Season 7 Episode 6

Where Were You When...?

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2010 on CBS

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  • Alison tries to stop a bomb

    Best episode in a while! Alison tries to stop a bomb due to explode at 9.18am, the trouble is, she doesn't know what day.
  • Allison is dreaming of a future event, the only trouble is, she has no idea when it's going to occur.

    The city of Phoenix has been having earthquake problems and in a recurring dream, Allison sees various people in various places when what appears to be a major quake takes place. She has visions of Marie and Bridgette, Joe, Scanlon, Devalos and others but she has nothing to go on but the time. The quake will occur at 9.18 in the morning, she just doesn't know which morning it will be.

    Meanwhile, Lee asks for her help in identifying a hand which has been found severed at the wrist. Over the next few nights, she dreams of a man who was connected to a large, new building and, upon talking to the owner and contractor, she finds out who the dead man is.

    For some reason, which has little to do with the story, and which is not properly explained, Bridgette and Marie both start sleep walking and spraying graffitti on the house across the road which is temporarily vacant after a bank forclosure. Why they BOTH had to be out spraying paint in their sleep is beyond me but I guess the writers know best ... Meanwhile, a further dream leads Allison directly to the man who plans to blow up the aforementioned new building and she is also certain that he killed the man whose body parts have been found although that cannot be conclusively proven.

    A decent episode after it actually got going, which took a while.