Season 6 Episode 20

Time Keeps on Slipping

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 07, 2010 on CBS

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  • A Tragically Beautifully written Story

    I must admit that I have never been the biggest fan of Medium. Not that I thought it was a bad show, but up until its move to CBS it just never caught my attention. This episode proves how much I was missing. Not only is it cleverly written but its wonderfully acted as well. Sofia Vassilieva does a great job as Ariel, portraying the justified fear that one should feel if they lose chunks of time. But even more than that Medium proves that it is a great show because even if their parts are greatly diminished, Patricia Arquette, Jake Weber, Miguel Sandoval and David Cubitt still make their presence well known. Whats also great about this episode is how it asks that questions of what if? That moment at the end where Ariel asks Allison to call her Panda Bear, that just about brought me to tears. Even if you don't know the show, I definitely recommend you see this one.
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