Meerkat Manor

Season 3 Episode 8

Journey's End

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 2007 on Animal Planet

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  • Nice beginning, but very sad ending :-(

    As written in episode summary, in the beginning of the episode "Flower gives birth to her third litter of the year". Later in episode, both groups of Whiskers happily reunite and create the biggest meerkat group on the scene. Flower is also confirmed as Whiskers' dominant female. Everything looks great, Zappas are driven away from their territory, but when group goes for food leaving young in lair, cobra appears on the scene and is heading to them. Big group returns in time and is trying to scare it away, but unfortunately cobra enters lair. Flower, as head of the family, follows it, but is mortaly bitten and later dies. Episode ends with words "flower of the desert died". Flower, after 4 years as Whiskers' dominant female, will be missed very much.
  • Flower has yet another litter and has brought her clan back to their role as top meerkats. Then tragedy.

    As a fan of Meerkat Manor from the beginning, this was the hardest episode for me to see. Flower has been the leader of her clan for 4 years. She has sometimes been loving and sometimes been harsh, but her clan thrived. In an attempt to protect her new pups, she rushes into their burrow after a cobra. She is bit and dies. It was such a shock--I expected she would survive as others have, but no such luck. She will be sorely missed by all of us that have grown to love and respect her. And yes, I shed tears over this one.
  • The Whiskers come back from foraging. Flower gives birth during the night. The next day, the Zappa are defeated by the Whiskers and leave young Axle, a Zappa pup, behind. He is adopted by the Whiskers. A Cape Cobra threatens Flower's newborn pups.

    Flower has always been my favorite from the beginning. Though harsh with her grown-up pups sometimes, she was kind and caring to many like her partner, Zaphod. She tolerated Mozart's and Tosca's pups and let them live. Flower adopted Axle, a Zappa pup, shortly before her untimely death. She died protecting her last litter from a Cape Cobra. Flower has a huge legacy. Creating one of the largest meerkat mobs is a huge achievement. She was a better TV star than many humans before her. So what if she was an iron lady. Flower was a powerful leader and a noble mother. I will miss you Flower.
  • Flower

    flower died protecting her pups... im so sad she died. i cried... i noe she is an animal but i liked her so much... she died... omg... r.i.p for ever and always.. flower... she took in a Zappa pup that was abandoned and a snake went into the burrow and he bit her on the head. which ended a 4 year reign that created the biggest family in the kalihari desert... r.i.p rip rip rip rip rip rip FlowR... OMG... IM SO SAD... fLOWER... FLOWER i i i i i i i i i i i i WILL MISS THHAT MEERKAT
  • Great show interesting to watch and so sad that Flower was bit by snake on the head I cried. When Flower came home I was so happy to see she was back with her group and then I for her to meet this end this way. I will hope for a better future.

    Great show I am at a lost for words , to see that Flower was bit by the snake we are all so sad here to see how brave she was to go in after that mean snake and save her babies...well it didnt show if she saved her pups from the snake and if she killed the snake. I sure am going to miss Flower she was the strongest of the group and I don't know if any of her daughters can pick up where she left off. Time will tell and we shall see what happens with them.