Meet My Folks - Season 1

NBC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • The Carlsons
    The Carlsons
    Episode 7
    On the first season finale, Bob and Jan Carlson must pick a date for their daughter Krissy, who's a model. JD (who's in a band), Bobby (a bouncer from Hawaii), and Giancarlo (a mortgage broker) go through a series of challenges and encounter multpile surprises, including a trip to a fertility center, while spending the weekend with the Carlsons.moreless
  • The Figgs
    The Figgs
    Episode 6
    It's a weekend at the Figgs' house for Lisa who waits tables, Jamie who's an actress, and Carrie who was Ms. Teen USA at age 16. Terri and Joseph Figg must pick which girl will win the trip to Hawaii with their son Josh.
  • The Atnips
    The Atnips
    Episode 5
    Alan Atnip, a correctional officer, and his wife Dawn must choose a date for their daughter Chloe. They must choose between a construction worker named Chris, a substitute teacher named James, and a chemical researcher named CJ.
  • The Reeves
    The Reeves
    Episode 4
    Larry and Tina Reeves choose a date for Stephanie, their daughter, from three bachelors: Eric (a bartender), Joe (a valet and student), and Brad (a doorman).
  • The Alexanders
    The Alexanders
    Episode 3

    Parents Will and Lori Alexander of Southern California choose a date for their daughter Jaimi. The three contestants, who spend a weekend with the family, are Darien (a jazz musician), Jonathan (a student mentor), and Amir (a model). The contestants get a surprise when they find out Jaimi's father is a U.S. marine, and aren't too happy that one of their challenges is an early-morning obstacle course.

  • The DeCastros
    The DeCastros
    Episode 2
    Anthony, Shane, and Camron try to win a trip to Hawaii with Jessica DeCastro, but must first get the approval of her parents.
  • The Blankenships
    The Blankenships
    Episode 1
    In the series premiere, Chris (a boxer), Kory (a student), and Jason (a construction worker) must compete to win a vacation in Hawaii with Randy and Rhoda Blankenship's daughter Senta. After the first bachelor is eliminated, the remaining two are subjected to a lie detector test (which becomes a recurring theme in the series), which helps the parents determine which bachelor they want to go to Hawaii with Senta.moreless