Season 7 Episode 5

Talk to the Hand

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2010 on CBS

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  • I consider this one to be the weakest in the season so far. Maybe it's because the others have been so good but this one didn't do a lot for me at all. On top of that, it had a strong sense of deja vu about it.

    Alison badly burns her hand while cooking dinner. She requires a skin graft which in itself is no big deal until her hands takes on a life of its own. It turns out that the skin from her graft came from a young female doctor who was murdered by a colleague in league with the owner of a funeral home and the dead woman is determined to lead Allison to her killers by using her injured hand as a guide.

    Meanwhile, Brigette has taken up school soccer but she doesn't want her parents to know about it. Could this be because she is being given coaching by a dead man? Allison and Joe are not too pleased when they find out by Joe has a bit of a rant which seems very odd and petulant when he asks Allison what it's like to always 'know' things.

    A pretty weak episode but certainly not unwatchable and the premise was a good one even if the script was pretty weak in places.