Season 3 Episode 15

The Boy Next Door

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS
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Allison has recurring dreams of her past, causing strange and shocking changes to her current life. Her dreams of the past threaten her life in the present as she tries to stop a predator before he strikes.

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  • Classic travel back in time to change the future story

    Classic "travel back in time to change the future story," but with a devilishly clever twist.

    Instead of traveling back in time to change the future, young Allison sees into the future and changes the future from her present.

    The impact is the same as if she started in the future but traveled back in time to change the events that would follow.

    Ingenious plotting. Almost Rod Serling-esque.moreless
  • A bit confusing at first…but well worth it in this viewers opinion.

    I was a bit confused at first…thinking we were watching Adult Allison flashing back to the past. However I soon realized that we were in fact with Teenage Allison flashing to the future. Great story telling and wonderful acting in my opinion.

    I have to give the “past” portion of this episode an A+. Everyone from the cloths to the set people did a wonderful job setting the ‘past’ up as the ‘past’. From the U2 poster hanging on the wall to the cloths the characters were wearing were tip top…very must a sign of the times.

    The writing…fabulous…this show has just the right amount of confusion, drama, laughter, and speculation to keep it interesting. I had to keep telling myself that we were watching Teenage Allison and she was seeing the future unfold.

    A bit predictable toward the end…sure but I admit I would have done the same thing. Knowing I could spare girls of the future from torment…I would not question it either.

    I thought all the actors did a find job, with the exception of Adult Steven, he appeared to be a bit uncomfortable in his own skin…maybe that was just the character but I found him a little blah.

    You can bet ya that I will be tuning into the next episode…see you there!moreless
  • One of my favourite episodes

    I REALLY loved this episode and I love all of them but I really enjoy watching every single one of season three. This season I have to say is the strongest. When this episode started I didn't remember seeing this one. I guess because I didn't and this was just a repeat episode but it was very well put together. I love the actress that plays Allison in her teens. She's very talented. I liked that we saw who Allison was when she was a teen. It's very interesting to see.

    (spoilers ahead) I liked that she kept on having dreams about the future and soon found out that she would bump into an old friend named Steven and that her bestfriend in highschool was now out of touch. Then she didn't really have anything to worry about because she didn't know a boy named Steven, until she got a new neighbor. And he introduced himself. She also had a dream about in her future Steven murdered a girl named Nancy and that he assaulted girls. I think that's what happened. And then she was just trying to avoid him. And we soon found out that he got her best friend, who knows what he could have done. But what i also found sad was that when she needed someone to talk to, she turned to her mom and her mom didn't like to talk about it. I also found sad that at the end she didn't knock on the door sooner, or than he still would have been alive. But I just LOVED this episode so much.moreless
  • great episode

    Allison in her teen years dreams about the future, she can actually see her life as an adult in her dreams. This episode is almost like a time travel episode. It works out really well, something that happens in the past might have had some connections with events at the present. She dreams of the consequence of something that she witnessed in her childhood. The writers came up with a good way to make a spin about this. Bringing in the actress that played the younger Allison really helped tell the story. It's a really good one, I had a good time watching it.moreless
  • Perhaps one of the best episodes of Medium. Young Allison has dreams of her future self and makes a brave decision that alters the future and saves a lot of lives - while another life is lost. SPOILERS AHEAD.moreless

    This episode was by all means AMAZING. I was really glad to see young Allison again, I'm quite fond of the actress and of course I was curious to see what kind of life Allison had before we got to know her as Mrs. Dubois, mother of three. Although the beginning was a little confusing at first, I was pleasantly surprised to realise the episode was in fact set in the past, and the scenes of adult Allison were the dreams that were giving her younger self a warning about the boy next door, Steven. Although she couldn't help but lose her best friend (for reasons I really cannot comprehend - why she suddenly decided not to report the attempted rape, that's beyond me), not knocking on Steven's door saved the lives of at least 7 girls who would have gotten raped by him in the future, as well as the life of the girl who would have died at his hands. I loved how eventually she didn't meet Joe ahead of time, it kept a spark of mystery. I'd like to have seen him as he was back then though, that would be kind of awesome. But oh well. Brilliant, moving, inspiring episode; although she let a life go by not saving Steven when he was young, she ended up saving so many others in the long run. Such difficult, brave decisions are what make people stronger, and stories interesting. Definitely got me back into the Medium groove. 10 out of 10, hands down.moreless
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Peri Gilpin

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Kyle Gallner

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Jim True-Frost

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • It is revealed in this episode that Allison's mother was only 17 years old when Allison was born.

    • As we find out more about Allison's relationship with her mother and grandmother when she was younger, the whole situation bears an uncanny resemblance to the relationship between Melinda Gordon and her mother and grandmother in CBS's Ghost Whisperer. Both mothers do not believe that their daughters have any special abilities (although it was eventually revealed that Melinda's mother did indeed believe in her daughter's abilities), and both mothers try to get the idea out of their daughters' heads. Also, both mothers are separated from their husbands, and the husband is cast in a negative light in both situations. On the other hand, both Melinda and Allison had grandmothers who believed in their abilities, and both Melinda and Allison's mothers disagreed with the ideas the grandmothers put into their granddaughters' heads.

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    • "Boy Next Door" was a song written by Ralph Blane and Hugh Martin and recorded by artists such as Sara Vaughan, Judy Garland, and Bill Evans.