Season 2 Episode 5

Sweet Dreams

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2005 on CBS
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Allison is having dreams about an old high school friend and decides to find her. Meanwhile a man seeks the district attorney's help in finding his daughter who has been missing for a week.

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  • That 80s show..

    A tough cookie, this one…

    Tackling such a dark topic is never going to be easy, and the writers do manage to handle the material delicately enough, but I wasn't as invested in the main plot as I should have been (the same goes for the flashbacks). There was an incredible ick-factor to the episode as well. There are several monologues that perhaps go on for too long detailing how Stuart failed at emotionally comforting his 11-year old daughter, and so he tried other means…as I said, a bit too icky for my liking. I was surprised to see Emily Stone bear all here, she gave a very strong performance near the end. In fact, I will say that everyone was fantastic during this episode – from the regulars to the guest cast (which included slayer potential Amanda!) – but this hour didn't click with me as much as the last couple of episodes. A strong offering, then, albeit dark, with a sluggish script, 'Sweet Dreams' is a difficult episode to watch, and whether that's down to the quality of the script or my uncomfortable reaction to the storyline is still up in the air.moreless
  • Now this is more like it

    Sweet dreams is a daring and exciting episode. We get to see flashbacks to when Allison was a teenager which was great. I have seen many shows that do flashbacks on characters that look nothing like the main actor they are supposed to be playing, but this is not the case here. The casting was spot on. The actress who plays younger Allison was a perfect choice. She has a Patricia Arquette quality about her and really does the justice to the part. Aside from that the episode had a great plot. It was never slow or boring. It has great twists and lots of drama. By far the favourite of the season.

    I highly recommend this episode.moreless
  • great episode

    Allison dreams about her old high school friends. One of her friends is the center of her dreams. Allison couldn't figure out why she's dreaming about her. Allison goes to office and meets a man who is seeking for her daughter whose been missing for a week. Allison senses something about him that might connect him to her daughter. Allison dreams of her old high school classmate again while she's investigating the missing girl. this is a great episode, I really enjoyed watching this one. The writers came up with another great episode, from start to finish, the story was so engaging. It's definitely worth watching.moreless
  • Allison’s old high school friend helps her out on a missing person case.

    Just like "Lucky" suggested last season, Allison used alcohol to silence her visions when she was younger, this episode we get to see the first time it happened: on the eve of the day one of her closest friends left to California. Intrigued by how strong this memory of her strikes her, she asks Scanlon’s help to find her after a work meeting to look for Cynthia, the missing daughter of a politician.

    As it turns out Allison’s friend was pronounced dead after an earthquake on 1989 only for Allison she was alive all this time, something Scanlon interpret as a call for time out on the case at hand and so he leaves her home with Joe to grieve her friend while he pursues the lead she gave him while they were visiting the politician’s house.

    Finally they find the victim’s car, with so much blood in it any corner in the world would pronounce her dead, her father strictly off the record confesses to Davalos and only to Davalos the reason why his daughter may have decided to end it all while Allison is waken up by an earthquake that allows her to tune the news just in time to see her old friend, alive and kicking, on national news.

    She goes all by herself to check on her as well as to ask her how would she let everybody else believe she was death. The truth is: the trip to California was a mistake, followed by so many others each one bigger than the one before she took advantage of the earthquake to get herself a new identity with someone who just happened to provide the same service to the politician’s daughter but once Allison discovers the reason why Cynthia did it, she let her go but not before she promises to expose her father for what he did to her.moreless
  • We get to see Alison when she was younger, and see how she dealt with her visions back then. Also in this episode, a man searches for his missing daughter.

    Once again, Medium delivers an astounding episode, filled with just the right amount of humour, drama and mystery.

    For the first time, we get to see Alison as a teenager, and what a performance I must say. The girl in the part (Jessy Schram), was just perfect, and had the part down to a tee, with the mannerisms, movements and just plain Alison-ness mirroring excellently her grown-up counterpart. She really made this episode for me, and I hope to see her again in future episodes.

    It was also very interesting seeing Alison at a younger age, as we saw how she dealt with her visions back then, and how far she has come with her ability and handling it. She has come from a somewhat innocent young girl, to a respectable, confident and headstrong woman. I was a little surprised by her friends, as I pictured her group of friends being different somehow, but after watching the episode, it does seem fitting.

    The story involving her lost school friend, was interesting and identifiable, and was cleverly linked to the main plot towards the end.

    The main storyline was very moving, and played very emotionally. Alison's character developed greatly throughout the course of this episode, and I now respect her even more, after seeing how she dealt with the situation.

    This is something which makes Medium the special show that it is. It has the ability to tackle serious and controversial issues, but portray them in such a way that the story is furthered by them, and the characters evolve due to them, rather than just have something happen that has no effect on the show whatsoever. Everything that happens in Medium has repercussions throughout the whole series and all the characters learn something and grow.

    'Sweet Dreams' is just one, in a string of fantastic episodes, which Medium is yet to break. It is perhaps one of the best, due to its emotional value. It may not have the best mystery, but in terms of character growth and evoking a reaction from the viewer, this episode was in a league of its own. A prime example of why I watch this show!moreless
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