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CBS (ended 2011)



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  • OMG .. Patricia A is sooo bad at acting. Bad crying scenes, bad facial expressions, bad acting, bad voice!! OMG!!


    OMG .. Patricia A is sooo bad at acting. If this was cast with someone with some talent it would have been great. Jake Webber is superb and so are all the kids and all the side actors. She is soo soo soo fake .. am I the only one who thinks so? Common ... didn't the producers realize this?? I mean have you seen that woman start to cry?? I just stop the TV .. take a deep breath and fast forward the crying scene every time ... it is so annoying.

    The story line is superb and all the supporting actors are great!!. This woman should NEVER act again .. she is that bad!! she got worse over the seasons as well. I know that the story is supposed to support her intution ... but every time she tries to convince about something I just want to run away and never look at the show.

    Please recast this woman with someone with evenminimaltalent and have medium show again. I will NEVER ever put myself through the torture watching Patricia A again ... I just loved the story line and Jake Webber so much that I suffered through Medium even with this freaking annoying woman!!!

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