Season 3 Episode 16

Whatever Possessed You

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on CBS
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Devalos is investigating the death of one of his close friends and gets help from Allison, who's been having disturbing dreams about a young woman who appears to be possessed. Meanwhile, Joe talks with his boss to see if he can lead the company's next big project.moreless

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  • Psychics, demons, and possessions Oh My!

    This episode had a lot going on in it. From the death of Devalos’s friend to the possible demonic possession of a young girl…to Joe’s new project at work. I thought every story got its own fair amount of time.

    I personally thought there was some character growth in this episode. Allison again struggling with her ‘gift’ and trying to make heads or tails out of her dreams. Joe struggling with what his wife is, and finally telling someone even if they didn’t believe him. Devalos suffering a loss and showing the emotions of a civilian versus the hard surface of a district attorney. Great job by the actors in my opinion on this episode.

    The writing…bravo! I will admit it I figured out the candies were the source about half way thru. I can’t even pin point what tipped me off as my first clue but it was subtle enough that when the final hospital scene came I was like “see yep I was right”.

    I really enjoyed the final scene with the Dubois family gathered having cake to celebrate the new top secret job that Joe got. Even more classic was the ending with Bridgette and the ship to Mars.

    Awesome episode…great acting…well written…all around fabulous job in this viewers eyes!moreless
  • great episode

    Allison dreams about a priest dealing with exorcism and a lady who is possessed by the devil. When she goes to work the following day, she finds out that the priest is a real person and a close personal friend of Devalos. Joe talks to his boss about working on the company's next big project. But before he's even allowed to work on the project, he needs to undergo a lie detector test. It's an awesome episode, it's sort of like the exorcist episode, but something else is at work here. I really loved this episode, the detective work goes hand in hand with the paranormal storyline.moreless
  • Allison is dreaming about a catholic priest murderes and hallucinating... This priest is Devalos best friend.

    A fantastic effort from the writers, who apparently were feeling that a little twist was in order. I knew something was awry when Alison and Devalos went to talk to the very attractive woman who was supposedly Colleen’s therapist. I thought that Michael was married to Mimi Kennedy even after the blonde bombshell doctor showed up. It wasn’t until Allison went to the hospital to bring Devalos’ papers and was looking in on Colleen that I realized I had it wrong. Michael came up behind her and spoke of his wife.

    So Joe is going to Mars, huh? Well that can only mean that either he is really going to go to Mars and he is going to leave the show for a while, or that he is not going to Mars, in which case his dreams will be dashed all over Phoenix. Bridgette’s parting comment, “If anyone can get the ship to Mars, it’s you, Daddy” was so funny.

    I really loved the story line with Devalos and his friend the priest. Even though we didn’t get a glimpse of their relationship, you could tell just how much this man meant to Devalos. The fact that they "met in the first minute on the first day of first grade” might have been my favorite line of the night. There are some friends you remember such specific details about that it's a testament to your friendship. This was pretty heartwarming.moreless
  • A young girl is demonized, the priest not only can't handle it, instead he dies; and so it's Alison to the rescue!

    Pretty much it follows the standard Medium formula of opening with an Alison dream, followed throughout by more details to the dream until it all comes clear. What is nice about this episode is the demon twist to it, and the novel solution to that problem that comes out in the end. Since that plot device was quite unexpected it really makes the show this time. We also get an appearance by Robert Beltran as the priest. He hasn't had much screen time since Voyager. Unfortunately his character dies, so he wont be a repeat guest here...

    One standard Hollywood trend that is repeated here is the appearance of a catholic priest, rather than a protestant. It seems that the media makers have cut a deal with the devil, and won't portray anything else. But overall the episode is well done, well thought out and without too much distractions with the sub-plots. In fact, it's quite humorous when Joe has to take a lie detector test, and he gets to admit on the record that his wife could find out about classified info because she's a psychic...moreless
  • allison gives closure to devalos and gives joe piece of mind about his work.

    allison tells joe that he is going to get a new job assissigment at work. he ends up taking a lie detector test and fails because he hesitated when he was asked if anyone at his house could find out about classified work information. the second time he took the lie detector test, he answered truthfully like before, but instead of hesitating, he told the person administering the test that allison was pyshic. and surprise, surprise, the man had a wife who was a pyshic as well. lucky joe. if joe would have only be fine with allison being pyshic during the first test... be hey. whatever works i guess. lol. he gets the job, "whatever it is" mars. an old friend of devalos died in some freak "accident." only it wasnt an accident at all. an evil man who was giving his wife candy that made her insane, killed him when the father (devalos's friend) ate one of the candies and saw the wife's bed floating. so the guy was guilty. i should have figured out about the candy before the woman's husband made such a big deal about it when his wife was committed. i didnt even suspect anything when the whole candy thing started, when the woman gave the father a piece. the face she made scared the hell out of me! not startled, scared! i felt my blood run cold! that was waaaay too creepy! lol. yikes! oh well. i thought "whatever possessed you" was a pretty good episode. i cant wait until next week. i saw the previews for next weeks episode but i have already forgot. lol. i have too much on my mind these days. oh well. just a typical thing in the life of a teenager. lol!moreless
Robert Beltran

Robert Beltran

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Gerry Becker


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Gina Philips

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • It is revealed that Joe's middle name is Pritchard.

    • Goof: While talking to Joe on her way to speak to Dr. Randall, Allison is first driving on a four lane residential-type street with large trees on both sides obscuring the view of what is behind them. After cutting to Joe in his office and then back, Allison is suddenly driving on a street with fewer, smaller trees and businesses on either side.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Lie Detector Guy: You're saying that there is a way that someone could gain unauthorized access to company information, but you don't discuss confidential matters outside the office.
      Joe: That's correct.
      Lie Detector Guy: Is this person in question your wife?
      Joe: Yes. Yes, it is.
      Lie Detector Guy: Is she a computer hacker?
      Joe: No.
      Lie Detector Guy: Do you talk in your sleep?
      Joe: No.
      Lie Detector Guy: Can she read your mind?
      Joe: Yes, as a matter of fact she can.
      Lie Detector Guy: She can read your mind?
      Joe: That's correct.
      Lie Detector Guy: She can pluck thoughts from your head. Your wife possesses psychic abilities?
      Joe: Yes.
      Lie Detector Guy: So, Mr. DuBois, you're telling me that your wife finishes your sentences and can often tell when you're lying? That sort of thing?
      Joe: That's correct.
      Lie Detector Guy: Well, what do you know? My wife is psychic, too. Thank you very much. We're done here.
      Joe: Did I pass?
      Lie Detector Guy: Well, why don't you call your wife and ask her?

    • Bridgette: Congratulations again daddy, if you can't get that ship up to Mars…nobody can.
      (Joe, shocked, pauses then keeps walking)

    • Ariel: So let me get this straight, the reason we get to stay up an extra half hour and eat cake is because daddy got put in charge of some really cool project?
      Joe: That is correct.
      Ariel: Only, you can't tell us about this really cool project because it is top secret?
      Joe: That is also correct.
      Ariel: Can we at least have a hint? (Joe says nothing)
      Allison: Okay, on that note, come on you little security risks. It's time to hit the hay.

    • Allison: In your experience, as a rule, beds don't float in midair right?
      Joe: Oh gosh, I would hope that in the fourteen or so years that we have been together that once or twice between the two of us our bed might have left the ground.

    • Allison: I know what space means to you. I remember the night we met. You picked me up at that bar. You brought me back to your place. You showed me your telescope. You showed me your books on the cosmos. You showed me your lunch box from the third grade with rockets and planets.
      Joe: And you thought, "What a nerd."
      Allison: I thought, "I think I have to sleep with this man. I think I might have to marry this man." And now it's me standing between you and your other love.

    • Allison: There's no such thing as demons.
      Joe: Said the psychic who talks to ghosts.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The original working title for "Whatever Possessed You" was "Whatever Possessed Her" according to director Miguel Sandoval on the DVD commentary. Glenn Gordon Caron thought the original title wasn't quite right and asked for it to be changed.

      Additionally, Miguel commented regarding the events of this episode representing a sea change in the nature of Joe and Allison's relationship, in which they began drifting more towards their own things. He also stated that he specifically sought Robert Beltran (Star Trek: Voyager's Chakotay) for the role of the priest, as he wanted a character that would be against the stereotype.

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: October 5th, 2007 on Net 5
      France: March 1st, 2008 on M6
      Norway: March 11th, 2008 on TV 2
      Czech Republic: March 10th, 2009 on Prima
      Finland: August 12th, 2009 on Nelonen


    • Joe: Pretty girl. I wonder if she can do that thing where she makes her head spin all the way around.

      This line is a direct reference to a scene in The Exorcist (1973) where Regan's (Linda Blair) head spins 360 degrees. The floating bed is also a reference, although less direct because Regan floats above her bed in the movie, but the bed does not float as it does in this episode.