Mega Babies

TELETOON (ended 2001)


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Mega Babies

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This show is about three young babies named, Meg, Derrik and Buck, each having acquired super powers as a result of being struck by lightning. Along with their nurse, Lazlo, who was also struck by lightning, the babies try to thwart evil plots that come up within their town, Your City, USA This show uses a unique type of humor such as vomit, snot, drool, and other body fluids. The babies often use this combined with their incredible strength. Powers and Abilities -Babies shared powers: Superhuman strength, damage resistance, super diaper filling, and super food consumption. -Meg: Mega fart, and baby flirt. -Bucky: Super burp, and trouble magnet. -Derrick: Snot palooza, and berserker fury. -Lazlo: Super intelligence in specific places, Superhuman endurance.