Season 2 Episode 22

Twice Upon A Time

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • Possibly the best Medium episode of all time (but should be watched with some knowledge of the characters)

    I saw this episode a long time ago, but it still crosses my mind from time to time, because it was so well done, and TBH, somewhat profound. There are scenes from this episode that visually resurface in my mind. I found the storyline to be unpredictable, and really interesting. And magical. I'm being careful not to include spoilers because it is such a good episode I would hate to wreck it for anyone who hasn't seen it - but if you've watched the show and generally like the show, and haven't seen this one yet, then watch it - it's GREAT! I'm sure I'll watch it again some day when I have forgotten it a bit more.
  • mmmmmm i don´t know what to put here in the summary, mmmm watch the episode because it´s awesome... I have no words because it left me speechless.

    excellent episode! simply perfect! amazing chemistry! I loooove the Dubois, Joe and Allison definitely belong together, that kiss in the rain was awesome! I wish for more episodes like this one in the future, I really love this show!!!!!! well that´s all I had to say... medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium medium
  • Wow! What an episode! All I can say is go watch this one if you haven't and if you have watch it again.

    This is by far my number one favorite episode of Medium so far. It was so unreal to see her life if she had chosen another path. Her career, her husband, their kids, all different. The song they chose, Lullaby, just added to the surreal-ness of this episode. Although not a regular series ender cliffhanger, it was quite fitting anyways. It was like closure for Allison. The scene in the rain was heartbreaking. I just cannot say enough about how incredible and just plain unbelievable this episode was. It was one of those classic TV moments and it was just simply stunning.
  • great episode

    Allison dreams about a life that could have happened. In her dreams, she became a lawyer and she's married to another man. When she wakes up, things go horribly wrong when the general public finds out that she's a psychic. It's a really interesting episode. The writers came up with a cool twist. The long dream sequence was amazing. It didn't look like it was detracting to the show's theme. It was a different way of handling the dream sequence, it was amazing how they did it. I enjoyed this episode from start to finish. I can't wait for the arrival of season 3.
  • This is one of the best episodes that Medium has done.

    Ever second guess the paths you took in your life? I just loved this story and especially the theme that everything is as it is and everthing is the way it should be. Maybe that old flame that you think of from time to time is really not what you would have wanted after all. Everything happens for a reason and this episode certainly sheds light in that direction. To go back to the point that things could have changed and then decide not to change a thing. And then you can wake in the morning and say you love your life and not have regrets. Now that's a true lesson on how to trust your instincts.
  • Imagine a world without Allison (the one we use to know);

    A world were she never work for DA Davalos or Captain Push, a world were Lee Scanlon was probably kicked out of the force for following his sister’s murderer because Allison wasn’t there to help him; a world were Ariel, Bridgette and Marie do not exist, a world her brother Michael would feel unwelcome to visit, a world without Joe. Now imagine we live in it...

    In "Sliding doors" fashion, this is the world that could’ve happen if Allison’s grandma would’ve continue to sleep the last day of the last summer they spent together but once grandma Benoir spots a burn mark on Allison’s arm when they "met" half way in time, she decides she can’t let her grand daughter get burned because she overslept a little. This changes Allison’s life in ways we couldn’t imagine: She is married but not to Joe, she became a lawyer but works for Davalos rival, she has the visions but she doesn’t listen to them. The change is much more welcome for her at first; having been just fired because her last vision caused Davalos to lose a case alongside his reputation, her being exposed as a "fortune teller" by the media and a miserable afternoon questioning the very reason why she’s been giving a gift she can not longer make sense of only to wake up in a reality that’s far more pleasant and rewarding (except that her marriage isn’t good and she’s still involved on the same case as she was).

    Looking for an expert witness to support their case she's confronted with the Joe that could've been if he wouldn't have married to her. As Math Doctor and college professor, Joe acts more like detective Scanlon than the Joe we already know; as charming and playful as Lee is yet not quite as respectful of Allison's marriage as the detective is. His infatuation leads them to an interesting set of discussions that ends up with Allison convinced of her client's guilt and aware of her marital problems; ready to quit to both she runs under the rain to what should've have been her home to tell Joe she belongs with him. She wakes up the morning after, ready to confess her a very surprised Joe and her 3 babies whom she has missed terribly! Convinced that she doesn't need anything from that reality - except for a little tip that saves both Davalos case and her current job – Allison revisits grandma to let her keep her scar along with everything that goes with it. She is happy with her life, she's happy being who she is.
  • The rest of the season was so much better ...

    It wasn't so much that it was painful to watch, more that it was boring. Even with a predictable 'twist' at the end, it still made me wonder where the last hour went.

    This season of Medium has been so exciting, such good storylines. I can see where they were trying to go with this episode, about showing what might have been had Alison married someone else and chosen a different life, but it got lost in its own idea. Boring ... other episodes of this season would have done better as a finale.

    On that note, the cast were awesome as usual, keep up the good work!
  • In this episode, the life of allison is shown from more than one angle. She dreams of her own life as an attorney. Very well writen and acted out. Just what I want of a season finale.

    This is just a very good season finale. There is a lot going on, the dream sequences is shown from the side of her as an attorney. Don't worry, I will not spoil anything. I am anxiously waiting for the next season. There will be one right?

    There is just so much potential in this family, "The Girls" growing up, her growing into the exploring of her great abilities. The location of the show also is great, welcome to the suburbs. "All the cool girls are taken..." I like that expression and right now, I agree... Keep up the quality!
  • What might have been...

    A lot has happened since the previous episode and my chance to see the season finale. Perhaps most obvious is the effect of the fall upfronts on the series and its scheduling. “Medium” will now be scheduled as a mid-season show, beginning in January 2007 (or earlier, if a new show tanks). Some have panicked about this, but the fact is, the season will still be 22 episodes and the mid-season “stigma” is no longer valid. After all, “24” is a mid-season show now, and its ratings have increased as a result.

    In the case of “Medium”, the network has been less than attentive, so it’s hard to know what the effect will be. So far, the series has been able to weather the on/off scheduling pretty well, and one can only assume that starting in the mid-season would result in a more regular airing pattern. But since the series is not serialized in nature, the main benefit will be that the series will be on more regularly and it won’t be so easy to dismiss.

    In terms of the season finale, I’m glad they focused on a more substantial dream world this time around, because the “twist” in the case was beyond predictable. OK, so the porn angle wasn’t something I saw coming, but the “twin” thing was pretty easy to figure out! The world of Alison’s vision, however, was a lot more interesting, especially in terms of where it brought her mentally.

    Sooner or later, Alison’s role in the DA’s office will come out, and it’s just a matter of how and when. This episode picks up on a lot of Alison’s anxiety about that moment, which is a nice bit of insight. Her fears are rather justified, and I was left wondering whether or not that will motivate her to change her approach to things in the third season. She really came within hours of a horrific downslide for her family’s future; it might come down to taking ownership of how the news is broken to the world.

    On a completely different note, I found it very interesting how this episode highlights Patricia’s natural beauty. There’s a real-world aspect to Allison (particularly her wardrobe) that seems more “real” in its inherent sexuality. Contrast that to the rising star version of Allison, where Patricia is all glammed up and looks hot in a completely different way. It was jarring, to say the least, but I found it extraordinary that the “perfect” version of Allison felt so wrong.

    Now, it is time for a short farewell. As much as I enjoy this series, it is the series I feel the least desire to watch as soon as it airs and these are the reviews I get the least feedback on. As solid as the show is, it doesn’t have enough of the elements that usually compel me to watch attentively. As a result, I will no longer be writing reviews for “Medium”. Instead, I will cover “Medium” on the podcast that I recently started producing, “Dispatches from Tuzenor”.

    Similarly, this is the part where I would usually launch into a discussion about the season as a whole. Instead, the “Medium” post-mortem (so to speak) will be the main focus of this week’s episode of “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. That episode should be up after the weekend, so I invite anyone interested to drop by the archive site ( and click on the link. (It’s also available on iTunes.)
  • Great Season ender that was truly feel-good TV.

    This was an especially great episode of "Medium". It was very feel-good and it flowed well in every way possible and sort off seemed like a good movie. The Dixie Chicks song also added to this "Feel-good-ness" It was just an overall great experience to watch. This show is truly one of the best shows on TV right now and one of the best shows I have ever followed. Hopefully it will continue its magnificent run for many years to come, because I believe it has staying power. As for the ratings, even though they are pretty good now I think that if it ever comes a time where NBC is thinking of cancelling Medium they should at least move it from its Monday timeslot into more peacefull territory and see if the ratings don't go up. Even though there is no need for it now, I really think they should consider it if the need ever arrises, like if the ratings fall.
  • Alison gets fired by the D.A, then dreams about how her life would've been if she blocked out her "gift" and become a high power attorny

    Great season finale, I loved it, it really built on Joes and Alisons reltenship. I loved how, she was diffrent in the dream where shes a lawer how she wasn' know allison till the end. And I loved how that dream helped her solve the case.
    This show never fails to let me down and this episode didn't either, I can't wait for them to come back next season, they going be say damn great, this is like my second favroite show on right now, first has to be prison break. yeah go alison, yeah go ally ally, rocks
  • Not your typical episode of Medium...

    After skipping out on this show for a few weeks, the season finale was a great episode to come back to. It started out kind of slow and I almost thought of changing the channel...but my instinct told me to stay put. I really loved the message of this one. And Jake Weber was exceptionally great in it! And I nearly squealed at the sight of my once-beloved David James Elliot (AKA Harm)!! Too bad he had to play a jerk. I wish I'd been forewarned, at least! Anyway, the whole episode seemed like it would have been a great plot for "Medium: The Movie." They definitely could have drawn out the personal stuff and the case to make it movie-length for sure. One of the better eps, IMO, in that it differed slightly from the normal tone of Medium. I LOVE the love story of Allison and Joe. It has to be one of the best on TV today!
  • No phenomenally violent, action-packed thing in this episode, but it sure will last in your mind for the summer.

    I was surprised that there was no cliffhanger to pull us into the next season, but I couldn't be happier with the episode.

    So sweet, so charming. The background music of the Dixie Chicks weren't bad either.

    What a compelling storyline. Allison knows for sure from her dream that the man killed his immigrant housekeeper. But a girl who looked exactly like the immigrant walked into court and blew the case out of the window. The DA is questioned for having a pyshic help his crime. Allison is crushed to realize that one of her dreams did not pan out as she hoped and wishes that she never relied on her gift so she could become a successful lawyer.

    She dreams and finds herself lying in bed with a new husband without kids. Now she works on the same case for the opposing side and happens to recruit Joe to help her with the defence. Joe decides to follow his instinct and say he's not comfortable with testifying in court, but he definitely leaves an impression of Allison.

    Did anyone think that Allison's dream husband was cheating on her? They played it out like he was; it was just interesting that they never showed it.

    That scene with her in the rain at Joe's house was romantic as hell, especially when Joe walked up to her and they started kissing.

    When she woke up, I had a hard time deciding whether Allison was still dreaming or if it was real (based on her hairstyle). When the children appeared, I was just as happy to see them (which is weird because I think the girls are annoying as heck).

    It was also nice to learn that the whole tragedy in the courtroom was just a dream, and of course, why didn't I think of it before...the girl who got killed and the girl who walked into court were twins. I felt a little ashamed that I would fall for that TV gimmick, but I did.

    I didn't get Allison's dream sequence about her grandmother, but it was still pretty nice to watch.

    I'll be looking forward to Medium next season.
  • Don\'t have a summary because I didn\'t get to watch the whole thing - VCR malfunctioned!

    The 25 minutes or so we got to watch because our VCR stopped recording half-way through (We were watching Alias on ABC in the other room) was excellent. I guess it\\\'s time to get a new VCR!! If anyone wants to email me with a summary of the last 1/2 of the show, I\\\'d be VERY grateful. I love the way Allison and (can\\\'t remember real TV hubby\\\'s name) interact - good chemistry.
  • I guess in reality most of this show is a dream sequence.

    This episode was excellent. I think Arquette did an excellent job in this episode. I also liked the be careful what you wish for, no psychic ability, no kids. You could see she really didn't want that and how she felt something was missing. I also liked the way the husband was tied in, wanthing him to testify in the case. And once again, of course through her dreams, Allison figures out the case, the twin sister being brought in to say there was no murder. This is a great show with a great cast, I can imagine they all had fun with this episode, going out of character. This is why I'll be coming back next year for more.
  • Going to be an interesting closer for the season!

    Sure hope they dont follow suit with the other networks in the attempt to killer of alot of stars.CSI ex Horatio's wife,Close to Home ex AnnaBeths husband and Ghost Whisperer best friend Andrea,just to mention a few.I will await tonites outcome with crossed fingers at the very least.They are libel to try any thing to boost up their ratings.I will add more to my review tomorrow after the fanale airs to night.I for one wish all the networks would stop the killing sprees lol how do the rest of you feel.I'll look on the forum sites to night and see.
  • Be carefull of what you dream about!

    I think Patricia Arquette did a wonderful job in this one. She made it seem so real. It would be very very upsetting if you were a medium and dreampt of your own death, and she did it to a T! I loved Kelsey Grammar also, he played the right part. I LOVE this show!
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