Meerkat Manor

Season 4 Episode 0

Meerkat Manor: The Story Begins

Aired Unknown May 25, 2008 on Animal Planet

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  • I love Meerkat Manor : The Story Begins.I love it because I got to see Flower when she was just born.

    I love Meerkat Manor : The Story Begins.I love it because I got to see Flower when she was just born.Her brothers were Hasel and Thumper. Her sister was Petal.They were all so cute as newborns.Then the day came when the pups could come out of the burrow.Flower is out first and aunts uncles and brothers and sisters are all there to welcome her.Then she is joined with her sister and her two brothers.Now her parents Holly and Oregon have to go out foraging.So her sisters stay behind to watch the pups while the rest of the family go out foraging.But when the rest of the Whiskers were away the Lazuli atacked. Then just as they got close to the pups not to far away from home Oregon hears them so he raises the alarm and send the Lazuli packing. Holly only has one thing on her mind , her pups. Thankfuly the pups were unharmed. Today is the day the pups can go out foraging. Flower and the boys stick with the family but Petal is falling behind. But some of the Whiskers convince her that going back is not an option.Then she goes in a burrow when a cobra went in side after her.Just then her father hears a cry for help. then they go to the burrow,the cobra escapes from another exit.Then Oregon carries Petal to safty,but she has already recived her fatal bite.There is nothing Oregon can do.Flower refuses to leave her little sister.Then before she knows it Flower becomes a babysitter.Flower now has two baby sisters.But soon after that when they were foraging Holly fails to see the bird of prey in the sky.Then they return home Oregon waits for Holly's return but thwn we find uot why she has a sevsere wound in her side not able to move she dies alone.Then domanite female is taken up by Veoly(Vealle)Then she finds herself a partner Yosarian(Yousarein)but Flower has pups of her own with Zaphod (Zafod) But Veoly is also expecting so she does the un thinkable and kills Flower's pups but she also evicted Flower but soon after Flower rejoins the family. soon after that they need to cross the Great Divide but Veoly gets killed by a car.thensoon after the cobra returns Flower and the snake go eye to eye nose to nose.Flower has proveen herself as the Whiskers true leader Zaphod and Flower are reunited as they lead the group and as the pups kept coming and coming!They are Mozart,Kinkijou ,Columbus ,Toska and the always mighty Sheakspeare,they will save his story for later.Then Flower died defending her pups.Flower will always be the Whiskers guiding light.
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