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  • Are you for real? Is your show that biased?

    We've been following your show but evidently the show may not be live because your polls do not correspond with the nations concerning Trump moving ahead of Hilary, nor do you treat him fairly putting a guy like Jose Perez on this morning lying through his teeth so much, about Hilary etc. ,ignoring all the mistrust about Hilary and unrest about Obama in general let alone her. The unrest about Hilary within Bernie Sanders and his followers, also ignoring the coverups over and over on the actual soldiers who literally made it out of Benghazi, I mean listen to them on their 13hrs! Also, the Clinton bodyguard words, let alone your show trying to discredit Trump a man who in his heart truly does believe that America can come back with respect, who has funded his own campaign, no dirty monies here, and your show doesn't even bring up all of the many terrible things Hilary has done and how very rich they are and how they have become rich, etc.

    We are so poor now, the middle class is becoming poorer, the debt is the highest ever, the threats to America are VERY is paying for all these foreigners coming in and or hospitalizations?? Obamacare is a big disappontment as it is. It'S a proven failure. Here's the top question next. How are we to defend ourselves? Our fighter planes, our warships, are so old the equipment so pathetic, our military personnel numbers too low. The treatment of our military personnel low and on and on. The Secretery has done as bad a job as her counterpart Obama has, that is how bad things are now. Wake up Meet the Press. Will your show ever praise Trump at all with all his good intentions and smart ideas? Your show, we believe especially after Perez today, is biased and this is very disrespectful to Americans who want their America back. Americans who will vote and Americans want to feel much safer first and foremost, with the need of a well trained good military defense, and then just maybe, things in the other areas, will also fall into place. Be smarter than your other rival channels. Be fairer. Think first. Your rating is very low to us.
  • Really????? NBC, MSNBC,CNN, FOX

    Letting Chris Christie get away with spewing disgusting remarks regarding Bernie Sanders like this one. "Who wants to see an old Jewish Socialist in the oval office". Why hasn't the media picked up on that? I know I am not the only one that saw and heard him say that. Shame on all of you, Chuck Todd, Brian Williams, Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Bill OReilly and the whole gang there. Also Wolf Blitzer and crew. Isn't it ironic how all of the Christians love Israel. I wonder why?? I think we all know the answer to that. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves.
  • Chuck Todd

    I can't stand to watch because of the red beard around the mouth. I hope this isn't the new trend for newsmen!
  • Too Many Changes

    With all of the changes since the passing of Tim Russert, the focus of Meet the Press has gotten lost. I believe to maintain the existing audience the changes should have been held to a minimum. The biggest mistake was to make Meet the Press look like a completely different program. With the death of Tim Russert the program was going to look different enough with a new host. But to go further and completely revamp the set and change the way talent and guests interact with the camera was an even BIGGER mistake. I fear all they've done is make a bad situation worse by making the show so unfamiliar to the audience they now feel uncomfortable. Meet the Press doesn't LOOK like MTP anymore! Changes to the set and format of the show should have only been made once the show was back on a firmer footing. But to decide upon Russert's death to literally change everything didn't make sense because the show doesn't look like MTP anymore. It's almost like with his passing they canceled MTP and replaced it with a another show but with the same name. Slowly transitioning the show back to its 2008 look would make MTP familiar again to the viewers and stabilize the ratings. It never made sense with his passing to change everything about the show just because he wasn't there anymore. I feel for Chuck Todd in his new position, but especially so with his ardent defense of his beard. But I also believe a host should reflect the look of most of the guests being interviewed, and few if any of those guests have "fu-manchu's"! Although I'm a big fan of Jon Stewart, bringing him in to host MTP as some have suggested would have been a "disaster" based on the available audience at 9:00AM Sunday morning. Just my two cents!
  • meet the press.

    This is an interview show whereby the current moderator interviews the most influential people in politics and the important people of this great country.
  • The power of the icon

    Let's face it. Tim Russert WAS Meet The Press for a lot of us. He's a tough act to follow. I, personally hardly ever missed his program and looked forward to the fair, but tough grilling anybody brave enough to be on his show took. He would have decimated Sarah Palin had she appeared and at the end would have sincerely wished her well. He was fair, tough and a gentleman.
  • no facts heard here

    I Have stopped watching this program. When this is just propaganda and no facts related I am not wasting my time on conspiracy theorists, out right distortions of the facts in evidence. People need to be provided the fax on a story not just someone's opinions. Everyone has an opinion but that is not always fact. When you actually start calling people out on both sides of their making their own facts then this might be a show worthy to watch. Until then no we do not need another fox TV show.
  • Not Fair and Balanced

    I've only been watching various political news shows for about 2 years. I'm pretty moderate on social issues, but pretty conservative on economic issues. I've also had years in Accounting/Finance experience as a Contoller. I have been interested in Meet the Press lately, but cannot stand watching these shows anymore- including The Today Show, CNN, and obviously MSNBC. Anyone with a sensible, analytical, attention to details type of brain will be infuriated at the lack of analyses of true facts- it's very transparent. They don't break it down to the root of problems on immigration reform, racial issues (Ferguson)- you name it. Fox News is new to me as well, and I can see at least a fair and balanced attempt to break down most of the facts and get to the truth of uncomfortable issues. Chuck Todd seems to be a good moderator and analytical as I like. But he doesn't get to use that skill much- not much in the way of follow up questions on most of the democrats on his panel. Wonder why? They seem to have open mic with no real rebuttal. Another news show that can't use common sense - people in mid- America are craving this!
  • Embarassing

    Watched first 20 or 25 mins of MTP yesterday, Nov. 23-rd, 2014.

    What a joke of the show! Every time Chuck asks conservative a question, there are all these follow ups, "are you sure?", "so is it yes or no?" (to Jeff Flake, on emigration). But here comes Committee Chairman, Bob Menendez, spouting straight party line, and Chuck forgets it's an follow up, no clarification, no counter point. Geezz!! And look at the panel? 1 moderate, 3 libs - and this with country divided 50-50.

    NBC and MTP became a joke. Chuck needs to go, quickly, before they lose their last viewer.
  • GEt rid of Chuck Todd please!

    It's painful to watch him screw things up every week with his ego and rude demeanor. You should have gotten Jon Stewart. Also who cares about his trips across country and coffee stops. This is a serioius news program. Also the sets are horrible. Who wants to see everyone else in the background. Go back to the wheel and reinvent this show without the current moderator.
  • format needs change

    Watching meet the press. May I suggest getting more cameras on set so we are not watching the cameras move and transition. Also we should not be watching Chucks back. If more cameras issue then migrate shots during commercial breaks.
  • Boring

    Chuck was boring was disrespectful of the President ... Let the man speak. Did he interrupt you Chuck? Chuck lacks a set of balls when it comes to pointing out the facts. GOP has from day one blocked every attempt this president has tried. Not one word from anyone on the show. The best host was Tim who didn't need coffin bearers Chuck. He faced them with the facts period. What this show needs is Rachel Maddow
  • So hopeful and so let-down. Is anyone at MTP listening to us?

    1) You never interrupt the President. Show some respect. And take your head out of the clouds. I was embarrassed for Todd. Clearly, it came off all about Todd and not the President.

    2) Too much scattered material squeezed in; ergo, zero substance.

    3) Doesn't ANYONE get it? We WANT Tim Russert's tough, informed, one-on-one interviews. Enough of panels and their hypothetical Politico-ese. This show was like another Morning Joe. What a let-down.

  • Very disappointed in Chuck Todd's interview with the President on Meet the Press on 9/7/14

    Chuck Todd kept interrupting the President with snarky and frankly immature questions. He should be embarrassed. An utter lack of professionalism. All of his questions were biased. It appeared that Todd was trying to trip up Obama with his baiting questions to try to get a damaging sound byte that he could play over an over again. At one point when Obama was using his hands to answer a question, Todd said something like are you pointing at me. Really?? The whole interview was Very disappointing. Todd obviously has an agenda. Isn't there a way to find a reporter who is neutral. I would prefer you bring back David Gregory. At least he is act like a mature professional. I won't watch Meet the Press until Todd is replaced.
  • More of the Same

    Just watching the first Chuck Todd edition

    The same theme song

    The same graphics

    Almost the same except now everyone faces the camera

    Interview with The President only looked for "gotya" statements.

    Measure the speed of speech by participants on this program. Todd is at 90 MPH, everyone else is at 50 MPH. Tell him to slow down a bit.

    Todd is someone needs to coach him that Meet the Press is NOT the Daily Rundown.

    This whole show was a blurr, lacked focus and did not change direction for Meet the Press. Tim Russert must have rolled over in his grave.

  • Leave your hair alone!

    I, too, miss Tim R. David Gregory could be ok, but I am distracted by the hair changes. First he tried to introduce brown to his hair, then white, now he has grey flecked with a white streak in front. I guess he must be not be doing his job if I am distracted by the hair!
  • Where in the world is Tim Russett?

    Please NBC, put us out of our misery! David Gregory is the worst INTERVIEWER IN THE HISTORY OF TV INTERVIEWERS. This guy actually used terms like, "Dick Cheney He is seriously out of touch with America. Why would anyone base a set of questions and direct them to Rand Paul based on Dick Cheney's Opt-Ed in the Wall street Journal..

    People we have to boycott NBC, GREGORY MUST GO! NOW!!
  • David Gregory is TERRIBLE

    DG just conducted the worst interview with Tony Blair I have ever witnessed.

    David, let him speak! Quit cutting him off!

    Is this the best that NBC can produce? If so, what an epic failure...
  • Meet The Press

    I have looked forward to watching Meet The Press for almost 30 years until David Gregory showed up. Is he as incompetent as he weem? Why won't NBC release him to FOX so we can once again have a program with integrity on Sunday mornings. I will not watch that clown any more!!
  • Host David Gregoy of Meet the Press

    Another bismal performance by David. He took everything Boehner mis-represented in his interview as ruth and then grilled sperling suggesion House Dems and the President are guilty as Boehner charges.

    With all the very capable choices NBC has in their TV Host bullpen today, I think it's time to consider a new host who can be non bias. You can also go back to interviews when Rachel Maddow was on the show and David let the GOP goons control his show demanding answers from Rachel.

    The David Gregory experiment to replace Tim Russert is continuing to fail. For God of Fox Sunday Morning is doing better!!

    It's about time NBC listen to the ratings and the huge demographic your contining to lose.

  • To much chatter

    I was watching Bobby Jindal go on and on and on. when does the producer tell David enough let the other guy talk. David , make this a news show not senseless chatter show. You are a great guy, show some spine when it starts to get away from you. Although I think your producer has to bear a great deal of blame in this sorry show today. By the way I have been watching Meet The Press since its inception .

  • David Gregory interview with President Obama

    Once again Mr. Gregory's interview sucked. He is so blatantly Republican I'm sick of the show. All he did was point the finger at the President and the Democrats. This show went from being the best on TV to a waste of time to watch unless you need Republican affirmation. It's too bad that the powers that be conducting this show have let it get this far. Unless, of course, this is now a totally Republican format. It's no longer worth my time, and as soon as the President is done I'm changing channel. David Gregory and his attempt at informing the public in an unbiased manner is a dream in his own mind.
  • Idiots

    we have 20 children dead, two first responders dead and Milwaukee cop dead and some idiot is going to make a fuss because David showed a ammo clip on TV. Whats wrong with that picture. I hope NBC has more brains and stands behind him.
  • I really expected more common sense on gun control

    I am very disappointed in your postition on gun control. Do you think magazine capacity is an issue. There are hundreds of thousands out there. All you have to do is find one. Just one that someone will sell to you. Look, its like trying to ban the clothes the shooters wore. Or the cars that they drove to the assault. This country is in a fragile state. We need all the jobs we can muster to pull out of this. People that make or sell these guns could loose work. The gun companies would loose by having to either discontinue or retool to make other models. It will probably cost millions, for the gun companies. The NRA is right to oppose these laws. They would have no following if they didn't. They are a good organization who is a champion for gun safety. The news media keeps insisting that guns and magazines capacity is the problem. It could not be further from the truth. people are the problem. And the media does not help it by trying to get every bit of airtime they can on a massacre. It promotes copy cat type crimes to compete with the last one. To make sure they are remembered for what they did. That is what they want. And by the way, putting armed guards in schools may help the schools, but what will it do for the movie theatres, churches, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. You will have to somehow find a way for mental health and religion to help to curb peoples actions of mass murder. Has everyone forgotten why we don't kill? Who said it first? The Ten Commandments are the answer. I don't claim to have the answers, I just expected to have more common sense out of your show. I dont always agree with your show, but have never been more disappointed in it.

    Terry Langley
  • Anti gun stupidity!

    Mr. LaPierrie is dead on when trying to tell the truth for meeting violence with an equalizer or tool needed for the job. What the press and politicians are not understanding is the ILLEGALITY of violent activities. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL!! Only the tabloid media and political stupids have no understanding of what that word means. schumer was brought up in the land of stupids, wall street, political idiots and schools of public gov't funded idiots abound in this politicians world. This so called man (schumer) is a political idiot that has been created by the stupid mainstream public. schumer and his cohorts have made laws upon laws but have yet to stop the violent destruction of intent. What I would like to see is the tabloid media tell the TRUTH, get all of the facts and start to be responsible for their journalism tactics.
  • Russert was and is irreplacable!

    Tim Russert who passed away untimely at 58 on June 13th 2008, IMHO was the show. As nobody can replace him at all. He is feared and will be missed as you couldn't hide things from Tim. Tim also was fair in the fact that he let you do the talking while he heard. You could tell he did his homework. And you could tell that he knew his guests inside out. David Gregory seems ok as the host. But people will take time for him to warm up. Knowing that he is a great correspondent. But the people won't forget Tim Russert and the freshness he brought out to the show. RIP Tim, you are and will always be missed.
  • Better with Tim Russert.

    I think this show was so much better with Tim Russert. The version now with that new guy is just miserable. I have thought that this show is very good at details, staying moderate, and establishing its own credibility. Normally, I would have given the show a much higher rating, but ever since the tragic passing of Tim Russert, the show has never been the same. I don't like this new guy that has taken over the job. He shows a bias for the conservative right wing. Overall, this was a great show. Now it's just an okay show from time to time. Thank you.
  • Tim Russert = Best Political Interviewer

    Tim Russert is feared within Washington. No interviewer comes more prepared than Tim. He has interviewed them all and will make anyone look foolish using their own words. He has a remarkable library of information. He pulls up quotes, prior interviews, voting records, etc. to show what the person said before and how it's different now. He can show changes of opinion. Pandering to special interest. And outright lies. I've seen him say, which one is true? What you said last year or what you said today? They can't both be? So were you lying then or now? It's amazing to see our politicians crumble before him. He provide unparalleled insight into today's politics and other powerful individuals and topics. Tim is one of the best interviewers of all time. If you are interested in politics, watch Meet the Press. It is required viewing.
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