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  • Meerkat Mannor

    I did not find out about these shows of the Meerkats until a few weeks ago. I love the show and I tape each show now and watch them. This is one of the best shows that you have had on TV Station Animal Planet along with the Animal Cops Shows. I would like to watch all of the Meerkat Shows from the first one show until the last. I hope you will replay the entire series from the first show until the last on Animal Planet. It is one of your best shows. Please let me know if you will be showing all of the shows from the beginning of the series until the final one and when they will be showing on Animal Planet. I have Spinal Stenosis and can not sit at my computer long enough to watch the shows so I need to see them on TV. Let me know. Thanks for a great show.
  • Best show in a while

    This is a very good show showing the every day lives of a very intresting animals and to be cancelled, Its just awful. it has to live on so help and sign this petiton at this website:

    And like my page and show your support towards meerkat manor
  • One good show.

    Meerkat Manor is a very educational show that demonstrates the importance of family values in a meerkat culture. This show has been very much an interesting part of my television viewing as it has taught me things that I never knew about meerkats. I find it very educational as viewers get to see how meerkats live on a daily basis and what a day in a meerkat's life is all about. My favorite parts of the show would have be the battles between meerkat families and all of their trips to find food. I also have enjoyed watching the meerkats care for their own kind and show a deep connection with all of their family members. Overall, I think this show is great for those who like to learn new things. Thank you.
  • Differently Amazing.

    Who would of thought to make a show about meerkats. I love this show. It's meerkat a soap opra. If you watch this show you'll get attached. I laugh, I cry, It's an emotional rollercoaster of what turns out to be family. Who knew meerkats would be so interesting/ strict/ cute/ loving/ betraying and fiesty, I sure didn't. Its a very different show because it't everyday life in meerkat form and it's amazing because . . . umm the same reason it's different. It is truly one of my favorite shows and it teaches you about animals that have pretty much the same issues as humans. (half the stuff I said I didn't need to say, I just needed to waist words)
  • Wow, Meerkat Manor is awesome!

    The whiskers are a family of meerkats living in the Kalahari desert. This show takes animal reasearching to the next level, They hid (sorta) cameras in the Kalahari to watch the behaviors of these meerkats and somehow it became a smash hit documentary series. This isin't just some reality show with scripts, these are real-life events! That's what surprised me most. Just look at it, you can't write this stuff. The drama, the suspense, and the reality of it. It's what makes this show a real hit. Although it has it's good fight scenes and family affairs, sometimes it drags on for a whole episode which kind of gets boring, but soon enough, another twist sends you back to the edge of your seat. Pretty dang cool.
  • A loving story of meerkats and what they must do to servive in the wild.

    A show that will put you in to tears, make you extremly happy and can take your breath away. The cutest family in the Kalahari makes a great story of love, hate, revenge, anger, happiness, death, life, terror, and suffering. everything it takes to make a great show. It could keep going and going. This show will have you seeing animals in a whole new way, seeing them way more like people than you could ever think possible! And, along the way you will learn a lot about nature and how cruel the animal kingdom really is. Cute, amazing, and full of love.
  • Meerkat Manor is a show about the Wiskers family of meerkats who live in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Collage students have been studying these strange creatures for years and have now put a series together about the daily lives of the Wiskers fa

    Meerkat Manor is one of my personal favourites because its great and simple show about the Wiskers family of meerkats.
    I've been watching the series ever since the start of it and have loved it from the beginning.
    the Wiskers aren't the only ones in the Kalahari Desert though. Preditors such as eagles, snakes and other big animals also inhabit the desert.
    Also other families of meerkats do so, the Lesluli family and the Commando family are the Wiskers' neighbours and they aren't friendly.
    the Wiskers, Lesluli and the Commandos have been having wars and battles over land for ages and theydon't plan to stop to soon.
    Lets just hope the Wiskers survive this challenging habitat of theirs with a couple of years to spare.
    BTW: Go Mozart!!!
  • THE GRADUATE The loss of Mozart was handled in a gentle way. She was a tribute to her mother, Flower. WHTTAILTX

    RE: THE GRADUATE We were saddened to lose another of Flower's daughters. Mozart was a fine tribute to her mother. We think it is very important to note that Mozart's passing was handled in a very gentle manner. Further, Mozart's final resting place (on screen) did not appear to be so obvious to the young fans. Sean's comments about a "passing jackal" summed it up nicely. Hats off to AP!!
    We particularly enjoyed Sean's comments concerning Wilson's coming of age, so to speak. It was well done in a humorous way. Wilson's "coming of age", we believe, help cushion
    the blow of losing little Mozart.
  • A show starring a family of meerkats in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. It shows the things in a human family: love, self-sacrifice, and much more. All meerkats featured in the show are montitored by the Kalahari Meerkat Project, a scientific study

    One of my favorite shows. It is a great documentary. The stars have character and personality despite being animals. It brings the family together. Flower(and later Rocket Dog) is a great matriarch. Yousarrian ia a crazy, screwed up meerkat. Zaphod is a loyal dominant male, but ia also an over-protective lover. Carlos always has been a meerkat 'Romeo' and falling heads over heels for every girl he sees. Mozart is an unlucky girl unintentionally getting into trouble with others. It is a soap opera, a documentary, drama, a great all around shows. I love to watch it again and again! I reccommend Meerkat Manor for anyone to watch.
  • Just a great nature show.

    A very good show indeed. It is very entertainig and delightful to all ages. It is about a meerkat family called the Whiskers as they live there ordinary homes in Africa. The meerkats are so cute! They also get in tons of trouble with snakes. This a great show about a documentary of meerkats by college kids. The watch them and how they play, sleep, and hunt. They also get into fights with other meerkat clans. They can get hurt like that but is very entertaing. I can't beleive that scorpions and snakes can't hurt meerkats. Keep watching and find out!
  • a show about a family of meerkats that are closely studied by college students.

    i love this show! what i really like about it is that the way the show is presented, its almost like a sitcom that follows a families struggles, and all the drama and comedy that goes with it. you really get to see what life is like for meerkats and its also a really informative show. i didnt know that in meerkat society, there are rankings, almost like a wolf pack. meerkats are also fiesty little creatures. i think my favorite character on the show is flower, the head of the main family, the whishkers. she is a good leader and i think that if she was a person, she could definitley be a good president. watch the show and i think you'll understand what i mean. overall a great show.
  • best wild life show ever

    i love meerkat manor... best wildlife show i ever saw. its a great family show. i like the Wistker Family with Flower the head lady...... looking after a big family with her mate Zaphod. the Wistkers are Enimies with the Laguli and the Comandos rival meerkats. i love this show because its diffrent and sometimes it just makes your heart melt... i love it! its....its....its...its great. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i love it.
  • The first time I saw this programme was a advert for it, but I was devastated that it was on Animal Planet because I cant get this channel, which was a downer. I was happy to see BBC finally showing them on the weekends and I have been watching.

    Well what can I say, a factual animal programme with 1 of the cutest animals on the planet and yet it is the human quality in them, perhaps it is that the narrator Bill Nighy words which has personified them or you can just see you and your family personalities within them. It is fun to see them interact and I was sad to see Tosca evicted from the family when Mozart and Daisy both had litters of their own. I know Mozart got a run in with Flower and Daisy pups did die but I would hate it if I was evicted from my family which I had never left my side before or anytime for that. What I do love about this show is a reality but it isn’t the daily life of something which is boring and stupidly repetitive like Big Brother which after a few shows got a bit to tedious.
  • MeerKat Manor Is a Drama about a Mob of Meerkats called the Whiskers...From Inside family fights to love affairs with outsiders The Whiskers Mob Is not all cute and fun...

    Flower is the leader and dominant female of the Whiskers group and is the only one who can mate and have pups. Zaphod is her mate and the dominant male of the group. There Group is about 40 strong and they are always growing . The two's main offspring are Mozart, Tosca, Who as many Love affairs with Lazuli males.( And who went missing At the end of Season one) Shakespeare who always fight for the Mob.( And Who also went missing Back in season one) The Whiskers are not the only Meerkats In the land There rivals are a Group called The Lazuli Who are a hard foe for the Whiskers. In Season two A new More Harder foe Came in The Commandos Lead by A one eyed Meerkat Named Hannibal . This is a great show and You can really can learn a lot about the lives of Meerkats.
  • Wow reality Tv take a great turn from human to animals and it is an instant HIT!!

    What can I say, just looking at the meerkats you can't help but lov ethem they are so cute!! My daughter and I love this show, we watch it together on Fridays. It is a classic family show, drama show, and reality show all tied into one great. The best part is it is actual nature at it's best. For come kids that come from a city this is the greatest treat, real nature right there on your TV. You feel like you could reach out and touch it. Not only that you feel human emotions for these animals, and you can imagine them as having human feelings and talking almost human. What is not to love about it? Even the narrator is awesome (American narrator)!!! I dare you to watch it one time and not get hooked on it....come on what is stopping you?
  • Started watching this program in October of this year (2006) They\'re such cute and amusing little animals. And I also thought it would be interesting to know something about meerkats. Who knows the subject could come up in a conversation?

    Wasn\'t much of an Animal Channel fan, but decided to start watching this particular program earlier this fall. The more I watched the more I enjoyed the show. I have a few favorites, but I think Flowers would be my most favorite meerkat.

    Flowers the domineering meerkat female is one of the favorite critters to watch. She jealously oversees her family of 30 plus with an iron but \"loving paw\". Reason being it can be so dangerous for her and the family. Life can end in a \"twinkle-of-an-eye\". One of Flowers\' pups was swooped up in an episode without warning. Thankfully they didn\'t show the details of this event.

    Several episodes ago, Flowers and the group invaded another territory of meerkats. The \"murderous\" intentions of there invasion was a little shocking to me! The meerkats are so cute and harmless looking (I\'d seriously consider having one or two for pets) The invasion by Flowers and her crew rather surprised me.
  • This is a great show! It shows you how Meerkat survive in the Kalahari Desert in Africa.

    This is a great show. These meerkats make you laugh. My favorite in Youseriane. They all are funny and are nice animals! :) Meerkats rule! M E E R K A T M E E R K A T S M E E R K A T S M E E R K A T S!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Wow! How addictive is this show?!

    I can't get enough of the Whiskers gang and Sean Astin's narration. I'm always at the edge of my seat watching it. I understand why the researchers don't step in to rescue meerkats in trouble, but I think I would have a hard time not doing so in the same situation. I miss "courageous little Shakespeare." Zaphod, Flower, and especially Youssarian are jerks.

    It galls me that the only way you can get a DVD of "MM" is through, where you have to wait almost a month for it to ship, plus pay 7.95 shipping and handling. If it were available through a mainstream retailer's website, it would ship free, within a few days. Very annoying.
  • There is very little interference from the film makers with the meerkats. Seriously educational, extremely entertaining. Great show.

    This crew shows that you don't have to wrestle crocodiles to educated us about nature. Very interesting, very informative. Great, great, great show.

    Much better than watching a bunch of drop-kicks picking their arses and getting drunk each night.

    This show shows a lot more respect for the environment and its inhabitants than other popular nature shows.

    Highly recommended.
  • Great

    this is a very great show! the Meerkats are cute and funny. this is a great edition to Animal planet. it is really cool a great show. Meerkat manner rocks! word. it is funny and a great show! it is one of my favorite shows on T.V. it is very great
  • So cute!!!

    I absolutely love it. The Meerkat Manor is a story about a family of meerkats, called the Whiskers who struggle to survive the harsh African plains. This show gives character development to meerkats of all things. This is a really cute show for animal loves. Love, war, and family issues. These little guys aren’t so different from you and me. It’s so sad about Shakespeare. I hate Flower, I know she’s just an animal, but I still hate her. The pups are too cute for words. The Whiskers story is just so touching, they are a real family that has to make lots of sacrifices.
  • A wonderfully entertaining way to spend Friday nights!

    OK, those of us who spent hours of our lives watching the primtime soaps of the 80\'s, we can now unite around a new primetime soap. The main characters are just over a foot tall and are quite furry...even the ladies. OK, they aren\'t the Ewings or the Carringtons but are every bit as entertaining, probably more since they are the cuddly creature known as the Meerkat (of the Timon fame from <b>The Lion King</b>).

    Set in the Kalahari desert the Whiskers, lead by matriarch Flower struggle for survival. They have, of course have their own internal struggles. Flower\'s girls have that wandering sense and the consequences of these can prove deadly. Their eccentric uncle likes to pull power plays and has, more than one time, put the lives of the newborn in danger.

    There are bitter feuds with neighboring families which have had deadly consequences. And then there are the dangers from other predators (hawks, owls, snakes) and nature itself. Season 2 seems to have kicked up the real life consequences.

    It is real, there is drama, comedy, grief, joy, but most of all pleasure from watchin.
  • Wow! I never thought that this would be so great!

    When I first saw the previews for Meerkat Manor in Australia I was like "Ye, what next" but when I saw it, I thought that it was so amazing. I just love it how the Meerkats in Meerkat Manor are just so attached to each other so much. I never knew that they actually stuck together like a family and even hugged each other. This amazing show is so great because it is real and it is so original. I know that it wasn't orriginally filmed to be a TV show but for research but it is so much better than all of those stupid shows were they follow dogs around and what not!
  • Australian Version

    Well i think after seeing a small clip from the US version narrated by Sean Astin, the Australian one is lame narrated by Mike Goldman. Who was one of the host from our Big Brother show. Gag hes so lame and he has mad Meerkat Manor worse then it should be. I only now watch it for the cute little Meerkats and not for Goldmans narrating.
  • Extremely cute and fuzzy show!

    FINALLY a show all about Meerkats! I was wondering when something ilke this would come along. I love meerkats and this is is exactly the show that i was waiting for! Now i know all sorts of thigns about meerkats and how they can act and react to situations.

    It's like the perfect real life drama. They may not speak any words but that doesn't stop the show from being entertaining, not only does Sean Astin do an amazing job on the narrorating but, the actions of The Whiskers and the others speak so loudly, they don't need words.

    It's so cool how this show tells a story, without having to really tell a story. They just kind of say what happened. Very cute, Very entertaining, Very eye opening, and has GREAT educational value, no fairy tale Hakuna Matata stuff here!
  • Meerkats Rock!

    Meerkat Manor is so funny! I love the cute and fuzzy meerkats. They act like real people in real life situtations. Somebody should have thought of this a long time ago. I always watch this show, and I cant miss an episode of it. My favorite meerkat is Shakespeare. He Rocks. I also love how Flower rules over the Clan. They communicate like they are actually people, I can't believe how smart meerkats are. I wish that we could keep them as pets, but that is probably never going to happen so the next best thing is to watch the show.
  • VERY guilty pleasure!

    it is very dramatic, and when any reapeat ANY of the meercats die it makes me want to break out in tears, tears, tears!!!!!!! :cry: i just started watching it a week ago, and am already ( un-intensanalie) hooked! it is a very edge-of-your-seat tipe show and r-o-c-k-s !!!!!! no, make that, completey r-o-c-k-s !!!!!!!! overall it is kinda weird that the people who filmed it didn't try to save the dyenig pups... oh well i s'pose that they wanted to make it more "realistic" . :( oh well i guess that's how life goes in africa for meercats, stars or not. sigh...
  • I pryed myself away from watching soap operahs a long time ago. But, Meerkat Manor is not a soap operah, it is a continual monitoring (or study) of several patches of Meerkat families. These families are so intelligent until you just have to laugh.

    The whole family system is absolutely hysterical to see in operation. I mean you have Ma, Pa, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, Teenagers, Toddlers (Pups), and Babies, all with naturally occurring roles of thier own, and Ma and Pa to enforce all rules. They have chores like house keeping, baby sitting, and foraging for food. Yet, on the seriously real side, you are always humbled to be reminded, you are not the only one who belongs to an intelligent group of beings that God created on this beautiful planet earth. O.K. Already! So I'm hooked! You will be too!
  • a group called the wiskers struggle to survive

    Meercat Manor is a very fun show. the leader is Flower who tries to keep 40 meercats under control. this includes zaphayt, mosart, tosca, youssarian, and the kids. the show is very addictave,as i watch it every week. the location of the meercat family is in the khalarai desert, near some kind of farm it looks like. the rivals to the wiskers are the lajulai group, but the wiskers have them drastically outnumbered.the show tells you about meercat behaveior and how they forage. it tells you about hardships meercats face, such as snakes and hawks. the show is somewat educational but you will have more fun watching it.
  • basically a drama/documentary of meerkats.

    baiscally thats what it is. i dont know much about the primates(at least i think they are primates), but this show is pretty good. why they selected meerkats is beyond me. not too many people(kids and teens anyway) know about them. i think they are kinda cute. its a good show, its got some dramatic and godd parts, and its pretty much a show like other famous dramas, but they dont use humans or stunt doubles. ive only seen 2 episodes, and i like it. i wish it was a full hour like most animal planet shows. i give it an 8.3.
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