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  • The show is getting very boring after season 3. A better actress would save the show, however 'Allison' became more and more annoying, plain acting and bad facial expression.

    It was a good show at the begining, interesting storylines, good twist in the murder cases. However along with the show going on, I realised Allison and her husband always in bed, talking in an extremely annoying voice after Allison woke up in a bad dream. Intelligence or even common sense is important for normal people, however it looks like psychics are extremely stupid to figure out what is going on based on simple analysis of dreams by 'Thinking'. The show was too 'Allison' centred (plus boring Dubois family) and no development of any other interesting characters. If the sweet family and real-life scenes are the core principles of the show, sorry, it failed too. Allison is not a caring mother, smart enough to be sensitive to understand her kids, or to help them solving daily problems,even to cook good food for her young kids, no mention whenever they did have bad dreams,an ability inherited from her. Any good mother will know how to love your own kids,to be caring, sensitive and supportitve. Only blame Patricia's bad acting here. The actors and actresses are all too aged, no fresh exciting blood in the show. All in all, Allison's bad acting ruined the show, it's a shame!