Season 2 Episode 1

When Push Comes to Shove (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on CBS
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While Capt. Push lingers between life and death, Allison struggles to decipher confusing messages from the other side in an attempt to stop a serial killer before he claims his next victim.

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  • Knocked Up

    Much like the season one finale (and the first part of this episode), there doesn't seem to be enough meat here to justify a two-part storyline. Joe's issues with Allison aren't anything new, and we've see Allison suffer power outages in previous episodes that were far more effective and compelling, so why the added airtime?

    It also seemed as though the writing team were bashing us over the head time and time again. How many times did they show that flashback? It was entirely obvious who the killer was, so it's a pity the hour didn't pack a few twists in its arsenal, something I've grown accustomed to from this show.

    It's safe storytelling.

    There are deliberate barriers set in place to deprive Alison of learning the truth. But these obstacles are flimsy at best – if Capt.'s father knew everything in the afterlife, why withhold such pivotal information? Unless, of course, Kenneth Push was somehow metaphysically bound to the dream, and could only awaken from his coma once Allison had seen the entire vision through.

    Whatever the case, nothing is specified. It's mostly about the hunt – not the killer, not the victims, and so the hour feels very 'about the job' and loses some major character points because of it. Not a bad episode, but events felt rehashed and restrained, and a lot of what made season 1 tremendously enjoyable (darkly comical; cool psychic bits; gruesome murders etc.) weren't present for the majority of the hour.

    Not the best way to kickoff the season.moreless
  • So glad it's back...

    This was a great opener to a hopefully great season of "Medium."

    As usual, the writers did a wonderful job of depicting the relationship dynamics between Allison and her husband - the nuanced interplay between them really raises this show above a lot of the other shows where we just get straight crime solving. I know I can relate.

    The crime storyline was well devised, though a bit anti-climactic and contrived. We never get to meet the killer and you have to suspend disbelief to allow for his existence at all - how likely is it that a scorned mother would raise her son with no other purpose in life than to eradicate all traces of his father? But even if it is a beautifully written show, it is just a show after all.

    There were a lot of neat elements in this episode - like Joe's session with the shrink and the seed of distrust it plants, Allison's conversation with Capt. Push's father, the realistic and funny mini scene's with Allison's girls (my favorite is the scene where Bridget pours juice for her youngest sister, slops it everywhere and won't stop pouring until sis says 'when', which of course since she is a toddler, she won't do).

    The one thing I worry about going forward with "Medium" is that the whole Joe the Jealous tension will get in the way of Allison's crime solving.

    I think this show works best when the Allison at work and Allison at home plot lines are balanced. But then I guess that is the point that the writer's were making in this ep about the DuBois marriage, as well.moreless
  • Medium slams into Monday's with power!

    After what seemed to be forever, Medium has returned. I know this huge fan was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire hour. I was worried when Allison had not had any dreams for months, but I was glad when we found out why. The issues between Allison and Joe are getting pretty bad, hope it works out for them. It was good to see Capt. Push, but I was shocked by the coma. And the dreams were a little on the freaky side.

    I imagine I figured it out when everyone else did, but I admit I was a little let down by the ending. I hope to see more of Capt. Push, this season he adds a lot to the show. I will say this much, I still have goose bumps from the previews of next week! Keep ‘em coming.

  • A bit too predictable, but as usual, the characters keep it from falling apart

    This series surprised me in the first season by focusing so strongly on the key relationship between Joe and Allison. Whenever events or gimmicks threatened to undermine the credibility of the show, that key relationship was always more than capable of carrying the weight. That’s still true of this season, because the resolution of the case itself was rather predictable.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but it took me about five seconds after Allison’s first dream to figure out who the killer was. After that, it was just a matter of sitting through the process of Allison working it out. Much like “Dead Zone” episodes of late, it’s more a question of how inventively this process plays out, rather than the originality of the situation.

    Here’s where things were interesting. Allison wasn’t having visions or psychic dreams for three months because her personal issues were supposedly getting in the way. And that sets the stage for Joe to be even less happy about her divided loyalties. Some people seem to think that Joe is being unreasonable, and that he should simply accept that fact that Allison’s ability tasks her with unusual responsibilities.

    Of course, for Joe, it’s a matter of cost vs. benefit. Allison likes the fact that her ability is actually helping people and serving a function. But the cost is rather high, especially since it puts an enormous strain on her husband and his own responsibilities. It’s only a matter of time before Joe’s career is impacted by the bizarre hours, and that will begin straining the finances even more. Allison can’t simply push off her responsibility to her family based on a “higher calling”.

    Or can she? I think that’s the question that could be explored this season. Certainly the dead have few qualms about making demands on her, and they are less reasonable than her family, even under the current circumstances. Can Allison simply ignore the voices and her ability to stop crimes from being committed?

    Joe’s reactions wouldn’t be nearly so interesting or meaningful if he wasn’t trying to be so patient about it all. That’s why I don’t understand why he’s seen in such a negative light by some fans. Any other husband would have exploded a long time ago. I’m personally shocked by his patience, considering how much he’s fuming.

    Anyway, I think the challenge this season is to avoid some of the pitfalls that similar shows have encountered. For instance, this past season of “Dead Zone” was considered by many to be its worst, because many of the episodes were too predictable and pedestrian. A lot of the unique situations had been covered in previous seasons. Similarly, the writers for this series need to keep things fresh. The first season spent a lot of time on peculiar perspectives, and that should continue. Perhaps because of the need to resolve the cliffhanger, this premiere wasn’t able to do that, and as a result, it didn’t quite hit the mark.

  • Hoping for a better start

    I have been a fan of the show since the beginning. This opener did not do it for me though. I thought the season ender last season was great and it really left you wanting to see what would happen. I felt like the shows did not run together very well though. I escpecially did not like the oddness between husband and wife. One of the things that I liked about the beginning episodes of Mediun was the relationship between the two of them. They were so loving in a sexy but nice and humorous way. The humor was classic but not over whelming. That seemed lost in this episode. It seemed very serious in that way. The Ranger thing was uninspired compared to the classic relationships from last season. Overall an average show for a show that I have come to expect to be above average. Still good but just not great.moreless
Arliss Howard

Arliss Howard

Capt. Kenneth Push

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Lawrence Pressman

Lawrence Pressman


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Tina DiJoseph

Tina DiJoseph

Mayor's Liaison

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    • (Joe has just had his first session with a shrink who called him Mr.BuGouis)
      Allison: Mr. BuGouis?
      Joe: Aspires a lot of confidence, don't you think?
      Allison: (laughs) So what else did he say?
      Joe: I don't remember. Nothing important.
      Allison: Did you tell him about me?
      Joe: Why, you think you're important? (pause) Obviously, you were a big part of the conversation.
      Allison: But you didn't tell him...
      Joe: ...about your secret? How you came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men?
      Allison: Shut up.

    • Capt. Push: I was in a coma. I was gone. Now I'm gettin' back and I'm just prayin' I didn't lose any luggage on the trip.

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