Season 5 Episode 2

Things to Do in Phoenix When You're Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on CBS
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Allison dreams of a ghost who was a witness to several murders. Meanwhile, Ariel has a strange reaction to an assignment in health class.

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  • Allison sees a murder in her sleep with one man witnessing the crime. She sees the man at other crime scenes leading her to believe he's a ghost.

    Brilliant episode. After Medium was off the air for almost a year, it returns just as great as it was. This is second episode of the new season taking over the previous slot My Own Worst Enemy.

    This episode is why I like Medium. It started off one way and ended another. The episode had me guessing as to what was going until the second half.

    The promos said Allison was seeing the ghost of a man witnessing a murder but was he really a ghost? Well we learn the story behind this man popping up at different crime scenes and how he might related to a blackmailing scheme.

    All I can say without spoiling much is that it was worth watching.

    Even the side story with Ariel pretending to be a mother and possibly being on drugs was amusing.

    It all worked in the end. It was a great episode.moreless
  • Allison dreams of a ghost who witnesses a murder, but later finds out that he's not dead at all.

    This was one of my very favorite episodes of the series. I loved how every time I thought I figured the whole thing out, something happened that completely changed my way of thinking. The promos for this episode left one thinking that the man was either dead or alive, but there is a twist. I also loved the sub-plot with Ariel and the baby doll. This was one of the most creatively written episodes I have seen in a while, it was off the air for nine months though. The ending was just too perfect, the look on the murderer's face was priceless. This episode is definitely worth watching.moreless
  • Great episode with a great plot. A doctor is killing himself to find out the secrets of others.

    ow what an outstanding episode with a clever plot. I wasn't sure at first what was going on with the man who was standing there in the beginning when the murder occurred. But after watching a few of Allison's dreams it was pretty evident. He temporarily died in order to be able move around as a ghost and get the details of events, which allowed him and a nurse to blackmail people. The sad part is that he was dying of a brain tumor and was only trying to get the money for his wife and daughter after he was gone for good. The nurse was greedy and let him die for real in the end. The irony is that his ghost went to Allison and let her know all of the nurse's moves. This allowed the doctors wife to get away with the money.

    Ariel was doing a class project with another student that had them taking care of a baby. Whenever Ariel touched the baby she became very sensitive to something. As it turned out boy she was doing the project with was smoking the wacky weed and with her special ability was experiencing the high as well. Being a good father, Joe DuBois approached the boy and told him to stay away from Ariel.moreless
  • Hokey Storyline + Hokey Subplot

    It did take me a while to figure out what was going on with the good doctor, so I will say that this episode was not predictable and did keep me guessing. However, I have to admit, I felt the whole premise behind this story was hokey. Even worse was the subplot with Ariel and the high-inducing doll. So silly! I'm a big fan of this show, and I didn't hate this episode, but on the whole, I had a hard time suspending my disbelief. I am apparently in the minority on this one, given the current rating for this episode.moreless
Sam Trammell

Sam Trammell

Dr. Brian Seward

Guest Star

Emily Bergl

Emily Bergl


Guest Star

Lucas Till

Lucas Till

Adam Mankowitz

Guest Star

Madison Carabello

Madison Carabello

Marie DuBois

Recurring Role

Miranda Carabello

Miranda Carabello

Marie DuBois

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Allison: Somebody removed her fingernails?
      Scanlon: Ripped 'em right out.
      Allison: Must have happened after he smashed her in the head with the rock. Must have happened after I woke up.
      Scanlon: Well, that's why I'm always hanging around till the credits are over. They're always putting in extra things during the credits these days.

    • Allison: What I can't figure it out is ... why that ghost didn't help me. He saw everything.
      Joe: I know. Would it have killed him to talk to you?

    • Allison: Hey Lee.
      Lee: Hey. What are you doing here?
      Allison: Hey, I saw you on the news, I thought I'd come by maybe you could give me an autograph.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Air Dates:
      Australia: February 27th, 2009 on Ten (SD only)
      The Netherlands: March 8th, 2009 on Net 5
      Sweden: March 12th, 2009 on TV4
      Latin America: July 13th, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (Canal Sony)
      Norway: October 20th, 2009 on TV2
      Czech Republic: February 22nd, 2010 on Hallmark
      Finland: June 12th, 2012 on Nelonen

    • Featured Music:
      "So What" by Pink (while Victoria is driving her car to the diner)
      "Evil Woman" by Electric Light Orchestra (at the end of episode)


    • Title: Things to Do in Phoenix When You're Dead

      The episode title is a riff off of "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead," which was originally the name of a song by Warren Zevon and was later used as the title of a 1995 film about a group of gangsters who are targeted for death after failing at a job.

    • The procedure which Victoria and Brian execute in this episode is called flatlining. The same procedure was used extensively in the 1990 film "Flatliners," which starred Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, and Kevin Bacon. In the film, the medical students each have their hearts stopped and are then revived, but not without after effects.

    • Allison: Hey Lee, hi this is Allison. Can you give me a call when you get this? I had a dream last night I saw a young woman get uh, (looks at her two youngest daughters) uh, redrumed.

      This is an allusion to The Shining by Stephen King (the novel was written in 1977, followed by a movie in 1980). Danny, the son, repeats the word redrum and also writes it on the walls. It is only when his mother sees it in the mirror that she realizes it's the word murder written backwards.