because she was so real-life. I also, loved the relationship between Allison and Joe. Joe was such a sweetheart. Please, please, please bring it back. I watched the reruns until they took them off. I'm not crazy about cop shows but this was such a different take on a part-cop show. I would watch them all over again if they were being aired.
  • Just made a new freind and now they,ve gone

    Started watching this recently when my wife started watching it.Normally i dont really watch her programs but i got sucked into this big time.I think i started to watch it from somewhere around the end of series two and i had got up to about the start of series four when i decided to find out a bit more about the series only to find out it had been cancled half way through series seven.just watched the whole of series seven,not sure what to make of the finale,only to say its a great series and i absolutly love it
  • The best

    In psych themes this is the best drama ever.

    The family parts are great, specially the couple Allisson and Joe.

    I really liked it.

    The only thing that I did not like was the final episode.
  • The Best Show Ever

    It's really strange how come some ppl didn't like it, it's great show, i really adore all the actors specially lovely Patricia.

    Thank you to all who contribute in that great show
  • Allison Dubois is a Medium and helps the DA solve crimes, while mainting a family full time.

    This show is amazing! Regardless of its ratings or if some people think the show is going down hill, they still tune in. It is a personal favorite of mine, a guilty pleasure, and I find it to be very intriguing. Even the "boring" episodes are entertaining. It's one of those shows, where you can't take your eyes away from the screen until it finishes. You need to see the outcome, who did it and why. Great characters, plots and twists! I also find it fascinating that they mixed a crime/drama show with some sci-fi. It's edgy and Patricia Arquette gets more beautiful with time.
  • I love this show!! It gives me something to look forward to on Monday nights. I don't even turn on the set until close to the time. I heard it may not be coming back? is that true?

    Love, Love< love the show. I love the family life, kids, and how they are not always fighting. Just a really nice touch for a change.

    Please keep the show running forever, I really look forward to watching it every Monday nights. This is the only reason I like Monday's. Keep up the good work and writing.

    Thank you New York I love this show!! It gives me something to look forward to on Monday nights. I don't even turn on the set until close to the time. I heard it may not be coming back? is that true?

    I love this show!! It gives me something to look forward to on Monday nights. I don't even turn on the set until close to the time. I heard it may not be coming back? is that true?
  • Dont let MEDIUM get cancelled due to low ratings...Pass the word along... Everyone sign this petition to let CBS know that we need to see more promotion or a time-slot change for the show.

    Dont let MEDIUM get cancelled due to low ratings...Pass the word along... Everyone sign this petition to let CBS know that we need to see more promotion or a time-slot change for the show. The ratings have been the lowest EVER!

    Dont let MEDIUM get cancelled due to low ratings...Pass the word along... Everyone sign this petition to let CBS know that we need to see more promotion or a time-slot change for the show. The ratings have been the lowest EVER!

    Dont let MEDIUM get cancelled due to low ratings...Pass the word along... Everyone sign this petition to let CBS know that we need to see more promotion or a time-slot change for the show. The ratings have been the lowest EVER!
  • little fact - show is based off a REAL person, her family and career. I think this is a wonderful show and I have watched every show every season.. you can get every season on dvd (netflix, blockbuster.

    little fact - show is based off a REAL person, her family and career. I think this is a wonderful show and I have watched every show every season.. you can get every season on dvd (netflix, blockbuster.) The real Allison has actually helped the police find real killers. I started watching the show about 2 years ago and they tried to end the show last year but thank goodness they were just putting it on a different channel. I don't watch much TV but I do watch this show and I think it is great. The real Allison says that the betrayal of her and her family to right on!
  • Medium

    I have been watching Medium since the very first show and have watched every show since that first season. I love it. It has suspense and action. I love the characters, I love the story line. It has a little of everything you're looking for. When I heard that Channel 4 cancelled it, I was so upset until I heard that CBS picked it up. NBC's loss. I think that putting it on after Ghost Whisperer couldn't have been a better choice. This year seems to have some great story lines. I hope to see this show for many more seasons.
  • Best tv show I've ever seen. Followed it since day one and wouldn't miss an episode ever. Number 1!!!!!

    Best tv show I've ever seen. Followed it since day one and wouldn't miss an episode ever.

    Number 1!!!!!

    This show is never too "gorey" like all the other crime related programs that would make many folks puke. Medium has quality actors, stellar direction and incredible stories in each one. Each episode has many heartwarming messages that relate to real life. Best of all, Medium is about family - real family. If you don't follow Medium, you're missing out big time.

    I follow several shows on each network - always have. Medium always goes far beyond my expectations each and every episode. Thanks CBS & fellow fans!

    Medium fan!!!
  • i just love medium this is one of my favorite shows and i cant live without it.i cant get enough of medium.This show better stay on because if it doesnt i am going to get a bunch of people 2 strike with me and you will be rated very poorly.I love the show

    i just love medium this is one of my favorite shows and i cant live without it. i cant get enough of medium. This show better stay on because if it doesnt i am going to write a bad review on the station that gives this show if your going to cut it off u deserve to be rated poorly and i can get alot of people to help me because im going to strike. im sick of all my favorite shows getting cut off air its annoying and not fair to the viewers and myself who love the shows. Please keep medium its the least you can do considering what you have already done to me ---took off air.I love the story line and Patricia Arquette you are the best keep doing what you do. Thank you from your favorite fan tharanee
  • Geniune family interactions and captivating mystery!

    I am so in love with this show. I am intrigued by the paranormal sensitivities. I fell in love with the family, they are so real. The way the kids misbehave and how Joe and Allison interact is the way tv was meant to be. I am addicted to this show like visiting my favorite relatives. I miss them when I don't get to see them. Please write more episodes for the fall season. 22 is not enough and I can speak for all my friends when I say we are sick of the breaks in the episodes. Every friday night would be nice. I would like to see more from the girl's abilities and please change Allisons hair back lol. Seriously though, im 26 years old I don't have children however I do remember a time when television was like this show. Good, REAL ACTING, with a mother that doesn't look like she's trying to be younger than her daughter and a husband that is loyal, supportive, intelligent, and emotionally connected to his wife. This show is so much more than about a woman who dreams about things before they happen.
  • CBS thank you for picking up medium!

    Ghost Whisper has died and isn't coming back. I Thought Ghost Whisper was the best show out right now but I was horribly wrong. Every time I'd watch CBS I'd keep hearing of this show medium and it sounded good, but I didn't want to just pick up in the middle of the season and have no idea what was going on. Also, every week my friends would tell me about this awesome show medium. Again it sounded good but I just didn't watch it. Then, Ghost Whisper ended. I was sad and mad because now I would have nothing to do on Friday nights. So, I decided to get Season One, Disc one from the library. If I didn't like it I'd just return it, no big deal. Well, from the opening season I was hooked! I'm glad NBC decided to cancel it and send it over to CBS because otherwise I wouldn't of start watching. I' glad CBs canceled Ghost Whisper because again, I wouldn't have started watching. Medium is Ghost Whisper meets That So Raven meets CSI meets Full House. Alison must deal with cases she has dreams about while dealing with family issues. And…. It gets better. Medium is based on a true story. Alison, Joe, Arial Bridgette and Marie Dubois are real people and family issues that are shown on the how are real. Cases in the show are based off of real cases but very slightly because the real Alison didn't want to bring back old memories for the families of the victims. So, Thanks again NBC for ending medium and CBS for brining it back!
  • One of the best shows on TV.

    This show is without a doubt one of my all time favorites. The family life makes everything seem so real. Patricia Arquette is a very talented actress and plays Allison in an unbelievably convincing way. I'm am so happy to hear CBS has picked it up. I always thought I belonged there, and next to Ghost Whisperer too! The story lines just get better each passing year. I hope season 6 is a good as the amazing bone-chilling finale we were left with in May. I am so glad that the show is begining in September this year and getting a full 22 episode like it deserves to.
  • Finally a show that tries to look at "the dark side" in an as realistic as possible way.

    I did not want to write a long thing, because deity knows I write enough for uni lately, but I just had to make this one point.

    Jake Weber is the most underrated actor of our time.

    This guy can convey everything from anger, frustration, brilliance to despair in such a convincing way that I have nightmares about it every once in a while. I am deeply in tv-love with the guy (best male actor of any current show, apart from House, Hugh Laurie wins there), and I wish he would get bigger parts. Jake Weber: I'm rooting for you! I realize that that is rather useless as I live in Norway and do not help make ratings in the US, but dammit I am a huge fan!
  • excellant show. great story line. the young actors that play the kids are really good. i just can't say enough great things about this show. and i'm not one to get on line a do this sort of thing. but when i heard it was going off air, i was so mad.

    One of my favorite show ever. I like everyone of the actors, the story lines, everything about it. please don't take it off the tv. i missed part of the end story so i will have to rent the cd when it comes out i guess. i taped it for one hour but missed the end. i love the way the husband and wife dicuss things and work things out. wonderful to see that it can be done. i know it's only a tv show but it's a good influense on people and families. need more like it. and the story line is different. i had a friend who use to have dreams and if she dreamed something 3 times i a row i usually came true. so this show is very real to me. keep it going.
  • My favorite show ever! Creepy stories, beautiful family stories, and great acting and writing by all!

    This show is without a doubt one of the best shows on television today. Filled with brilliant writing, directing, and phenomenal acting, it easily traverses the distance between family drama and crime drama, with a touch of the supernatural thrown in to make it interesting. The crimes are often macabre and the psychic touches suitably creepy to give one chills while watching (and maybe even cause a few sleepless nights!). But the heart of this show is the personal dynamics of the relationships that Allison has with those around her, how her psychic ability affects those relationships, and how she deals with this. Her relationships with her co-workers (Devalos and Scanlon) are warm and friendly, with the two of them having developed an affinity for her over the years, and having come to rely on her gift to help them solve often heinous crimes. They have become very protective of her and her gift since their friendship began. But it is her relationships with her family, husband Joe and daughters Ariel, Bridget and Marie, that are the heart of the show, and what make it compelling to watch. Joe is a loving, supportive husband who has come to accept his wife's gift as part of who she is, and no matter how it disrupts his sleep at night, he is always there for her. He is often the voice of reason that keeps Allison grounded when her dreams send her into a tailspin, as they are wont to do. And despite all of this, their relationship remains strong and connected, and they share a deep, unbreakable bond that makes their relationship one of the most beautiful on television, and helps them to survive whatever life throws at them. Their daughters have all inherited Allison's gift, which sometimes creates tension in the household, particularly with teenage daughter Ariel, whose struggles with growing pains, coupled with the weight of this ability, causes some beautiful moments between mother and daughter as Allison helps her to learn how to cope with this, as well as some teen angst as she rebels against her parents' rule. Middle daughter Bridget and youngest daughter Marie are both precociously adorable. All of the girls are perfectly written and played, and all of the dynamics of the family are so real to life that this family could be any family living on your street, save for the fact that the mother sees dead people!! The actors are all amazing, particularly (well-deserved) Emmy winner Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois, and Jake Weber as husband Joe. Sofia Vassilieva, Maria Lark, and Miranda and Madison Carabello are all perfect as the Dubois daughters, and David Cubitt and Miguel Sandoval are equally wonderful as Scanlon and Devalos. Great show!! MUST SEE!!

    I love this show. The characters are believable and the story lines are always interesting. The kids are great and they are what makes it seem more believable considering the subjects of the show. I did not like the change from the DA's office but I am getting use to it. I will continue watching as long as they keep it on the air. I do not personally believe any of this is possible and I guess that is why I like it. It is pure entertianment to me. If people look at this way how could it not be a favorite. I just have trouble knowing when it is on. I always find just by accident. Please, keep it on a regular schedule.
  • Good show, really good....

    I really enjoy watching this show. It is certainly one of my favourite shows. I love every episode, none is boring, all of them have high volume of energy, mystery, family love... Allison, that is Patricia, is as always great, and she really fits this show. I couldn't imagine anyone else, the show just wouldn't be the same. One of the best parts is that it's based on a true life story, and that's something we do not see every day. This gives to this show a taste of excitement, cos you simply have to ask yourself: " What? This really happened?" It's making you think not just about great acting, or what will next happened, it is making you think about life. You think about this world, or greater plan of Someone "up there", and about possibilities of having a gift of seeing dead people, or any other kind of gifts. It's great, real pearl in the field of sand....
  • what dreams may come

    allison dubois works as a 'special' consultant at the district attorney's office but she's more than just your average kind of person having these dreams, visions like psychic and use this certain gift to help especially to solve crimes & cases. most of the time her intuitions are right. she can see the dead and their ghosts in turn use her as a medium thru her dreams showing her the truth and outsmart those suspects who lie most of the time and bring the guilty to justice. allison's family is supportive of her & it's nice to see their closeness and the kids are funny most of the time. some of my favorite episodes so far are the song remains the same w/ allison hearing this song over and over & mother's little helper w/ the carrie reference. this is a must-see series!
  • I love Medium. I love the realistic aspects as well as the not-so-real ones...but for the most part it's very realistic.

    New episodes of Medium (a.k.a. Season 4 begins) on January 7th. I can't wait! I already own the first three seasons, and I can't wait until the new season begins! It will be another great season. I think Allison is very cool, and my sisterhas Arial as her role model or something. Anyway, I love how realistic Medium and every single person in it is. I love the theme song too. I spend a LOT of time on YouTube, listening to it and watching the far-too-short clips that there are. So bring on Season Four and let the fun begin! (Again!) :)
  • A perfect show to watch.

    This emmy winning drama "Medium" is a perfect show to watch. I enjoy this show a lot. The characters in these show play a great role in shaping this drama. For example, the husband Joe DuBois is very supportive of his psychic wife Allison Dubois. He sometimes helps her to understand her dreams and visions of dead people plus at times puts up with her when she is not herself. Patricia Arquette plays her part very well and I hope she wins an emmy for her outstanding performance in this show "Medium". I strongly believe she has earned to be atleast nominated for an emmy. I am eagerly waiting for the premiere of season 4. I hope the WGA strike will end soon and give the eager audiences a treat with our favorite shows.
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW! This, I feel is the most underappreciated show in television history!

    Why hasn't Patricia Arquette won an Emmy every year that she has portrayed Mrs. Allison Dubois?!? Tell me, please! Seriously....the show is just great and I feel that it doesn't get the kudos that it deserves and I really just wanted to get that off of my chest, thank you. Does anyone else feel like it was the whole 3-D episode that killed its momentum? Just curious. It was a nightmare here in Michigan getting the glasses, my husband never laughed so hard at me and my best friend trying to get those things! Still a great show, though!
  • A amazing show!

    I personally love this show. Me and my mom watch it together. I think it gets better every season! I loved the season finale. Couldn't belive that she ratted her out though. I can't wait til next season to find out what happens! I think it works because it shows how her gift affects her everyday life. And i love her daughter's Bridgett is hilarious. She reminds me of my sister.
  • Great Show Period.

    This is a wonderful show. It's fast paced and suspenseful. It will always keep you on the edge of your seat. This show is about a psychic, Alison Dubois, who works as a detective and solves cases using her dreams and psychic visions. This show is actually based on a real person and while I'm sure quite a bit of the story is made up, a lot of it is really based on aspects of her life. My favorite part of any Medium episode are the dreams. They don't usually make sense in the beggining but they always end up making sense in the end. I would recommend this show to everyone and anyone because there are so many things to like about it. There is the crime solving aspect that people who like Law and Order and CSI will like; there is the psychic part that people who like crossing over and psychic shows will like and theirs the mystery that just about everyone enjoys. I really like this show and I think you will too. And hey if you don't like it... Heck, who wouldn't like this show?
  • Love it.

    My mom got me hooked on Medium and I have been enjoying it since. Nowadays, I tape it onto my DVR to put onto disc or watch later (right now- only because still trying to figure out which channel is ABC, NBC, and CBS for where I live now). She does a great job and the rest of the cast is wonderful. I'm hoping it's on the air a long time to come. The Kelsey Grammer episode(s) were wonderful - enjoyed seeing him as death and loved the 3D episode - it kept me on the edge of my seat, in fat had to rewatch it to make sure I saw it all.
  • Spooky!

    I have to admit that this is one show that even if you are not believer in the supernatural you will be by the end of the show, and knowing that its after a true story makes me believe even more. Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois you defenelty cant get a better choice than that. You really believe in her character. Channel 10 bring back season 3.
  • GREAT entertainment !!

    Medium is simply great entertainment. There is no need for sexual content or just beautiful people because the content speaks for itself; it doesn't need flash. It integrates intelligence and mystery solving into a mind exercising experience. The imagery and characters are very well developed, realistic, and creative. They never take it too far just for ratings. Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber are excellent at their jobs, you really believe they are the characters. The D.A. Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) never goes outside realistic bounderies, over or under, in his belief and trust of Allison DuBois. This simply means the writers are excellent. Congratulations to you all!!
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