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  • BAD Decission "real" Allison!!

    I LOVED the show when it was on NBC... LOVE Patricia Arquet(?) But lost some interest when it switched to CBS but still watched... Lost ALL interest when I just saw the "real" allison on the real housewives episode!! Wow! what a nut job! It sure was a good thing for her that the show was already in cancelation or Im tellin ya, if it wasnt already it would be after that!! She is NOTHING like the woman Patricia A. portrays on the show! THAT Allison is shown to be morally sound, ethical, and a really nice and compationate person! The "real" Allison is a braggert, caddy, beligerant, errogant, and rude! This woman is a mother?? A role model?? Sorry, not one I'd want for my children! She said some pretty rude things on this show that showed that she was not very responsible! Making comments about that Kyle womans children?! That is off limits, im sorry! Grow up there chick!
    And for those of you who may say, "it's just a show, its not real"... Really? Its fake? Who in Gods name would WANT to make themself look THAT bad?! Not any respectable person I know!
    Good luck to your career now Honey! Guess you really didnt see that one comming huh?!