Season 1 Episode 2

Suspicions and Certainties

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2005 on CBS

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  • The psychic with a bad memory!

    This is a cracking second episode from Medium. After such a strong pilot, it's reassuring to know that it wasn't just a once off, and that this series seems capable of genuinely intriguing, horrific and often funny storytelling.

    Again, kudos to our two leads, Patricia and Jake, who give such likeable and believable performances. Their rapport is so playful and sweet, you actually believe they've been together for many years. Relationships on some shows tend to take a while to grow on me, but with Allison and Joe they immediately clicked. While Allison's character goes through the ringer in this episode, with Patricia showing exceptional range, it was Joe who stole this episode for me. I love his humour, and he gets the best one-liners. That's not to say Allison is some plain Jane, far from it, in fact, when the two are onscreen together the script just sizzles, it's just that Joe gets the upper hand in terms of the funnys ('Hey, hot lips.').

    Now, to view the hour from the other end of the spectrum, this was one twisted episode. Allison's dreams were both shocking and delightfully zany. The opening sequence was just gross! I loved the Italy dream sequence and the mislead with the woman sunbathing. Hopefully the show continues with these oddball dream sequences, they're wonderful…in a sick kind of way.

    Special mention must go to Aisha Hinds (Loomis on Dollhouse, Miss Jenette on True Blood), she gives an incredible performance in such a short space of time. I liked the bits where the potential juror did the voice-over, but when it cut to Aisha, I was blown away. A fine piece of casting and a magnificent performance.

    Overall, this is a seriously good offering from Medium. I hope the show can keep this standard of storytelling up. I thoroughly enjoyed that we didn't get closure on the entire Murder-Mystery until the last minute, and it played in nicely to the subplot of a psychic with a bad memory. Brava.