Meet My Folks

NBC (ended 2003)


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  • what the hell, nbc

    What the hell is with tv networks? All they seem to be doing is ending good shows and then bringing in new shows that end up not fairing as well as the older ones, and its not only nbc doing this. meet my folks was an awesome show, i wish nbc, or another network, would bring it back or make a "replica" of it...hey, isnt fox good at taking other networks ideas and making them "their own" ?? lol
  • What a great show!

    This show was great three guys would try hooking up with some chick while her parents watched the whole thing. Then they would have to do something absurd at dinner or something would be revlied about them on a video after dinner, like banging there friends sit in the ear or whatever. Then at the end the parents would hook the kid up to the lie detector and ask him if they wanted to bang his daugther or if his wife is hot how classic bring it back NBC.