Season 2 Episode 10

The Reckoning

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2005 on CBS
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Allison dreams about hitting a girl with her car and a woman whose house is haunted. She finds out that the woman killed herself. Now Allison must try to put all the pieces together.

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  • Hit and Haunted.

    Another wonderfully developed storyline this week, ''The Reckoning'' is, perhaps, a darker shade of Medium than we're accustomed to, as there is very little here in terms of comical reprieve, unlike most episodes of the show. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. The hour gradually peels away layer upon layer to reveal a raw, emotional story about the burden of guilt that lay with a couple who committed a heinous crime. It's an extremely effective plot, aided by some fantastic acting from our guest stars this week. Just when you think you have it all sussed out, Allison inadvertently hands over to the killer a get-out-jail-free card that sees him frame his deceased wife for the hit and run. It's also a rare episode where Allison remains an observer for the majority of the episode, with events having happened already or that are about to happen and are out of Allison's reach. It's the supernatural that ensure justice has been served this week (or vengeance, whichever way you want to look at it) making for a powerful ending and an impressive turn by Suki Kaiser. There are some stunning moments throughout; Allison's vision of the house burning down around her as Scanlon interrogates James is the kind of imagery this show does so well; meanwhile, it was such a relief to see Joe so supportive of Allison and her dreams (I loved their playful spat at the beginning); and Ariel's subplot does well to remind us of the burdens Allison and her family must face with their rare gifts. Top-notch stuff.moreless
  • Meloncholy and the Infinite Sadness

    Medium subject matter is always going to have a certain amount of darkness or sadness but most of the time it is balanced by the warmth or humour in each episode, however this one, to me at least, had a real melancholy feel though out the whole episode. It had it's good points. I thought the acting was strong and I liked Ariel's storyline. It also had a shocking twist in the end which is great.

    The reason why this episode doesn't get a higher rating from me is that it left me feeling a bit empty. I wouldn't recommend this episode to someone feeling a bit down, but for the rest of you.. you might really love it.moreless
  • great episode

    Allison dreams about being involved in a hit and run incident. The dreams appears to be senseless at first, until she goes to work the following day and meets a woman at a diner. The woman seems to be troubled by something. Allison senses it right away when she spots her sitting by herself beside the window. The following day, that woman ends up dead at her home. Scanlon interviews the woman's husband, allison senses that he might have something to do with her death. This is an excellent episode. It was watchable right from the intro. The writers came up with a great story, I loved every minute of it.moreless
  • ...It’s you and me and all of the people with nothing to do, nothing to prove.

    Allison is driving her car late at night listening to the radio, she’s near the corner when the lights go out and distracted with the problem she ends up hitting a pedestrian before the song is over...only it hasn’t happened yet since this is medium and that is a vision she receives during her sleep.

    Joe does his best to calm her; this tragedy he says is completely avoidable, all she has to do is check on the lights, try not go through that road and avoid night trips at all costs but Allison is as shocked as if it already happened. However, she resumes her normal life and even makes a new friend when she’s caught up in a conversation with the only stranger that seemed as shocked as she was on the gas station.

    That night she receives not a vision but a phone call: Lee wants to check why a stranger who committed suicide would have Allison’s card on her purse. According to Scanlon, the victim was a happily married woman named Nadine with way too many pills on her house for someone who shoot herself to death and the sudden tragedy makes Allison take active part on Scanlon’s investigation; caught up on her work she ends up driving her car late at night, listening a familiar Lifehouse's song near a very familiar corner, then the lights go out ...and she stops the car and get as far away from it as she can. That’s how she finds the candles that remember a pedestrian who died on that corner a couple of years ago. As it turns out this was Nadine’s story, or rather her husband’s, because they were the ones who did the hit and run that night because they took one too many drinks celebrating Nadine’s birthday.

    The episode focus on the tragedy from every possible perspective: the victim who dies, the guilty party, the silent accomplice and how this ends up eating their spirits until something’s got to give whether its from one side or the other. Allison suffers the anguish Nadine experienced for the rest of her life - and some of her afterlife as well – because she never told what really happened, her husband suffers the lost of his wife because he was living a lie and ironically the victim is the one who achieves peace once her story is finally revealed.moreless
  • This show always manages to suprise me...

    It's funny that there are so many shows out there at the moment tackling paranormal themes and even on a bad day this one is still my favourite. This episode wasn't my favourite episode, the ecposition wasn't as intriguing as other episodes which have had me in raptures and cursing myself on not picking up on the plot twist earlier. This episode, while it didn't have a real shocker of an ending (how can you ignore the man's guilt when there are burning pictures behind him?)but the story was interesting enough to be a valueable use of a Thursday evening.

    I also like the dimension the kids bring to this episode. I like that Ariel, while trying to win more friends come across an ugly reality of having her abilities, something that has been looked at before and I am sure will appear again down the track.

    Medium is in my opnion the best of the Supernatural shows around at the moment because it relies on more that just the lead actors and special effects to pull it through the ratings. Good stories and quality performing are the essence of this great series.moreless
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