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  • I love the trill and suspense in the show, but take out the face slicing and stabbing! The fact that one of her daughters has similar dreams is even more reason to clean it up! Let us bring some sort of values back to TV!

    Medium should be a healthy family show expressing a little fantasy and drama. People could get shot or killed but we don't have to show horrible details of multiple razor slices on girls faces. Give us a show how that one can relax watch and even relate to. Occasionally we can sit on the edge of our chair but we should not have nightmares nor see horrible acts of violence that seem to become a norm in society.
    Perhaps if we use a rule of thumb..."little or no blood", the writers might have to become a little more creative to keep our attention!

    Patricia Arquette, could become the cool mom that that solves crimes and protects her TV Family. THe episode where Mrs. Dubois goes into the mind of the criminal was great and that is what made that episode not her imitating a monster with an "exacto". Can you imagine the fear a child might feel towards it's own mother after watching explicit murders. People complain about sex during prime time....this far more dangerous. I have been following Nancy Gray's shows and I am shocked at the fact that that there has been a series of moms killing their own babies. What good is medium going to do for our society if they don't clean up the episodes!