Season 2 Episode 20

The Darkness is Light Enough

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 01, 2006 on CBS



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    • Lee: I've conferred with Mrs. DuBois here, and we've decided to post a visible police presence right outside your building. They'll be there 24 hours a day, so if anyone comes in or out they'll see it. Additionally, we'll set up a direct phone-link to your apartment. If anyone does come in, you just pick up the phone, and we're there.
      Kathleen: Wow! That's great! I was just hoping that maybe you could send someone over to take a second look.
      Lee: (looking at Allison) Really?
      Allison: (clearing her throat)
      Lee: I wouldn't hear of it. This kissing thing, that's not something I wanna play around with.
      Kathleen: Well, thank you... and thank you, Mrs. DuBois.
      Allison: Oh, no. It's nothing. (looking at Lee) That's what we're here for.
      Lee: (sarcastically) Absolutely, that is what we're here for.

    • Allison: (calls Joe at work in the middle of the night) I'm lonely.
      Joe: Hi Lonely. My name is Joe.
      Allison: So what do you think? What are the chances that I'll see you before today becomes tomorrow?
      Joe: Uhm ... you wouldn't happen to know what the temperature in Hell is, would you? You haven't heard anything about a big freeze, maybe?
      Allison: They didn't mention it on the news, no.
      Joe: Mmm ... Then I'm probably gonna be here for a while.

    • Joe: (to Allison) I'm not sure how I feel about you calling strange men at two in the morning.
      Allison: I'm worried Joe, I've got a bad feeling.
      Joe: (pauses) That's good enough for me.

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