Meerkat Manor

Season 4 Episode 8

Divided We Fall

Aired Unknown Jul 25, 2008 on Animal Planet

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  • Sophie and Simon lead the pups out of the burrow for a nature walk. While they are gone, a venomous snake slithers into the burow. When Sophie and Simon return, they fight to protect the pups, but in the end, Simon falls prey to the snake.:(

    I absolutly LOVED it! Poor old Simon, I wish that snake hadn't bit him. (To everyone at home who didn't see it, Simon died) I wonder what Simon's KMP name is? ANd WHY did Sophie and Simon do that with the pups!?! * SHAKES HEAD * And speaking of head, I'm pretty sure Simon is one of these:

    Ningaloo (Dudley) Not sure about this one.......

    Logan (Rocky) Probably this one.....

    or Karim (dunno what MM called him...) Maybe even Spud? ( Spud is called by his KMP name on MM, and is Mozart's son )
    Anyways, loving the new season and can't wait till next Friday!!