Meerkat Manor

Season 4 Episode 11

The Rovers Return

Aired Unknown Aug 22, 2008 on Animal Planet

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  • Are these people perverted?? I mean, what is this, meerkat porno??

    Oh, PLEASE! This is the worst season Meerkat Manor has ever had. And I thought season 3 was bad. Is there a certain reason why in every episode, it shows meerkats getting down and dirty? And I don't mean that in a fun, playful way like it used to be; I mean it like SEX! Are you serious? The majority of the Meerkat Manor fans are CHILDREN, might I remind you? And besides, even the adults don't wish to see how meerkats make their babies. I want the innocence, the purity, the fun Meerkat Manor used to hold. Now, it's all about sex, and parents can no longer trust this series for their children to watch. And if you search YouTube, kids love Meerkat Manor! Someone: please give me the REAL Meerkat Manor or give me a barf bag! If things don't change, I'll stop watching the show!!!!!!!!