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  • A train wreck... you shouldn't watch but can't look away. Tiresome writing.

    The gruesome work life of Allison juxtaposed with her sugary sweet home life is nauseating. It's like the writers decided to make her family life extra sweet to offset all the grisly images they present as part of her work with the DA. The plot with her being a psychic is already not quite believable and neither is her family. Scenes of the sickeningly sweet bedtime stories and children demanding good night kisses then cut to Allison dreaming some horrible crime... it gets tiring. I've started going back and watching the previous seasons that I haven't seen before and I'm glad Medium is only on once a week. The teenage angst plot with Ariel leaves me crying "Enough already! I get it you spoiled brat!" And the pudgy androgynous middle child always taunting her "younger sister" gets annoying after awhile. It is as if the parents are helpless to stop the sibling rivalry. Allison is almost depicted as a deadbeat mom. Sure she feeds them in the morning and yells at them to hurry up with their breakfasts and get ready for school. But where is she when the kids need help with homework or when someone has a dream? Joe is often left to handling dream explanations to the kids, an area he's not suited for. He's always telling them it's just a dream and not to worry when Allison should be hearing about the psychic dreams her children are having. Something about it makes me keep coming back for more episodes. It's like a train wreck, I want to look away but can't.
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