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Meerkat leadership

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    [1]Oct 17, 2007
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    Why is Hannibal the Commandoes leader? All of the other meerkat groups are run by the females which is typical. Punk, Rocketdog, Kinkajou, Flower, Lola. We saw what happened to poor Zaphod after our beloved Flower died, so how did male Hannibal come be the leader of the commandoes?
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    [2]Nov 23, 2007
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    You know what I don't know why Hannibel is the leader of the commandos. But I really miss Flower. Plus Mozart, Kinkijou, Whoopy and all of the Starsky died as well. Mozart, Kinkijou, and Whoopy were part of the Starsky.
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    [3]May 29, 2010
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    Maybe Jim Bob Vivian (AKA Hannibal Commando) was born into the group by his parents and a stray female became dominant female which made him become dominant male. But because he's in the bloodline it may mean he gets the collar as he's more likely to be with the group. Heres my theory:

    Jim Bobs Parents- Jim Bob is subordinate male- Stray female joins and becomes dominant female- Jim Bob becomes dominant male- dominant female dies- Jim Bob remains head of group.

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    [4]Jan 7, 2011
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    Jim Bob/Hannibal wasn't really the leader of the fact the Commandos on the show at first was Zaphod and Yossarian's natal group, The Vivian...Their Dominant Female was actually their older sister named Rhian (called Nikita on the show)...During the project, the researchers switch the radio collars from the female to the male and back occasionally...if I remember correctly, Rhian wouldn't wear the radio collar, she kept trying to get it off of her and stressed her out...Since the show was filmed when most of the females were wearing the radio collars, most viewers associated the collar as a symbol of who was the leader of the AP ran with that misconception and said Jim Bob/Hannibal was the leader of the Commandos...

    The Vivians were an amazing group, they started with a semi-tame female named Vivian who successful raise I think 2 litters all by herself, a feat no other female in the project has been able to do since...

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