Meet the Barkers

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Meet the Barkers

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"It's like Newlyweds, with more tattoos."

Opposites definitely attract when it comes to Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler. The heavily tattooed, mo-hawked former drummer of Blink-182 has found true love with a once Miss USA turned TV actress and they've invited the whole world to watch as they begin their hectic lives together.

But be prepared because these aren't your average newlyweds. From the first moment they appear on-screen we'll see just how free spirited and over-the-top Travis and Shanna really are. From hangovers and Playboy parties to Thanksgiving dinners and their child's first birthday party, Travis and Shanna are living the rock n' roll fantasy while simultaneously adjusting to parenthood -- and all that comes with it.
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  • Did enjoy.

    I love this show. It sucks that they are not together.
  • Just fab

    Love this show when It comes on mtv. My complete fix and I love it. Thi family is great, loving and very much coool.

    Who knew that an odd couple like them could hit it off, but hey fair do's to them. Travis is this rocking hardcore crazed beast and she is this beauty queen with the whole package. Cant believe their marriage come to blows though that was very sad.

    Bring back meet the barkers was a great tv past time and i sure wouldnt mind seeing some more of travis lol

    The kiddies where soo cute too, Little boys hair was just wickedmoreless
  • This is what a loving family looks like.

    Travis loves his wife that's clear. They always hug and kiss every chance they get. I hardly see the kids that much, outside of the house. I never see a nanny though, so what's going on with that?

    I love the episode when Shana buys Travis that nice old car. I also thought it was funny in the episode where her daughter had to teach her how to use the vacuum cleaner. The best one to me, was when she missed her hubby so much, she made him a scrap book, like she does every year, and surprises him with it at his hotel room, while he was on tour.moreless
  • this is the best show ever!

    I love this show! Shanna is so pretty, trav is so down-to-earth, Landon is the sweetest thing, and Atiana is growing up so quick! the baby is sooooo cute! i just feel really bad for her cuz Shanna and Trav don\'t pay any attention to their kids! well, that is all I have to say untill the next Season!
  • I really do love Meet The Barkers!!!

    I think this show is way hotter than Newlyweds. Nick and Jessica has or shall I say... had nothing on Travis and Shanna. They are the absolute, most fabulous couple I have ever seen on t.v or in real life. I would die to have a man that loves me like Travis loves Shanna. Over all , I say this is the best show in reality tv that has ever played. They gets mad props from me on how they just get along and giving people a chance to see on tv. THANKS!!!moreless
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