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  • Boring, predictable and annoying

    My first review and its with a kind of bitter joy that I void by bile duct on this pile of poop show.

    Where do I begin? Ok, lets start with the same, tired opening each week, in which Allison has a dream where she sees something bad happening, only to awake confused, (wtf? how many times has this happened and she's still upset by it???), and to be comforted by her annoyingly docile husband Joe. What is the matter with this guy, if I got woke up by the wife every bloody night, I'd tell her to sod off to the other bedroom, but I guess that's just me. Anyway, I digress. Once Allison is awake, cue much whispering and hushed voices about what has happened, normally followed by a lame joke from Joe. In fact much of the day is spent with Allison talking to Joe in a hushed voice and vice-versa, speak up for God's sakes !
    Joe gets up for work, time for the 'family around the kitchen table' scene, where saccharin-sweet children, (sorry, I can't remember their names), pester parents for their trip to school. In fact, this adrenaline pumping ritual is performed also in every show. Thankfully, before the viewer can pass out with the sheer excitement of it all, we cut away to Allison convincing the DA to believe her latest dreamscape and to have people arrested/homes raided/ land dug-up (delete as appropriate). This of course, he does without question, just as a DA would in real-life. Cue Allison being proved to be 'wrong', also cue much bewilderment from her about how she was so sure she was right. Pad out the middle of the show with more hushed talking between Allison and Joe whilst in bed, some cut scenes with Allison arguing with DA / Bad Man/Woman/Dog, bit more with Joe moaning about his job, finishing with Allison being proved right all along. Yawn.

    I suppose to be fair, Ghost Whisperer is of a similar vein, and is almost as predictable, but at least the plots change a BIT. Plus its got JLH to look at.
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