Season 2 Episode 15

Sweet Child O' Mine

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • weird episode.

    The twist about the victim being the boy's biological mother was very interesting, with the visions Allison has of the boy being her own lost son. I was a bit confused by the ending, though.

    The mother asks, what would you do in my position? And that's it. We don't know what Allison actually did, but it's implied, by lack of other resolution, that she would keep quiet and let the boy take the blame for his mother.

    But it's not about the mother. The son is being forced to confess to a murder he didn't commit. Even with the deal and limited sentence, it's still a huge burden to take on. The mother could get out on temporary insanity or something (she doesn't even remember the act), and the boy wouldn't necessarily have a terrible life without her. In any case, with her gifts and position in the DA's office, there's surely more that Allison could do to help both her and the boy. The writing felt sloppy, setting up this huge ethical dilemma and not resolving it.
  • nice episode

    Allison goes to work one day and stops by a convenience store along the way. She discovers a dead body. The police comes in to investigate how the incident took place. Allison is invited to attend the victim's funeral so she can pick something up about the victim's killer. Allison gets visions of a boy who might have something to do with the victim. Allison dreams about herself being a mother to the boy. Now she has to figure out who she's supposed to be. It's an interesting episode. Finding the killer is the story of this episode, I enjoyed watching this one.
  • average show, somewhat childish writing.

    The episode was ok, like most of them this season, just ok. The writing seems mediocre, I don’t think it’s the fault of the cast, they are good, but need better writing. Near the end the mother who is the actual murderer, could actually get away with it? She states something like – wouldn’t you have done the same? I hope not, let her son rot in prison; ruin his life, his future because his mother killed someone, his real mother btw, let’s not forget that little secret (yes, son… you’re adopted, but hey, don’t worry, I killed her). Sure she did a good thing by taking care of him after he was born, but now she’s ruining his life, that makes it ok? Are the writers brain-dead? Let’s see, which would be better, ruin the kids life or not ruin her kids life and take responsibility for her own actions, golly gee. Yeah, it would suck to not have the mom you have known your first 15 years of your life anymore, but it would suck more, to me personally, for that same mom letting me take the fall for her killing someone and ruining my life.
  • A bit average

    This feels somewhat lacklustre compared to other Medium episodes. The idea is good, but the execution results in a less than exciting 40 odd minutes. The sub-plot involving Bridget fnding a dying stray dog is a lot better, and slightly more rewarding too.

    (After hearing the manager's cell phone ring inside the coffee shop)
    Allison: Help me with this!
    Kid #1: What?!
    Allison: Help me with this!!
    (They pick up a garbage can and throw it through the glass door)
    Kid #2: She must really be jonesing for that latte.
  • Allison has another Bryan dream (spoiler).

    As painful a miscarriage should be for any woman, it gets ten times worst when the woman is a medium capable to see how life would've been like with that child in it but, from time to time, Allison has these dreams about the-oldest-son-that-could-have-been Bryan only this time she decides to go for a coffee to forget and she ends up finding the body of the store's manager murdered in the back.

    Davalos is front and center on this one as the new deputy mayor seek his help, Scanlon his lead and Allison his advice as it turns out the boy she has been dreaming about as her own is the prime suspect in the case at hand. Bryan's mother is a Doctor who may have overlooked the obsessive behaviour her son seemed to display towards the manager weeks before her death, to her this simply was a case of a boy who liked his boss so much he couldn't get the job done and a son too embarrassed to tell his mom that he was fired. Just like her, Allison does her best not see her visions, not to hear the boy's incriminating words and not pay attention to Scanlon outbursts each time she covers things up for them on the interrogation room because even though everything tells her he's guilty, everything she feels tells her to protect him.

    As Allison must come to terms with that fact Joe must come to terms with Bridgette's new dog - a stray one she wants to marry so they could have puppies - the dog however is too old and so sick he won't live more than a couple of weeks and Joe simply can't find the words to say that to his daughter just like Bryan's mom could never tell him he was adoptive.

    However, Bryan never killed the coffee manager; the pull he felt towards his boss is explained once she's revealed to be his biological mother, one the Doctor killed so her son would never find out how she stole him from her at birth, one who recognized her the last time she came to pick up Bryan and one who wanted her child back even if it was 15 years too late.
  • Allison has dreams about her unborn child while investigating the murder of a woman.

    Really neat episode. Allison has visions about a child that would have been born to her. However her dreams turn into nightmares when the child becomes a killer.

    Meanwhile she investigates the murder of a woman who might have been killed by a kid named Jesse

    Overall this was a good episode as expected there is a lot
    maternal instincts at work here. If I'am not mistaken this Jesse looks familiar to the unborn grown child in her dreams.

    Meanwhile Bridget adopts an old dog.

    Overall a decent episode. Pretty predictable but decent nonetheless.
  • Nice character exploration and use of emotional drama

    Not far into the episode, I began wondering if this little detail of Allison’s history should have come up during “Raising Cain”. In both cases, despite some obvious differences, the story centered on motherhood and what kind of young man a boy might have become. I’m not sure how exactly it would have worked out, but it definitely left an impression. This is especially true since Allison and Joe have dealt with a lot of “growing up” issues when it comes to Ariel and Bridget this season.

    The writers used the concept well, especially once the initial discomfort level wore away. Instead of dwelling on Allison’s specific feelings of guilt, those emotions were translated into actions that were painfully out of order. Allison was willing to make excuses for Jessie because she couldn’t help but protect her “son”, even if she didn’t really understand why.

    That being the case, I wanted Devalos to challenge her a bit more on the situation. Devalos is a hard guy to get a handle on, because sometimes he can be very open with his praise and criticism, yet reserved when it’s least expected. Given how politically charged the case was, and how Allison acted in front of the deputy mayor, I was waiting for Devalos to take her to task for it. There was the disapproving glare, but not much else.

    It was easy enough to tell that Jessie wasn’t the killer, but I was surprised by the direction of the final act. The baby-stealing angle just adds to the moral quandary for Allison, which reinforces her sense of character. When it counted, she stepped back from her emotional attachments to the case and did the right thing. My only real complaint is that she once again confronts a suspect on her own. It’s better that she does it on more secure turf, but wouldn’t there be legal considerations involved?

    As far as the subplot with the dog goes, it was interesting to place Joe in a position of emotional loss in parallel to Allison’s emotional state. In a way, if Allison was too open about how her emotions were affected by memories of a lost child, Joe was too guarded and transferred a lot of his regrets onto Bridget regarding the loss of the dog. It’s something we all can understand in our family dynamics, and so it further personalizes the story for the audience. It’s another reason why this series continues to resonate with its fans.
  • Not a good episode

    This was a very weak episode. Allison was acting like a complete idiot. The story of the dog was cute. It was funny that Bridgette already knew what a vet had to tell Joe. Ariel is still annoying and I can not wait until the yougest girl can talk more.
  • Writing 101: Conclusion

    I think The Medium show is interesting, but like most tv shows, it is formulaic. I stopped watching
    too much of this show because in reality it
    is no secret that Allison will "discover" the
    killer while sleeping on the job. By chance, I
    was lying on the sofa when I watched this episode.
    I thought that Allison would finally have to think
    about what to do and really have to work! She
    was having mixed feelings about the kid. I hoped
    that Allison would have some humanity and forgive
    the mother. Well, we will never know!!?? WTF?
    I watched the show for 59 minutes and got cheated
    the last minute? Hell no! How about this. Just
    start the credits and cool theme music at the
    beginning and end it there. The audience can
    write their own story and not have to waste time
    watching a limp story and a bunch of dumb commercials!
  • Allison has dreams where she has a son and can't stay clear-minded during the case.

    "Sweet Child O' Mine" was an impressive episode because it revealed that Allison was supposed to have a child 15 years and miscarried. She has a problem with keeping her feelings towards the boy, that commited a crime(whom reminds her of her son) and the case separate. I would recommend watching this episode if you are a fan of Medium and even if you are becoming one.
  • HMMM>>>>

    Didn't know Allison had a still born. Pretty interesting opening. When "Brian" appeared, I thought I had missed an episode and they let someone move in with them. It was interesting to see Allison wake up from the dream and crying, instead of just gasp and shock, but actually cry.

    Quite an impressive performance by her in this episode again with her cleaning up her "son's" clothes and crying.

    A little predictable (I knew the mother was the killer since she first appeared). But I did like the story the mother told of how she got her child.

    And then Medium goes f*** it up by not telling us what happens to her and her son. I hate it when they do that. It's as if the writers don't actually know what so they just left it all out.

    The dog thing was a little funny at the end when the Bridgette knew that it was very old and about to die.