Season 2 Episode 2

The Song Remains The Same

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on CBS
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All outside noise is drowned out as a popular song is continuously played very loud, and only in Allison's head. The song gives Allison clues to the whereabouts of a missing coed.

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  • Allison is unable to get the, 'I Will Survive' song out of her head, literally, which leads her to a case involving a missing co-ed and a respected Catholic priest who refuses to break the Seal of the Confessional.moreless

    This episode features one of the best, most creative, opening dream sequences in the entire series. The 'I Will Survive' song is well used in this episode and will it is loud and does repeat often, it does not do so for the entire episode.

    The song forces Allison to try and seek help from her University professor friend, who she helped reunite with his long-lost brother, but instead she ends up locating a portable music device that belongs to a missing co-ed.

    A respected Catholic priest has information on who took this co-ed, but refuses to bring the Seal of the Confessional. Allison pleads with the priest to come forward with the information, raising an interesting ethical issue about whether or not a priest in such a situation should come forward or not with information that could save a life. This priest will not break the seal, believing that God will find a way. I am not sure I would agree with this level of confidentiality, but it does raise some interesting issues within the series about faith.

    While Allison tries to locate this missing student, she and Joe are having an argument about vivid dreams she has been having about a terrible plane crash, killing Joe and the rest of the family.

    Fearing this this dream could show her family's future, Allison does not want to fly to Salt Lake City, which means that Joe will have a long car drive ahead of him.

    Joe makes good arguments about being trapped within a psychic prison, and the relationship between Allison and Joe always seemed to be one of the most realistic on television.

    Should the family decide to drive instead of fly because of Allison's dreams? It is another one of those interesting ethical question that the episode raises.

    My biggest beef with this episode is that fact that their is never much of an explanation given as to why Allison -- in this particular case -- is having these supernatural clues in relationship to this missing girl.

    The missing co-ed is not dead and their is not any suggestion that a dead family member or friend is trying to help Allison find this kidnapped woman.

    It is a bit odd within the series for Allison to be having these dreams and supernatural visions to help solve a case without anyone from the 'other side' helping her out.

    Does the kidnapped co-ed have special powers that allowed her to send the musical clues to Allison? Or was some other ghost doing it or perhaps this was God's response to the priest's prayers? A related problem is the fact that the kidnapper is never really seen or given much in the way of character development or motivation. The kidnapper apparently confessed his crime to the priest and subsequent kills himself, out of guilt or shame, without telling anyone where the missing woman is. He comes off as being more pathetic then dangerous. At the end, when Allison does find the co-ed, she is being kept in farm house barn, and the rescue is somewhat dull. Allison cracks this case, almost, entirely by herself and upon locating the co-ed (who is not really seen) she simply tells Joe [who is on the phone] to call the police. Their is no obligatory scene at the farm with the police thanking Allison or with co-ed being escorted away in an ambulance. Heck, they do not even attempt to settle the ethical argument between Allison and the priest.

    Instead it just cuts away to house, where Joe eventually agrees that they should not fly to Salt Lake City because one of the girls has a equally vivid dream about the family dying in a plane crash.

    Granted, some of this may be driven by time constraints or a desire to seem more realistic. However, as a great as this episode is, their are a few times where I felt that writing could have been a bit better.moreless
  • One more tune!

    Save for a slight ending, Medium is back on form with a really good episode. I absolutely, positively LOVED the opening sequence. In fact, I loved the entire mcGuffin regarding the song stuck in Allison's head. It was definitely one of the most original Medium conceptions so far from this show. The pacing never slows down in this admittedly jam-packed episode. Aside from a very intriguing main plot, we have a subplot that definitely holds its own – Allison dreams that a plane crashes down right in front of her (the visuals are rather impressive here, channeling the likes of Lost), and Joe is among its casualties. I always love the Dubois' bickering, and once again Joe holds a rock solid argument about being trapped within this psychic prison, as there's always going to be a bad dream around the corner to interrupt their daily lives. Of course, Bridgette, too, has the same dream and as Joe puts it 'two physics against one engineer' and so they decide against hopping on a plane to Salt Lake City.

    I would have given 'The Song Remains the Same' a higher rating had it produced a proper conclusion. Throughout the entire hour I was to-ing and fro-ing as to my opinion on who the killer was (I was gunning for the priest). I was left a little confused by the ending, and as to who the abductor was, not to mention entirely baffled why Joe was even appearing in Allison's dream in the first place. And yet, I still found oodles to enjoy. I jumped twice during those loud plane crash scenes (they were seriously loud, especially watching with headphones). I was really impressed by the guest actors, too. The story was inventive, witty, spooky, disturbing and genuinely compelling. If only the episode ended as strongly as it began…moreless
  • This episode was fantastic! Some very clever plot elements and it all came together perfectly. Ending was a little abrupt, but despite that, this is one of the best episodes of Medium yet! WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS!moreless

    Three words spring to mind when thinking about this episode. BEST OPENING EVER!! I laughed so hard when I watched this, just because it was so fun, and so different! Excellent way to start the show!

    The way in which Alison found the girl's iPod was very clever, and also fun to watch. The scenes with the airplane crashing made me jump out of my seat, and the way everything came together at the end was just awesome!

    The ending was a little abrupt but this didnt take away from the overall greatness of the episode whatsoever. Along with all these great factors, we have the amusing family dynamic which we have grown to expect from Medium, and the creepiness of the mystery Alison has to solve.

    This is perhaps my favourite episode of Medium yet, and as it just seems to get better and better, this bodes well for what is to come!moreless
  • One Of The Reasons You Should Watch "Medium"

    In this episode of Medium we find Misses Dubois in an interesting dilemma. She starts off in a dream of her dancing to the beat of Donna Summer. But then there lies the problem the song is constantly playing in her head and its literally deafening her. She searches a way to find where the song is coming from and eventually she finds where its broadcasting and you'll be pleasently surprised of the circumstances. This is one of the many episodes one should watch if they really want to know how amazing and unique this show really is. This is one of the many reasons why Arquette won the emmy.moreless
  • My favorite opening so far!

    A great episode with a great opening! The music dream sequence is highly original and the follow-up with Alisson having the song literally stuck in her head and the usage of it to find the missing iPod proved me once again right of why I am into this series. I must admit the episode had an abrupt ending but again the originality with which the clues fell into place made think of the possibilities of a Medium movie someday! Hey, one can dream! Patricia Arquette was so worthy of the Emmy. I hope this show will last many seasons!moreless

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