Meet My Folks

NBC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Matulichs
      The Matulichs
      Episode 13
      In the series finale, Bruce and Denise Matulich must pick one of three young men (Robert, Hawk, and Dylan) to win a trip to Hawaii with their daughter Janelle, a cheerleader for the San Fransisco 49ers.
    • The Maniacis
      The Maniacis
      Episode 12
      Mary and Bob Maniaci pick between Lisa, Daniela, and Desiree to determine who will win a trip to Hawaii with their son Giancarlo. Secrets run deep and emotions run high as the girls are put through the usual series of tests and obstacles.
    • The Dappers (2)
      The Dappers (2)
      Episode 11
      In part two, Chelsea, Ana, and Chauntal are left to compete for the trip to Greece with Marco. A rivalry grows between the girls and more secrets are revealed as Mom and Dad narrow it down to a winner.
    • The Dappers (1)
      The Dappers (1)
      Episode 10
      Five girls compete for a trip to Greece with the attractive college student Marco Dapper. The girls are shocked when their "bad facts" are revealed on Universal City Walk's jumbotron screen. Two girls are eliminated by the end of the episode.
    • The Schmidts (2)
      The Schmidts (2)
      Episode 9
      It's down to Chris, Ryan, and Pete, and Martin and Robin Schmidt must decide who the winner is tonight. Several shocking facts make the decision hard, as the boys find out just how important it is to tell the truth and follow Dad's rules.
    • The Schmidts (1)
      The Schmidts (1)
      Episode 8
      In part one of The Schmidts, five men compete for a trip to Australia with the swimsuit model Erin Schmidt. The contestants have a hard time winning over Erin's high school principal father, and two men are eliminated during the episode.
    • The Barnes
      The Barnes
      Episode 7
      Randy, Adam, and Tommy compete for a trip to Hawaii with Jacqui Barnes. One of the guys makes a really bad move, causing the parents and Jacqui to hate him, thus making him an easy first elimination. The second and final elimination is not so easy though, and the lie detector test doesn't prove too useful for the parents, so the dad makes up a test of his own.moreless
    • The Haegeles (Meet My Kids)
      Single mom Barbara Haegele's three grown sons choose a date to escort her on a trip to Hawaii in this expanded special edition. The sons test the suitors' sports skills with a game of football, and the infamous lie detector test makes yet another appearance.
    • The Calderons
      The Calderons
      Episode 5
      In a first for Meet My Folks, Ernest and Rhina Calderon must pick one of three sets of twins - Lindsay and Allyson , Nicole and Brianna, or Candice and Kerri Lamas - to win a trip with their son Carlos.
    • The Scantlins
      The Scantlins
      Episode 4
      Melana Scantlin's parents choose a date for their daughter from three eligible bachelors. They throw in a twist when they take the bachelors to a comedy club and make them perform comedy routines without any preparation.
    • The Maloneys (Conclusion)
      In the third and final episode at the Maloneys' house, a winner is finally picked from the remaining three girls - Chelsea, Stefanie, and Tawny. As usual, the lie detector test aids in the parents' final decision.
    • The Maloneys (2)
      The Maloneys (2)
      Episode 2
      Wink Martindale from Tic Tac Dough drops by to give the girls a quiz, Dan takes the girls on a revealing group date at a spa, and the lie detector test returns in the second part of this three-part episode. In addition, the ex-boyfriends drop by to reveal some interesting secrets about the girls. Mom and Dad must eliminate two more girls, leaving only three left at the end of the episode.moreless
    • The Maloneys (1)
      The Maloneys (1)
      Episode 1
      In the second season premiere, Julie and Jim Maloney pick from not three, but eight girls on their search for the perfect date for their son Dan. Melissa, Jackie, Lisa, Stefanie, Tawny, Shannon, Hillary and Chelsea arrive to impress the Maloneys and win a trip to Europe with Dan. The girls have no time to settle in, as they're quickly shocked by the secret one of the contestants is hiding. By the end of this first part of the three-part episode, only five of the girls remain.moreless
  • Season 1