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Meerkat Manor may have a game?

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    According to this story, Meerkats going gaming (written by TV.com's own Tim Surette), Meerkat Manor may join the ranks of the gaming elite.
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    It'd work if they made it the right genre.

    I think a Micro Management/Survival/Strategy game would work. You basically ran your own family, from a space view, you basically send your meercats to gather and such, you could control them individually, or as a group. You could do auto-forage, or follow them to direct their jobs. It'd be a MUST to have waypoint-click keys, so if while you're foraging, your burrow is under some sort of alert, one press of a button and you can switch over and go there instantly.

    That's probrably a small feature I'd like to see. I don't see the game really working any other way other than a strategy game. It'd be nice to have Challenge Mode to put you into certain scenarios, such as turning a nearly-dead family into a thriving one, or controlling one family and turn out as the top family of the Kalihari.

    It'd work. They would just have to play it smartly.

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