Meet the Royals

A&E (ended 2004)


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Meet the Royals

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Meet the Royals is a reality documentary/biography consisting of 13 episodes aired between 2003 and 2004. It is narrated by Chris Orbach and Sally Winters and hosted by Davy Jones, formerly of the Monkees. The cast consists of the royals themselves, including Princes Harry and William, Charles and Camilla, Andrew and Sarah, and Princess Diana, with the final few episodes adding European Royalty. The series provides an intimate look into the daily lives of individual members of the royal family, but from a comical standpoint rather than a traditional documentary style. In William: The Reluctant Prince, for example, viewers see Prince William's somewhat unsuccessful attempts to cook paella. Episode titles give clues to content, for example, Andrew: The Playboy Prince, The Trouble with Prince Harry, or Edward & Sophie: Cash vs Crown. Host Davy Jones adds Monkees-style wit and humor, making musical observations and adding bits of amusing trivia. Protocol advice is provided in Palace Ps and Qs, for example, "If Prince Charles gives you an awful gift, should you keep it?" Each episode also features a brief Monkees vs Monarchy segment that draws tenuous but humorous links, such as "The queen has ladies in waiting. The Monkees always had ladies waiting."