Meerkat Manor

Animal Planet (ended 2009)


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  • Meerkat Manor is a show about the Wiskers family of meerkats who live in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Collage students have been studying these strange creatures for years and have now put a series together about the daily lives of the Wiskers fa

    Meerkat Manor is one of my personal favourites because its great and simple show about the Wiskers family of meerkats.
    I've been watching the series ever since the start of it and have loved it from the beginning.
    the Wiskers aren't the only ones in the Kalahari Desert though. Preditors such as eagles, snakes and other big animals also inhabit the desert.
    Also other families of meerkats do so, the Lesluli family and the Commando family are the Wiskers' neighbours and they aren't friendly.
    the Wiskers, Lesluli and the Commandos have been having wars and battles over land for ages and theydon't plan to stop to soon.
    Lets just hope the Wiskers survive this challenging habitat of theirs with a couple of years to spare.
    BTW: Go Mozart!!!