Meet Mister Mom

NBC (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • The McColgans vs. the Adams
      Two Southern California families compete with the dads trying to organize a bake sale and a camping trip.
    • The Piccirillos vs. the Avrahams
      The Piccirillo family with three girls and Avraham family with three boys compete in fire drills and head to head in a spelling bee while the moms are pampered in New York City.
    • The Wiesenfarth vs. The Myers
      The moms are off for some pampering as John Wiesenfarth and his four boys go up against Mike Myers and his six kids. Tonight’s tasks include hosting a dinner party for the mom’s friends, and the dads and kids go head-to-head in a mud football game. Are the dads up to the challenge?moreless
    • The Turangs vs. The Sharpes
      This week two Southern California dads organize their families to go head-to-head in a fashion show challenge. Later, the moms’ pampering is interrupted to show them footage on closed circuit TV as their husbands are challenged to throw a garage sale and their most precious belongings are up for grabs!
    • The Beadles vs. The Clarksons
      The Beadle family with five boys go up against the Clarksons, who have five girls, in the competition for a $25,000 education savings account. The daddy tasks this week include eating healthy, shopping for clothes, and throwing a pool party. As usual, the moms are whisked away for a luxury vacation.moreless
    • The Smiths vs. The Potters
      This week it is the Smith family (three sons) versus the Potters (three daughters). While the moms are whisked away for a luxurious vacation, the dads must tend to suck tasks as planning a slumber party, and house-sitting for pets. The winning family gets a $25,000 educational fund.