Season 6 Episode 20

Time Keeps on Slipping

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 07, 2010 on CBS

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  • A mind-blowing episode!

    This episode was a trippy, bizarre ride that kept me guessing at every turn. I loved how the viewers got to feel as disoriented as Ariel felt losing time. I thought the actor playing Ariel's love interest did a really good job with the part. On the whole, I thought this episode was one of the best of the season.

    I do have two criticisms though. 1). At the police station, Mrs. Kerrigan's son seems to recognize Ariel as his former babysitter. This seems highly unlikely. She definitely would have had to continue babysitting him after his mother's death in order for him to remember her, since he was just a baby at the time. Since Ariel would be off to college just two years after his mother's death, it's less than likely that she would continue babysitting him until he was of an age that he would be able to remember her and recognize her ten years later. 2). In the episode, they never really address the fact that Ariel doesn't really age along with everyone else. Her hair and clothes may be different, but her face remains her sixteen-year-old face. I would have liked to have seen this addressed in some way, so it just didn't seem that they were just unsuccessful in making her look older.

    Other than those two issues, a super strong episode that still deserves a 10!
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