Meeting of Minds

PBS (ended 1981)


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  • A talk show where important people from history sit down together and express their views and discuss various topics. Has not been done since Dante\'s \"Inferno\" and never since.

    Absolutly fascinating! I was mesmerized by this show as a kid. Steve Allen\'s \"Meeting of Minds\" woke up in me a love for history that has never been quenched. Each episode gave the viewer a taste of what this person of our history might have been like and what they tried to do with their lives. But only a taste. It encouraged you to do your own reading and learning. It encouraged you to think! How many shows have tried that since? Not many. The scripts are available in book form in used-book stores and on ebay. The series was available on audio cassette and video in the eighties. Very hard to find. Hopefully it will become available again soon on DVD. If you have never experienced this innovative program I encourage you to search for it! You will not regret it. Steve Allen\'s \"Meeting of Minds\" is not to be missed!