Meego - Season 1

CBS (ended 1997)


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  • Car and Driver
    Car and Driver
    Episode 13
    Trip is desperate to get his driver's license in order to improve his dating prospects.
  • Performance Art
    Performance Art
    Episode 12
    Meego tries to persuade the kids to take their school field trip at the local museum rather than the local ice cream parlor; Trip plays sick to get a coveted autograph.
  • Saturday Night Fever
    Dr Parker has to go away for the weekend to assist an operation, Meego catches the chicken pox with strange side effects. Trip sneaks out of the house at midnight to go to a illegal rave party and Maggie is fed up with being a 'geek' when she wins the model citizen of the month award for the 5th time running so she tries changing her image.moreless
  • I Won't Be Home For Christmas
    It's Christmas and Meego tries helping out by doing such things as teleporting the Christmas tree into the house (still tied to the roof of the car) and helping Dr. Parker get Alex the toy he wants. The toy is of course the most popular of the season and in a mad rush at the department store, Meego's wrist device is broken.moreless
  • Liar, Liar
    Liar, Liar
    Episode 9
    When Trip lies to get a date with college girl Amanda, Meego embellishes the lie with his antics; Meego encounters snow for the first time.
  • Magic Parker
    Magic Parker
    Episode 8
    Alex tricks Meego into helping him show off in front of Marcus. Maggie tries to get Meego to help set up her father on a date, but while waiting for Alex to finish his martial arts lesson, Meego meets two other nannies (Erika & Theresa) and asks if they are available, but finds out they are "aliens." Misunderstanding them, Meego assumes they are from a different plant.moreless
  • Mommy 'n' Meego
    Mommy 'n' Meego
    Episode 7
    On Meego's first attempt to phone his alien mom, he ends up reaching three Gilligan's Island castaways instead: Gilligan, Mary Ann and the Professor, still stranded after 35 years! While Meego continues his quest for a direct line to Marmazon 4.0, Maggie, Trip and Alex try to keep Meego's origins a secret from their suspicious and cranky grandmother.moreless
  • Halloween
    Episode 6
    Maggie finds out that her secret admirer will be arriving incognito at her Halloween party and enlists Meego's aid in unmasking the mystery man, while Meego tends to spooky tasks of his own when he sets out to give Trip a scare.
  • Fatal Attraction
    Fatal Attraction
    Episode 5
    Be careful what you wish for! Trip learns a valuable lesson after he takes Meego's magic wrist device and uses it to trick a popular girl into believing that he's the boy of her dreams. Trip initially enjoys the attention but changes his mind when his new "girlfriend" Brooke begins shadowing him and hanging on his every word. Meanwhile, the alien plays poker with Dr. Parker and some interns.moreless
  • It's Good to be King
    When Meego hears that Trip is no longer required to study to pass history now that he's the star of the basketball team, which is coached by the history teacher, Meego gives his own lesson. Meego shrinks the teacher/coach and leaves him guarded by watchdog Barkley, while he substitutes - as King George III. Meanwhile, Dr. Parker and Alex plan a fishing trip.moreless
  • The Truth About Cars and Dogs
    Maggie tries to tell her dad that the family nanny is an alien. Meanwhile, Meego goes on a date with the Parkers' next-door neighbor; and Edward helps Alex build a model car for a derby. Jaleel White makes a second cameo appearance.
  • Love and Money
    Love and Money
    Episode 2
    Meego gets his first paycheque, but still has a lot to learn about money; Maggie interrupts her studies to watch Trip and his friend play street hockey. Family Matters star Jaleel White has an uncredited cameo as his Steve Urkel character.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Meego is made temporary babysitter for the Parker kids after his spaceship crashes in their backyard and he waits for repairs to be completed, but quickly finds himself growing attached to the youngsters and questioning his return home.