Meerkat Manor - Season 1

Animal Planet (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Moving On
    Moving On
    Episode 13
    When the Whiskers family returns from foraging, they must fight off an attack by the Lazuli family rivals. The pups are safe, but Shakespeare has disappeared.
  • The Calm Before The Strom
    It's a perfect misty dawn at the 'Whiskers' burrow. A great day for foraging, but being so young, Flower's four new pups aren't allowed out. Columbus has to bide his time back at the burrow with his siblings. Lonely Tosca, the evicted daughter of Flower is hanging around close to the 'Whiskers', but there's no chance that she'll be allowed to rejoin the gang. Her only choice is to hook up with roving males and start a group of her own. When the rival Lazuli gang heads into the 'Whiskers' territory, it seems her luck is about to change with roving casanova Carlos. After a stormy night Flower leads out the foraging gang, leaving the pups with elder Shakespeare. She's unaware that the Lazuli are in her territory. Shakespeare and the pups are first to find out when they're caught by themselves and attacked by the Lazuli! Will Flower and the gang get back in time to save them, or will Shakespeare die trying to defend the pups?moreless
  • The Calm Before the Storm
    Evicted Tosca realizes she probably will not be allowed to return to Meerkat Manor, so she considers starting a group of her own. Flower leaves Shakespeare in charge when she leads the family on a search for food.
  • An Awfully Big Adventure
    Flower's new litter ventures outside for the first time to learn about the world they inhabit in the Kalahari, but since they are Flower's pups, just about all of the adults are on guard.
  • Flower Power
    Flower Power
    Episode 10
    Two young male meerkats are in charge of Meerkat Manor when Flower has a new litter of pups. Evicted Tosca attempts to rejoin Whiskers. While the Whiskers are out foraging, they come across a burrow belonging to their enemies, the Lazuli, with a litter of small pups.
  • Daisy's Choice
    Daisy's Choice
    Episode 9
    As the Whiskers family is finally recovering from the split, more problems are created when Daisy gives birth to her pups in the wrong burrow and she needs help. Youssarian goes to her rescue.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Desperate
    Now that the Whiskers have split into two groups, the struggle for survival gets more intense. Daisy and Tosca begin a rivalry, but Flower solves the problem by evicting Tosca from Meerkat Manor.
  • Divided Loyalties
    Divided Loyalties
    Episode 7
    The Whiskers family gets separated when they go out foraging for the first time since they became a party of 40. The rival Lazuli tribe continues to cause problems.
  • Boys Will Be Boys
    Boys Will Be Boys
    Episode 6
    Mitch becomes sick after he steals poisonous insects from his siblings. Mozart is given a reprieve and is allowed to return to Meerkat Manor after her eviction.
  • Childhood's End
    Childhood's End
    Episode 5
    Mozart is evicted from the Whiskers family by Flower, and she is forced to leave her pups behind. Territorial drama ensues when the family takes shelter from the storm in one of the burrows formerly inhabited by the Lazuli family.
  • Revolution
    Episode 4
    Survival takes center stage following Youssarian's decision to move the family from the burrow. To add to the problem, a thunderstorm threatens the family.
  • Some Like It Hot
    Some Like It Hot
    Episode 3
    Flower's daughter has pups, making the Whiskers a family of 37. Flower must decide whether to keep all the pups or allow them to die so her own litter can survive. While searching for food, the wounded Shakespeare becomes separated from the group.
  • Love Thy Neighbor
    Love Thy Neighbor
    Episode 2
    After being bitten by a puff adder, Shakespeare continues his struggle to survive. Carlos, a male from a rival family, threatens Flower's pups. The Whiskers have a territorial dispute with the Lazuli family. Daisy becomes overly friendly with Carlos.
  • A Family Affair
    A Family Affair
    Episode 1
    Flower, as the dominant female of the group, has a lot to worry about, including her wounded son, Shakespeare, rivals, and her children's affiliation with the rivals.