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  • Holy crap, what will it take to get Chuck Todd off the air?

    I don't understand what qualifications are required to be a journalist on MSNBC these days. Whatever they are, Chuck Todd does not possess them. This buffoon makes MSNBC look more ridiculous than they that's hard to do. As a conservative I don't agree with the opinions of the more liberal media, but I do like to get the "other sides" view points on the issues to keep myself balanced. There are a few on ABC and CBS that I feel give facts and opinions based on the facts. This chuckle-head Todd has no business opening his mouth much less speaking and attempting to convince the world he has two brain cells to rub together. Get him off the show. He's a loser.
  • Bye Bye

    A very very long fan, not too many people longer than me. Since Chuck has taken over, it's gone from bad to worse! Last week he didn't even ask about the large tax breaks to the i health bill and he also said he didn't care about his mail. Too much extreme arrogance toward the people he interviews and to some of us FANS! I find him and the show no longer relevant! Bye!
  • Meet The Press

    Meet The Press is in a death spiral, not sports. So far off center it's ridiculous. We miss you, Tim. WC is rolling over in his grave at this venue of "news".
  • Just When I Was Starting to Like the Show!

    Just when I was starting to get past the annoying lilt in Chuck Todd's voice, he goes and books the repulsive Pat McCrory (former Governor of North Carolina and supporter of restricting the power of the man who beat him). The minute I saw that self-satisfied, smirking demagogue, I deleted the show permanently from my DVR.

    Shame on chuck Todd and shame on MSNBC for giving this racist wingnut a platform and helping him to launch a new career as a paid talking head!
  • Missing Russert

    Wow, this show has went down hill since tim! I agree with the reviews that state it's like the view. Would be nice to get some unbiased news for a change. Funny how today's guest told chuck that he won't quit talking so he can answer the question. Sad show needs to be replaced!
  • Disappointed!!

    I am a military wife, and I grew up as an Army brat. I have watched Meet The Press for loved Russert. You could never tell what side he was on because he was equally tough on both. He was a true journalist with values as well. I am not a Trump fan, but the people have spoken, and I support him and this administration. I watched Chuck Todd today and it was obvious he is biased. I have noticed it alot lately. It seems like he is out to bring down this administration. He clearly is not professional and as a military wife, I find it insulting. Be fair Chuck!!!
  • Meet the Press Excellent Journalism

    Just a note to compliment Chuck Todd, an excellent journalist who seeks to present facts in a civil and informative way. His job is not easy in a world where journalism itself, a fundamental pillar of a democratic society, is called into question. It is wonderful to have someone who works diligently regardless of the wrath it may generate in order to present events to viewers. He has my gratitude.
  • Meet the Press is the Sunday version of "The View"

    Unbelievable how Chuck Todd is so acerbically biased. It appears that he is trying to vindicate himself for such a miss on understanding what is going on in this country. And still denying it. He should be replaced. I am hoping to see maybe former Fox News Megan Kelly replace him on this Sunday segment so we can hear things that are material and important rather than petty .
  • Meet the Fake News

    This was the most deplorable new show I have ever watched. Last Sundays interview with Kellyanne Conway having to verbal spank Chuck Todd was hilarious. I thought Chuck was going to cry. He's such a press baby. Chuck, either become a reporter or go to SNL. But don't call this a news show.
  • Wow, I thought I was the only one

    I had watched Meet the Press for longer than I can remember until this election. It was obvious the media was biased against Trump & wanted Hillary to win to such a degree that I had to stop watching this show. I heard about the argument between Chuck Todd & Kelly Anne Conway this afternoon & just listened to it on youtube. What part of nobody cares how many people showed up for Trump's inauguration does NBC not get. Trump wouldn't have sent his press secretary out to address crowd size if the media had not tried to make an issue out of it in the first place. Ms. Conway is correct. It is a journalist responsibility to report the news, to report all sides of the story and not influence the news they are reporting on withi their own opinions. It is certainly not their responsibility to badger someone about an issue no one cares about. Instead, these journalists should try to figure out why they'really so out of touch.
  • Chuck Todd is not a moderator

    I just watched Meet the Press for the first time in a long time. I was hopeful to gain some insight on the new President. It's obvious Mr. Todd is very biased and in no way a moderator. Why would you repeatedly ask about numbers of people who attended or watch the inauguration. You post a picture but how do you quantify the number of people watching on smart phones or computers? You can't. You shouldn't worry about such petty things as this. You certainly should keep your own opinions and beliefs out of your duties as moderator. Kellyanne Conway certainly handed you your @&&. I won't be watching your attempt at moderation again.
  • Disappointed with Meet the press!!!

    Chuck Report the facts and quit bashing the republican party and the new adminstration. Disrespectful to our country and the American People!!! Meet The Press Sucks!! Turning The Chanel!!!
  • Chuck you answered your own question

    The reason the press was called in and given a hard time is becasue of what you did today to Kellyanne Conway. You disrespected her. You bullied her. You called the Trump people liars. She answered your question. You just don't like the answer. I personally watched the inauguration, which was my first time and I thought his speech was uplifting. He described America as it is so therefore he is dark. What rock did you crawl out from. I grew up in West Virginia. Try driving through there sometime. You just don't get it. The people do not want your opinions just the news. A bust not in a room is not news.
  • Butt Hurt Chuck Todd Needs To Get Over It!

    I am so sick & tired of Chuck Todd's whining and unprofessional journalism on Meet The Press which used to be a reputable program. Now, it is constantly a whine fest for Chuck Todd. Even his guest roll their eyes at some of his constant poor me and my party remarks. He blatantly becomes abusive and talks over his guest when they disagree with him. These pussy elite liberal journalist who use air time to project their personal opinions on us got exactly what they deserved and they can't get over it. Out with the old and in with the new for 2017. Please find a replacement for Chuck Todd and get back to having a reputable show with class like Tim Russert when he was the moderator!
  • Chuck Todd Really?

    Is this Meet the Press or a Chuck Todd update on the Democratic Party? I don't believe there could be a more 8FftI0oRg2Mn show other then the view does whining on television! Incredible someone smart hasn't fired Todd yet, the guy cashed in his man card years ago....
  • Reporting the news

    I am 60 yrs old and i am a baby boomer. I have always watched meet the press on Sunday to get my weekly new. I am very disappointed in the way Chuck Todd is reporting his personal views on the nations issues. Get over it is the president elect. You have ruin meet the press for me on Sunday. When a reporter got an election so wrong . i guess his pay off was not enough he continues to boast. Plz fire him

    Get someone that reports news and not take it to twist the facts for personal gain.
  • chuck todd

    Meet the Press used to be full of facts and information now it's full of Chuck Todds opinions
  • Cannot believe this man

    Gets paid at all. He is the most biased, unprofessional snake I have ever seen doing a interview about or discussion Donald Trump in any way, He actually exhibited hate and bitterness over his win. I will never in my life allow Chunkit Todd on a tv anywhere in this house. A sorry ass loser. He was awful during the debates (you could see who he was for), throughout this entire election process, and even more so now. I hope to God Trump allows him nowhere near him the next four years.
  • Unbelievable!

    I could not believe how unprofessional Chuck Todd's performance was during his interview with Mike Pence especially after watching him interview Biden. Hey Chuck , if you want to see media bias first-hand watch your show. It was so blatant as to be embarassing. Last time I checked, "unsubstantiated" means unproven, unverified, unconfirmed by evidence which was Pence's point. Todd tried to spin his point to suggest that Pence believes women who make allegations of sexual abuse shouldn 't be believed. Two entirely different issues. I hope Chuck Todd gets canned. Won't be tuning in to MTP until then. . Todd made Trump's case case for him
  • Tim Russert is rolling over in his grave

    As i have done for any years, I watched Meet the Press with Chuck Todd this morning. I was raised to listen to everyone persons opinion and to give everyone a fair chance.

    Chuck Todd today was so unprofessional, rolling his eyes and shaking his head, that he reinforced the point Mike Pence made that the press is firmly in the Clinton camp and anything republican is wrong. i am voting Democrat and registered Independent.

    Tim Russert was a die hard Democrat from South Buffalo, but always removed himself fro the situation emotionally to deliver a credible and well thought out argument and he was a fair, honest and good person. I do not see this in Chuck Todd and NBC should remove him from the role he is in today as he has shown bias to the degree that it does not allow him to report objectively. His actions and views play into the right wing conspiracy that the press does not report fairly and would do anything to throw this race to the democrats.
  • Chuck Todd is getting embarrassing for MTP - please get rid of him

    He's been trying very hard to become one of the "cool kids" (obviously not accomplished enough to be a nerd) and now that he's hosting MTP, he's useless as a moderator or journalist. He just relishes finally getting to sit on top of something and flapping his fuzzy orange trap, and most of what he says is mindless fluff. The man is the most annoying journalist on TV and is underqualified for a show with a journalistic reputation to preserve. Joy Reid would ask challenging questions, listen to the interviewee, and then follow up on responses - why hasn't she been offered the job?
  • Chuck Todd, really????

    First of all good journalists do not give their opinion. You're there to report the news, nothing more nothing less. And maybe you could try to stop yourself from being so obviously bias. You really know how to get all over democrats, constantly following up with the same question over and over and over. I wouldn't have a problem with that if you did it to the republicans. It's unbelievable how you let them slide all the time. You really need to keep Your politics to yourself!!!
  • Todd is a terrible interviewer!

    Chuck Todd is getting to sound like a broken record. He keeps talking about the Clinton Foundation with various people, asks them questions but never lets them answer. So frustrating! It like he knows they haven't found anything wrong but since they don't like how it " looks" they want everyone to think she's done something wrong when Todd knows there's no proof of wrong doing. He's terrible, trying to make a name for himself by making a big deal out of nothing.
  • Trump knows exactly what he is saying and he is doing it deliberately.

    Trump intentionally makes comments that can be taken in different ways so he can claim innocence when he is called out for it. He knows with his "2nd Amendment Comment" that the hardcore Trump fanatics know he means they can shoot her if she is elected to "Protect the Constitution and their Rights to own any and every kind of gun they want". This tactic is transparent and it should have been pointed out as exactly this by "The Corporate "News" Media". This way he gets to "appease" everyone in his twisted mind. The People who defend Trump only prove they belong to the group that Trump described "Who would still vote for him if he went out on 5th Avenue and shot Trump thinks he is incredibly clever by using this childish tactic of playing semantic word games because he can claim he meant what he thinks will benefit him the most. The failure of so called "Journalists" to point out this obvious Truth shows their "Corporate Favoritism" because it just doesn't get "More Corporate" than GE.
  • Are you for real? Is your show that biased?

    We've been following your show but evidently the show may not be live because your polls do not correspond with the nations concerning Trump moving ahead of Hilary, nor do you treat him fairly putting a guy like Jose Perez on this morning lying through his teeth so much, about Hilary etc. ,ignoring all the mistrust about Hilary and unrest about Obama in general let alone her. The unrest about Hilary within Bernie Sanders and his followers, also ignoring the coverups over and over on the actual soldiers who literally made it out of Benghazi, I mean listen to them on their 13hrs! Also, the Clinton bodyguard words, let alone your show trying to discredit Trump a man who in his heart truly does believe that America can come back with respect, who has funded his own campaign, no dirty monies here, and your show doesn't even bring up all of the many terrible things Hilary has done and how very rich they are and how they have become rich, etc.

    We are so poor now, the middle class is becoming poorer, the debt is the highest ever, the threats to America are VERY is paying for all these foreigners coming in and or hospitalizations?? Obamacare is a big disappontment as it is. It'S a proven failure. Here's the top question next. How are we to defend ourselves? Our fighter planes, our warships, are so old the equipment so pathetic, our military personnel numbers too low. The treatment of our military personnel low and on and on. The Secretery has done as bad a job as her counterpart Obama has, that is how bad things are now. Wake up Meet the Press. Will your show ever praise Trump at all with all his good intentions and smart ideas? Your show, we believe especially after Perez today, is biased and this is very disrespectful to Americans who want their America back. Americans who will vote and Americans want to feel much safer first and foremost, with the need of a well trained good military defense, and then just maybe, things in the other areas, will also fall into place. Be smarter than your other rival channels. Be fairer. Think first. Your rating is very low to us.
  • Chuck Todd

    I can't stand to watch because of the red beard around the mouth. I hope this isn't the new trend for newsmen!
  • Too Many Changes

    With all of the changes since the passing of Tim Russert, the focus of Meet the Press has gotten lost. I believe to maintain the existing audience the changes should have been held to a minimum. The biggest mistake was to make Meet the Press look like a completely different program. With the death of Tim Russert the program was going to look different enough with a new host. But to go further and completely revamp the set and change the way talent and guests interact with the camera was an even BIGGER mistake. I fear all they've done is make a bad situation worse by making the show so unfamiliar to the audience they now feel uncomfortable. Meet the Press doesn't LOOK like MTP anymore! Changes to the set and format of the show should have only been made once the show was back on a firmer footing. But to decide upon Russert's death to literally change everything didn't make sense because the show doesn't look like MTP anymore. It's almost like with his passing they canceled MTP and replaced it with a another show but with the same name. Slowly transitioning the show back to its 2008 look would make MTP familiar again to the viewers and stabilize the ratings. It never made sense with his passing to change everything about the show just because he wasn't there anymore. I feel for Chuck Todd in his new position, but especially so with his ardent defense of his beard. But I also believe a host should reflect the look of most of the guests being interviewed, and few if any of those guests have "fu-manchu's"! Although I'm a big fan of Jon Stewart, bringing him in to host MTP as some have suggested would have been a "disaster" based on the available audience at 9:00AM Sunday morning. Just my two cents!
  • meet the press.

    This is an interview show whereby the current moderator interviews the most influential people in politics and the important people of this great country.
  • The power of the icon

    Let's face it. Tim Russert WAS Meet The Press for a lot of us. He's a tough act to follow. I, personally hardly ever missed his program and looked forward to the fair, but tough grilling anybody brave enough to be on his show took. He would have decimated Sarah Palin had she appeared and at the end would have sincerely wished her well. He was fair, tough and a gentleman.
  • no facts heard here

    I Have stopped watching this program. When this is just propaganda and no facts related I am not wasting my time on conspiracy theorists, out right distortions of the facts in evidence. People need to be provided the fax on a story not just someone's opinions. Everyone has an opinion but that is not always fact. When you actually start calling people out on both sides of their making their own facts then this might be a show worthy to watch. Until then no we do not need another fox TV show.
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