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Season 2 Episode 20

The Darkness is Light Enough

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 01, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Allison repeatedly dreams about a woman who is being watched by a stranger in her bedroom.

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  • Wouldn't most people spend $150 on a motion activated webcam and have a friend monitor it for them?

    Wouldn't most people spend $150 on a motion activated webcam and have a friend monitor it for them? I liked everything about this episode except the glaring ease with which the perp could have detected immediately. How about putting an un-uniformed officer INSIDE her apartment overnight?

    The acting was good, the subplot was great, not too much fake angry arguing. It just wasn't good enough for me to overcome the really obvious logic shortcomings.

    After a couple of years, you do wonder when the police and district attorney will start to take her more seriously, but that would remove the easy obvious built in 'drama', I suppose.moreless
  • great episode

    Allison keeps dreaming of a man who strangles someone in a bedroom. She dreams about this again and again throughout the night. She couldn't figure out what it means. When she attends a parole hearing of a man convicted of murdering his ex girlfriend, she finds a connection with the convicted man. Allison pays a visit at Det. Scalon's office and finds more clues over there. Pretty soon she pieces the puzzle to the clue about her recent dreams. It's a really exciting episode. Right from the start, the tension keeps building and the excitement never stops. It's an excellent episode.moreless
  • Blurring the lines.

    Joe has been working late for a week now and Allison must cope with her dreams all by herself but when Davalos takes her to parole board duty she connect the dots to the woman of her visions. Davalos however, reacts as the typical district attorney: "the man does the crime he must do the time!". Unable to consider even the possibility one of the prisoners may actually be a wrongfully accused case (and the next victim about to be attacked by the real criminal), he does let her go to Scanlon, if they come up with something, and only if they come up with something, he’ll consider the possibility and that’s it.

    Allison multitasks between her children and Joe's errands so by the time she reaches Scanlon’s office he already has somebody waiting for him, someone who happens to be the person from her vision, a blind woman named Kathleen. Now, those of you who have seen "Lost" know how bad it is when sparks start flying between the married & the taken like it happened with Sun and Michael or Kate and Sawyer, now when the audience is actually rooting for them then we know their marriages/relationships are in troubles. Case in question: dashing yet emotionally unavailable detective with married mother of 3; who get caught up on their own version of the "lets go to the kitchen!" dynamic once Kathleen invades Scanlon's personal space in order to prove there's someone stalking her, after a couple of "I had a vision" hints Lee is willing to do as Allison says, even if it means to protect someone otherwise he wouldn’t bother to.

    Just like Joe, I wouldn't know how to react if my significant other wakes up in the middle of the night to call a stranger at 2 AM, I would definitely consider it a problem if said stranger is not even surprised to get the phone call and does everything to reassure my significant other before they see each other the next morning. As bad as things may be with his job, Joe should be a little more proactive when it comes to Scanlon or his job might not be the only thing he could lose.

    In the end, the wrongfully accused prisoner was the key to solve the mystery of Kathleen's stalker: her next door neighbor who happened to commit the crime for which Davalos imprisoned an innocent man. There's a happy ending for Joe too as his rival is revealed as inexperienced to take his job (now it's time for him to pay attention to the other rival in his life, or at least acknowledge his existence).moreless
  • Allison repeatedly dreams about a woman who is being watched by a stranger in her bedroom.

    I agree that something did seem to be missing in this episode. Molly Ringwald was good, no strike that, she was great. Alison's dreams in this episode were kind of stupid and boring. I'm not sure why but I had high hopes for this episode and I felt let down by the fact that it was just a mediocre episode. However, the actors and writers on this show are fairly good, and so even when they have a mediocre episode, it is better than a good episode of a bad TV show. I still have ten words left so I'll say that the whole thing with the guy who was stalking Molly Ringwald was creepy!moreless
  • Allison helps a falsely accused murderer and sheds some light on a blind girls problems. Great episode with everything I have come to expect from Medium.

    I was not at all surprised to see another good instalment of Medium. I have not been disappointed by the writers so far. They keep things fresh and I am happy to see the show not riddled with "to be continued" episodes that these types of shows seem to depend on. I love to see the issues resolved in one episode. It just makes a good clean slate every time I tune in.

    In this episode Allison sees a blind girl who is being stalked and through her Medium abilities links this case with another and it ends up good for everyone. I like it and we need more of it.

    We have enough crazy crap on to watch it is good to have things end up good for a change.moreless

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    • Lee: I've conferred with Mrs. DuBois here, and we've decided to post a visible police presence right outside your building. They'll be there 24 hours a day, so if anyone comes in or out they'll see it. Additionally, we'll set up a direct phone-link to your apartment. If anyone does come in, you just pick up the phone, and we're there.
      Kathleen: Wow! That's great! I was just hoping that maybe you could send someone over to take a second look.
      Lee: (looking at Allison) Really?
      Allison: (clearing her throat)
      Lee: I wouldn't hear of it. This kissing thing, that's not something I wanna play around with.
      Kathleen: Well, thank you... and thank you, Mrs. DuBois.
      Allison: Oh, no. It's nothing. (looking at Lee) That's what we're here for.
      Lee: (sarcastically) Absolutely, that is what we're here for.

    • Allison: (calls Joe at work in the middle of the night) I'm lonely.
      Joe: Hi Lonely. My name is Joe.
      Allison: So what do you think? What are the chances that I'll see you before today becomes tomorrow?
      Joe: Uhm ... you wouldn't happen to know what the temperature in Hell is, would you? You haven't heard anything about a big freeze, maybe?
      Allison: They didn't mention it on the news, no.
      Joe: Mmm ... Then I'm probably gonna be here for a while.

    • Joe: (to Allison) I'm not sure how I feel about you calling strange men at two in the morning.
      Allison: I'm worried Joe, I've got a bad feeling.
      Joe: (pauses) That's good enough for me.

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