Meet the Barkers

MTV - Music Television (ended 2006)


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Meet the Barkers

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"It's like Newlyweds, with more tattoos."

Opposites definitely attract when it comes to Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler. The heavily tattooed, mo-hawked former drummer of Blink-182 has found true love with a once Miss USA turned TV actress and they've invited the whole world to watch as they begin their hectic lives together.

But be prepared because these aren't your average newlyweds. From the first moment they appear on-screen we'll see just how free spirited and over-the-top Travis and Shanna really are. From hangovers and Playboy parties to Thanksgiving dinners and their child's first birthday party, Travis and Shanna are living the rock n' roll fantasy while simultaneously adjusting to parenthood -- and all that comes with it.

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