Season 5 Episode 10

Then...and Again

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • Allison dreams that a wrongly convicted man is released from prison and returns to kill Devalos. She falls asleep again and wakes up five earlier when tries to right the wrong.

    This was a particularly intriguing episode. The possibility of revisiting the past with the hope of changing the future is a fascinating notion. If it were possible, would changing one event have a domino effect and perhaps change something we didn't want changed? It was interesting to see how difficult it was for Allison to reestablish her credibility with Devalos and Scanlon who had not yet met her. It was a little strange that Joe seemed unaware of her 'gift' after several years of marriage and two kids with a third on the way but chalk it up to dramatic license.
  • This episode was more like Mary Ann Winkowski's life. She was the medium that Ghost Whisperer was based upon.

    Allison was sent back into the past - astral project. It reminded me of Charmed's Series Finale - Charmed Forever. In order to save the future, she had to go into the past. The Butterfly Effect movies were based on this phenomenon. Realistically, people cannot change anything in the past. Everything happens for a reason. Joe didn't know about her abilities, because it would be hard for "normal" people to understand this. Realistically, everyone has a sixth sense that they are suppressing when they grow up. For example, parents always know when their kids are in trouble. Interesting direction for this show.
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