Meet Corliss Archer

(ended 1955)




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Meet Corliss Archer

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Delightful Forerunner Of The Family Sitcom –

Ann Baker stars as perky teenager Corliss Archer, in this well-made syndicated sitcom of the mid-50s. Despite being the title character, Corliss was not always the central character, in the various stories, which depicted, in humorous fashion, the daily problems, stresses, and ups and downs of a typical American family, in a typical American neighborhood. The ensemble cast included John Eldredge and Mary Brian as Corliss's Parents – Harry and Janet Archer – And Robert (Bobby) Ellis as Corliss's rather nerdy, bumbling boyfriend, and next door neighbor, Dexter Franklin. Occasionally becoming involved with the Archers' situations, were Dexter's Parents, Bill and Mary Franklin, played by Ken Christy, and Vera Marshe.

Corliss, and her Family and friends were created by Writer F. Hugh Herbert in the early 40s, in the first of a series of magazine stories titled: A Private Affair, and, over the next 15 years or so, the characters and stories assumed almost every possible format, including radio, stage, screen, television, and even a comic strip. First, there was the popular radio series that ran for more than 13 years, being broadcast by all 3 major radio networks, between 1943 and 1956. Next, came a stage play, based on one of the installments of the magazine series, titled: Kiss And Tell, and a movie of the same title, released in 1945. Both it, and it's 1949 sequel, titled: A Kiss For Corliss starred Shirley Temple, as Corliss.

As with many programs of radio's Golden Age, Meet Corliss Archer eventually made the transition to television. Beginning in July of 1951, it was presented live on CBS, through March of '52, and starred Lugene Sanders as Corliss. But, this 1954 version is probably the best known, and these lovable characters have endured the test of time, especially here, in these well written, directed, and acted stories of life in the mid-50s.moreless