Season 1 Episode 10

The Other Side of the Tracks

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2005 on CBS
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When Allison turns to a professor, who claims to speak to the dead, she gets more than she bargains for. A dream of two boys racing parallel with a train uncovers the truth about the professor.

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  • Dream on, Dream on.

    More of a 7 than an 8, The Other Side of the Tracks, jumps a rank due to an unusually powerful ending. Perhaps not the best Medium has to offer, but it plays a pivotal part in redefining Allison's powers, and both the main plot and the subplot have their share of memorable moments, even if the entire result is somewhat forgettable. Does that make sense? Who knows…?

    So, Allison's powers get rather shaky when she's not her usual 100%. I have no problems with this, but we've seen Allison deprived of sleep before, so it was a little irksome to see she couldn't even read the cards despite controlling an impressive range of psychic ability. Then again, maybe the PTB's didn't want Allison to focus on anything else other than this particular case. Who knows…?

    A complete gear shift in storytelling saw with it an improvement in the story of the A plot – as soon as the really, really, REALLY creepy old woman showed up, things got a hell of a lot more interesting. Her entire background was utterly fascinating and morbid, and her little monologue about waiting at the gates of heaven and feeling nothing while her feet burnt from below, hints at definite higher power working its mojo in this particular verse.

    Not the best Medium has to offer, then, but far from unwatchable. Cosy, one might even say, with a downbeat ending that proves far more effective due to how little attention is brought to it and that Allison received the vision 2 days later.moreless
  • Fair episode apart from one scene that bugged me.

    For the most part the episode was good, however there is a certain scene where Allison is having to explain some terrible secrets to a man about his childhood, but instead of showing some empathy or delicacy it sounded like she was quickly reading a shopping list. I have watched this episode a couple of times and can not decide if it was bad acting or bad writing that made it sound as fake as it did. I love Patricia Arquette's acting so it is hard for me to say it without feeling bad. It is worth watching but probably one of my least favourite episodes.moreless
  • good episode

    Allison dreams about 2 boys running towards the rain tracks. He meets Dr. Cardwell at a barbecue, Allison continues to dream about the 2 boys. Allison goes to Cardwell's lab to speak about her dream. Allison learns that Cardwell is one of the boys in her dreams. Devalos investigates a case where a 14 year old who confessed to a murder. This episode shows stuff about Allison's powers, the story unfolded really well. It's a great mystery detective story. The story itself was very interesting and entertaining. I liked this one, they came up with a really good episode. It's well done.moreless
  • Trains, Pains and Prison Deals

    An intriguing episode that sets itself apart from the creepiness and blood-letting of some other Medium hours. The Other Side of the Tracks was more of an emotional mystery for Allison to unravel, and it made a welcome change to see a case end happily. Well, at least one of them.

    What I really liked about this episode was the constant twists and the way the script kept second-guessing the audience. Even though the movie trailer was slightly random, it was yet another plot development which turned the whole case round on its head. I also thought the performances in the A-story were excellent, in particular Grace Zabriskie's cameo as literally the creepiest ghost mom I've seen in a while. I must also commend the casting team for the choice of actors for the roles of the two brothers. Zach Grenier and Victor Talmadge look freakishly alike, and were completely convincing as brothers.

    The B-story was also excellent, proving that Allison can't always save the day. I found it really sad how the kid died off-screen and how his death was all down to such a random reason involving a toothbrush. I also liked the fact that the story gave Miguel Sandoval a little more to do than usual, since he's mostly just sat behind a desk or questioning Allison's abilities. Snore.

    Whilst it's not the most memorable Medium episode so far, The Other Side of the Tracks is as wonderfully written and well paced as most others in season one.

    Director: Eric Laneuville

    Writer: Chris Dingess

    Rating: Bmoreless
  • A recurring dream leads Allison to trying to find out what happened on the Other side of the tracks.

    Basic Plot

    Allison has a recurring dream about two boys, both on opposite sides of railway tracks.

    Similar in plot terms to the previous episode Coded in that someone thought dead isn't after all, this has a few creepy moments such as the appearance of the dead woman, and the theatre trailer is used to good effect.

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