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  • I love the trill and suspense in the show, but take out the face slicing and stabbing! The fact that one of her daughters has similar dreams is even more reason to clean it up! Let us bring some sort of values back to TV!

    Medium should be a healthy family show expressing a little fantasy and drama. People could get shot or killed but we don't have to show horrible details of multiple razor slices on girls faces. Give us a show how that one can relax watch and even relate to. Occasionally we can sit on the edge of our chair but we should not have nightmares nor see horrible acts of violence that seem to become a norm in society.
    Perhaps if we use a rule of thumb..."little or no blood", the writers might have to become a little more creative to keep our attention!

    Patricia Arquette, could become the cool mom that that solves crimes and protects her TV Family. THe episode where Mrs. Dubois goes into the mind of the criminal was great and that is what made that episode not her imitating a monster with an "exacto". Can you imagine the fear a child might feel towards it's own mother after watching explicit murders. People complain about sex during prime time....this far more dangerous. I have been following Nancy Gray's shows and I am shocked at the fact that that there has been a series of moms killing their own babies. What good is medium going to do for our society if they don't clean up the episodes!
  • The show is getting very boring after season 3. A better actress would save the show, however 'Allison' became more and more annoying, plain acting and bad facial expression.

    It was a good show at the begining, interesting storylines, good twist in the murder cases. However along with the show going on, I realised Allison and her husband always in bed, talking in an extremely annoying voice after Allison woke up in a bad dream. Intelligence or even common sense is important for normal people, however it looks like psychics are extremely stupid to figure out what is going on based on simple analysis of dreams by 'Thinking'. The show was too 'Allison' centred (plus boring Dubois family) and no development of any other interesting characters. If the sweet family and real-life scenes are the core principles of the show, sorry, it failed too. Allison is not a caring mother, smart enough to be sensitive to understand her kids, or to help them solving daily problems,even to cook good food for her young kids, no mention whenever they did have bad dreams,an ability inherited from her. Any good mother will know how to love your own kids,to be caring, sensitive and supportitve. Only blame Patricia's bad acting here. The actors and actresses are all too aged, no fresh exciting blood in the show. All in all, Allison's bad acting ruined the show, it's a shame!
  • worst show ever created

    so happy its gone..ridiculously bad acting all around...same tired premise every wife loved it btw...ill never watch again
  • OMG .. Patricia A is sooo bad at acting. Bad crying scenes, bad facial expressions, bad acting, bad voice!! OMG!!


    OMG .. Patricia A is sooo bad at acting. If this was cast with someone with some talent it would have been great. Jake Webber is superb and so are all the kids and all the side actors. She is soo soo soo fake .. am I the only one who thinks so? Common ... didn't the producers realize this?? I mean have you seen that woman start to cry?? I just stop the TV .. take a deep breath and fast forward the crying scene every time ... it is so annoying.

    The story line is superb and all the supporting actors are great!!. This woman should NEVER act again .. she is that bad!! she got worse over the seasons as well. I know that the story is supposed to support her intution ... but every time she tries to convince about something I just want to run away and never look at the show.

    Please recast this woman with someone with evenminimaltalent and have medium show again. I will NEVER ever put myself through the torture watching Patricia A again ... I just loved the story line and Jake Webber so much that I suffered through Medium even with this freaking annoying woman!!!

  • Allisons character doesn't feel solid, she complains,whines,and at times seems very clueless on what she is doing.I mean look at Ghost Whisperer,her talent is a gift and Allison is clueless.Have kids use their medium abilities.Allison can teach them.

    Really enjoy that this show is psychic sci-fi. Don't really care for Allison so much. Might need to change her character or get someone new. She seems to whinning or clueless. I would think she would be able to handle her being Medium by now. Or at least accept it or something. Look at Ghost Whisperer, she considers her talent a gift. She doesn't complain or whine. She actually nows what to do. Allison just needs to bring it up a notch or something. Have her actually figure out sometimes what she sees the Department might not be able to help her and she might have to do things on her own.
  • I will never watch your show again! It focuses too much on graphic violence then psychic abilities! After all the show is named \'Medium\'

    I have been watching \'Medium\' from the very first show. I have lately considered aborting this show because it\'s become to graphically violent for me. Yesterday show was the icing on the cake! The scene with the animal abuse did it for me! I know animal abuse takes place among sick members of our society, but I don\'t want to see it up close & personal. Would you also show a baby being abused?
    I talked to my daughter and 3 of my friends about the show & all were disgusted & we will never watch it again!

    a disgusted x fan!
  • Medium started out great. The last few shows however are just creepy! A bowl of fingers? A killer in her head? This kind of writing is uncalled for. And to think I missed something else for this? Get back to the basics.

    I'm disgusted. If the writers think grossness is a major selling point then you've lost me & millions of others who don't appreciate the blood & gore or the bowl of "ladies fingers" or mens fingers as in the beginning of tonite's show. That's when I grabbed the remote & wrote off your show. Too bad. It started out so good. Did you change writers? If so you need to fire these & hire the old ones.
  • I'm trying to like this show.....

    it's on lifetime and I love I tune in every night to see what's on and lately Medium has been on and I'm somewhat intrigued by the idea of the show so I've been watching it, but I am tiring of it already. It seems as though Allison and her husband are either going to bed or getting up from bed or waking up from bad dreams. I think there are too many pajama scenes. And the last two episodes I've watched were disjointed. There were twists in the plot that never got resolved. I like the concept and I love the actors, but I can't like the show too much right now. I will keep trying, though!
  • Worst Acting in a TV series goes to Patricia Arquette who got paid $225,000 per episode for Medium.

    Absolutely the worst acting I have ever seen. I am a director. This series which I streamed via Netflix made me want to give up.

    I had to stop watching after the third episode.

    What's the point if such awful acting skills are rewarded with that kind of paycheck?

    Patricia's interpretation of Allison's character is that of a bored and whining one dimensional zombie, lacking in any emotional range. Useless as an intriguing drama because of this worst actress ever.
  • lame show about some female know-it-all

    i dont like this show at all,
    this show is just about some middle aged lady who can feel, sense or see all kinds of stuff so that sheknows it all. now wheres the fun in that? there is no anticipating, mystery solving, doubting, making mistakes or anything interesting whatsoever. i really dont understand why anybody would wanna watch something this boring. i mean ghost whisperer is way cooler than this show cos its kind of intense and confusing, but watch this show is so not worth your time unless you like to watch people who think they know all
  • Why show animal abuse?

    Sorry, I could not finish watching this one. The December 13, 2006 episode was getting interesting, until the little dog was about to get...I changed the channel at that point. There are many disturbing images in MEDIUM every week and I understand that is a part of the shock value of the series. But, why show animal abuse? Being active in the ASPCA, I cannot condone visual messages such as the one presented in the December 13th episode.
  • A train wreck... you shouldn't watch but can't look away. Tiresome writing.

    The gruesome work life of Allison juxtaposed with her sugary sweet home life is nauseating. It's like the writers decided to make her family life extra sweet to offset all the grisly images they present as part of her work with the DA. The plot with her being a psychic is already not quite believable and neither is her family. Scenes of the sickeningly sweet bedtime stories and children demanding good night kisses then cut to Allison dreaming some horrible crime... it gets tiring. I've started going back and watching the previous seasons that I haven't seen before and I'm glad Medium is only on once a week. The teenage angst plot with Ariel leaves me crying "Enough already! I get it you spoiled brat!" And the pudgy androgynous middle child always taunting her "younger sister" gets annoying after awhile. It is as if the parents are helpless to stop the sibling rivalry. Allison is almost depicted as a deadbeat mom. Sure she feeds them in the morning and yells at them to hurry up with their breakfasts and get ready for school. But where is she when the kids need help with homework or when someone has a dream? Joe is often left to handling dream explanations to the kids, an area he's not suited for. He's always telling them it's just a dream and not to worry when Allison should be hearing about the psychic dreams her children are having. Something about it makes me keep coming back for more episodes. It's like a train wreck, I want to look away but can't.
  • Canadian not happy with new spin on Medium this year.

    I'm not happy at all about the direction that Medium has taken this year. For the last three years, Medium has been my ALL-TIME favourite show, but unfortunately it now no longer holds my attention. Not only is the tension gone, but also the graphics. Believe me, I am not one to watch bloody gore just because I live in a time where the media has dulled my sense of reality. However, I am not interested in going "family" when I'm used to "Adult Accompaniment Advised". The show has become lame in it's attempt to initiate the masses. I personally would rather watch the old version past my regular bed time, than have to watch this dulled version during prime time.
  • Medium.... Can you see the future?

    I started watching Medium... thought it was really cool. But it's the same stuff every week! It's a bit predictible! I don't like the characters. Neither do I like the show! It has SO much potential, I mean it's a great idea.

    But, as far as I'm concerned, this show has soo much potential! And yet, it falls FLAT!! They have good writters each week, and the actors are really good. I appluad the writting and the acting, but I just don't like the show.

    I think they named this show MEDIUM because that's exactly what it is! A medium show! Not something worth watching unles you are REALLY bored!
  • I used to watch this show. After seeing the Bravo show with the "real" Alison.. no way ever again.

    I used to watch this show, after seeing the "real" Alison on the Bravo show.. no way ever again. There was something very dark about her behavior on that show. The things she said and her complete lack of grace or ethics where her "gift" was concerned was shocking. I have always enjoyed Patricia Arquettess acting and can hardly believe she really knows this woman and her behavior and still agrees to portray her. Her comment about how she loves the fact that she knows how one of the women dies and what happens to her family and how if their children came up missing they would all come groveling back to her stayed with me for days. . and not in a good way.
  • BAD Decission "real" Allison!!

    I LOVED the show when it was on NBC... LOVE Patricia Arquet(?) But lost some interest when it switched to CBS but still watched... Lost ALL interest when I just saw the "real" allison on the real housewives episode!! Wow! what a nut job! It sure was a good thing for her that the show was already in cancelation or Im tellin ya, if it wasnt already it would be after that!! She is NOTHING like the woman Patricia A. portrays on the show! THAT Allison is shown to be morally sound, ethical, and a really nice and compationate person! The "real" Allison is a braggert, caddy, beligerant, errogant, and rude! This woman is a mother?? A role model?? Sorry, not one I'd want for my children! She said some pretty rude things on this show that showed that she was not very responsible! Making comments about that Kyle womans children?! That is off limits, im sorry! Grow up there chick!
    And for those of you who may say, "it's just a show, its not real"... Really? Its fake? Who in Gods name would WANT to make themself look THAT bad?! Not any respectable person I know!
    Good luck to your career now Honey! Guess you really didnt see that one comming huh?!
  • Entertaining at times.

    I think I have been very much bored with this show for the most part. It is not a bad show, it is just not a great show, at least to me. I have found it to be very slow and predictable, and also very unoriginal. I don't think that the show is very interesting after a few episodes because you know what to expect. I have to say that the show has some decent actors and some decent drama. I think that it tries to stretch its storylines a bit to far, which is a thing I don't care much for. Thank you.
  • Good show...keeps you thinking.Provocative and inspirational series that starts you wondering about " life " after death. Domino effect of your actions,can or do you change the lives of the people you touch.

    Some issues may trouble pre-teen children.Definitely should be watched with mature adults if children are viewing.Series started strong.. starting to become weaker in plot line. It's a nice change of pace allowing her children to become focused upon as main characters... hope they can pull it off.There is room for growth...maybe developing each person as a more rounded individual..more three dimensional. I would like to see all actors as real life figures. Getting back to the plot line...earlier episodes
    were interesting and thought provocating. Newer " shows "
    are becoming bland..hope to see more in-depth scenarios..
    I really want to continue watching this program so i hope they step up to the task.
  • First season a bit slow but......

    I have purchsed the first season of the show, and I am still debating if I will purchase other. I find the first season very slow. I am a freak of crim shows with cops FBI, CSI and other genres. This one, I don't know some episodes were very good but other where close to boring. I like the storieline but I hope it will get better because there is potentiel, there. I was watching the rating of all season and it seems to be getting better year after year, so I may be giving it another chance for season two.
  • I see dead people! Only I have no clue what on earth they're saying. Come on, guys! Give a girl a break. Failing that, a good night's sleep...

    Ok, so. I have issues with real-life psychics. I have issues with blonde, real-life psychics. I have issues with blonde, I'm a real-life psychic, I help the police department chicks.... And yet I love this show. Why? Because it's just that darn good, that's why. I could so very easily have been driven to absolutel nausea by the whole premise - I think in real life psychics feeding off the police are the worst sort of parasite, on a par with ticks and leeches. They feed off death, pain and grief and provide nothing more accurate than ametuer guesswork (statistically speaking). And yet...and yet this show, the acting, the whole thing - it's amazing. It's dark and disturbing and as real as Iv'e ever seen, and if you take it for what it really is - fiction - it's so utterly amazing and gorgeous that you have to go, wow. It seriously deserves better ratings. At least, it's so much better than "Ghost Whisperer" that it makes me want to tear my hair out that that stupid candy-floss piece of garbage is more popular...
  • Boring, predictable and annoying

    My first review and its with a kind of bitter joy that I void by bile duct on this pile of poop show.

    Where do I begin? Ok, lets start with the same, tired opening each week, in which Allison has a dream where she sees something bad happening, only to awake confused, (wtf? how many times has this happened and she's still upset by it???), and to be comforted by her annoyingly docile husband Joe. What is the matter with this guy, if I got woke up by the wife every bloody night, I'd tell her to sod off to the other bedroom, but I guess that's just me. Anyway, I digress. Once Allison is awake, cue much whispering and hushed voices about what has happened, normally followed by a lame joke from Joe. In fact much of the day is spent with Allison talking to Joe in a hushed voice and vice-versa, speak up for God's sakes !
    Joe gets up for work, time for the 'family around the kitchen table' scene, where saccharin-sweet children, (sorry, I can't remember their names), pester parents for their trip to school. In fact, this adrenaline pumping ritual is performed also in every show. Thankfully, before the viewer can pass out with the sheer excitement of it all, we cut away to Allison convincing the DA to believe her latest dreamscape and to have people arrested/homes raided/ land dug-up (delete as appropriate). This of course, he does without question, just as a DA would in real-life. Cue Allison being proved to be 'wrong', also cue much bewilderment from her about how she was so sure she was right. Pad out the middle of the show with more hushed talking between Allison and Joe whilst in bed, some cut scenes with Allison arguing with DA / Bad Man/Woman/Dog, bit more with Joe moaning about his job, finishing with Allison being proved right all along. Yawn.

    I suppose to be fair, Ghost Whisperer is of a similar vein, and is almost as predictable, but at least the plots change a BIT. Plus its got JLH to look at.
  • Can they 'get-a-clue' this season?

    I do like this show. But after watching for so long, I know that "what Allison dreams" is twisted from reality. She goes all-in with: “this person did this“; but, it always turns out that her dream is off-base. I am now finding that her naiveté to such a relative fact, is becoming a turn-off of this show. I’ve only been watching for a few years… but: Allison has had these kinds of dreams all her life; and, Joe's been with her for 15+ years; and, she's been with the ADA for how many years? I just think she/they should have a better handle on how her dreams work by now…
  • The episode was awesome. i hated the Meghan chic playing on joe's niceness.

    So glad the rich block offered Joe the job i hope he makes a success of it, he totally deserves it, i would have loved for Allison to deal with Meghan, and bridge at the end with marie qutting the family, that had me in stitches i hope season 5 see the show developing lil marie's Medium strengths, i think she will be huge. i too cant believe the Van dyke got me to cry towards the end after causing allison so much grief, it was breaking. But am so glad the DA is back to his old job. i cant wait for the next season.
  • An interesting show, but too formulated no bigger picture

    I like the show, but only because the family is so great. The attorney stand for truth and justice, and the cop is tough and will uphold the law no matter what. The medium, played by the beautiful Patrcia Arquette isn't always right which makes the show more realistic as she never knows what is just a dream or what may have some truth in reality. It's interesting to see her struggle and get through it every episode, but, it gets old because there isn't much of a story going on. Every episode has her going after someone different, there is no reason to keep watching as you can skip an episode and not miss anything. I'm not sure how much longer Medium will go on, but if I were writing, I'd try to get some kind of story to keep the viewers coming back every week... right now it's only because we admire the family.
  • I'd really like to like this show. I should like this show. I can't figure out why I barely like it enough to keep watching it. On paper, it's fantastic but I just don't enjoy it nearly as much as other shows.

    I'm just shocked that I don't like Medium very much. I should. Patricia Arquette's acting is fantastic, the main character is lovable, and the overall premise of the show sounds really great. Perhaps one problem is that Jake Weber gets on my very last nerves. His accent drives me crazy (I don't ususally criticize people's voices but I'm searching for a reason why I don't like this show!). I hate how his character is rarely supportive of Allison and her following her dreams, despite the fact that they always are true. His sarcasm is annoying and rude. I'm pretty neutral about Miguel Sandoval and I like Sofia Vassieleva and Maria Lark so they're not the problem. Maybe it's the writing. A lot of the episodes' storylines bore me to death but the one problem with this theory is that I don't even enjoy episodes with fascinating storylines much (ex. "I Married a Mind Reader"). The one episode I truly enjoyed was "Coming Soon". It's too bad that it was so predictable. I would've liked to have been surprised with the twist at the very end. I think that my real problem with the show is that I tuned in partly to see April Grace, who was originally supposed to star on the show (she ended up just guest starring on "Pilot"). I'm a huge fan of her and I was excited to see her get a starring role in a series. Unfortunately, this completely backfired and instead of getting a starring role, she lost a reccuring role on one of my favorite shows (Joan of Arcadia) just to guest star on ONE episode of Medium. The main title sequence is boring, strange, and very, very disappointing. It'd be nice if it actually had the stars in it. Overall, this show is just barely worth watching for me and if I was going to eliminate one hour of television from my TV week, let's just say I wouldn't be watching anything on NBC Mondays @ 10.
  • No other show experiments like this show, and most of the time, it works.

    Many people complain that Allison's family life and her job sometimes do not correlate well. In other words, you can mix the troubles in her family life with the troubles in her job, and get a different episode with the same affect. Sometimes the family drama is more interesting to watch than the crime part of the show, which is not a good thing considering this is a who-done-it kind of show.

    But this year, the writers has convincingly meshed her family life with her job, bringing great episodes that really challenge Allison.

    Truly, the recent episodes have been creepy, and some people don't like it. But this is a show about ghosts, it should scare us a little. I love that Allison impersonates a serial killer, perhaps one of my favorite episode, and an episode that supports the fact that Patricia's emmy win was not a fluke. I also really liked last week's episode where Allison's is put in jail for letting her motherly instincts get the best of her.

    This show is nothing like other crime dramas, because the writers really love to explore. Each episode is unique from the other. Episodes that stand in my mind is the one where she falls asleep to the TV show and is brought back in time to solve an old crime. The one where the song plays in Allison's head is so unique. The 3D episode was pretty fun to watch as well. Allison's impersonation of the serial killer is just ingenious.

    The show does have its fault. The biggest one: the little girls (especially the middle child) are sometimes just too annoying.
  • Great Show Period.

    This is a wonderful show. It's fast paced and suspenseful. It will always keep you on the edge of your seat. This show is about a psychic, Alison Dubois, who works as a detective and solves cases using her dreams and psychic visions. This show is actually based on a real person and while I'm sure quite a bit of the story is made up, a lot of it is really based on aspects of her life. My favorite part of any Medium episode are the dreams. They don't usually make sense in the beggining but they always end up making sense in the end. I would recommend this show to everyone and anyone because there are so many things to like about it. There is the crime solving aspect that people who like Law and Order and CSI will like; there is the psychic part that people who like crossing over and psychic shows will like and theirs the mystery that just about everyone enjoys. I really like this show and I think you will too. And hey if you don't like it... Heck, who wouldn't like this show?
  • This show has the same opener and out come every week.

    This show has some creativity in it but for the show to open up the same every week with a dream and waking up in bed in a sweat is ridiculous. Change the opener. Change the closer. Also 3/4 of the way through the wife and husband always end up in bed assumed to have sex, naked. Good thoughts but at 05 past the hour 49 past the hour and 55 past the hour I can tell you what your going to see for sure.
  • A show I should like but like someothers I just don't.

    Patricia Arquete plays a good medium. Her husband is interesting to have in the show. Yet, I can't understand why this show bores me. I love the Dead Zone and this show is similar. I guess it just rubs me the wrong way. This is unfortunate because I was really up on the hype before the show started airing.
  • Doesn't interest me, but a decent show none the less.

    Personally, Medium does nothing for me. I gave the show a few shots to win me over, and it failed miserably. I just can't get along with shows that are one episode capsules (do you hear me Alias?).

    The show's premise is mildly interesting, but I don't care about the characters at all. Patricia Arquette's character is not that compelling, and the plots seem old and stale. To be honest, it feels like CSI with mind readers instead of scientists.

    Even though I don't like it, I can see why other people do. Over all the show is well structured, and for the people who like one show capsuls with no story arc, this is the show for you. I'm looking for more from a show, but most people want to just catch an episode now and then, and this show is fine for that. I can't recommend it, but I can understand why other people would.
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