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TELETOON (ended 2001)


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  • The only thing hilarious about this was that someone thought the shows concept could actually work

    The title of my review says it all. Even Adam Sandler had better taste in that 2011 film Jack and Jill than this whole show combined!
  • This show makes me feel nauseous to say the least!

    This show is in one word: disgusting. If the show's only purpose was to disgust the main audience, then believe me, they did a wonderful job! The show is about three brattish superhero babies, Meg, Buck and Derrick, that got their superpowers by some milllenium lightning flash that hit earth, who fight crime, together with their nurse, who now has super intelligence (also because of that lightning flash). That sounds pretty nonsensical, doesn't it? Well it only gets worse, cause, what if i told you that poop, puke, drool, snot, pee, popping veins, farts, feces, vomit, saliva and mucus are everywhere, and even worse, THOSE BABIES FIGHT CRIME with all that! Who the heck thought THAT would be a good idea for kids show? The creators of Swatkats did, apperantly. Though i have never watched that show, Swatkats looks better, WAY better!

    Bottomline: unless you get a kick out of disgusting body fluid jokes, remain your sanity and avoid this show like a plague, please!
  • Has anyone seen Mr. Enter's animated atrocities review for this show on YouTube?

    I just HATE toilet humor and find it very immature and easy to frown upon unless it's done RIGHT. What I mean by right is that they use the elements of surprise and misfortune, which this show doesn't do. Just go watch Mr. Enter's review of this show.
  • An abomination of epic proportions!

    I for one am completely dumbfounded by how horrendous this show is. I mean, wow... the worst episodes of Rugrats are a masterpiece compared to this POS.

    I'm even more dumbfounded that anyone likes this cartoon. It's just plain sick. There is nothing charming, witty or funny about babies who have super powers consisting or burping, pooping, drooling, etc... IT IS FREAKIN GROSS!

    Whoever made this show, SHAME ON YOU! How dare you subject kids to such a despicable pile of filth! You actually made a cartoon worse than Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners and even Clarence, and that is quite a feat on your part.
  • Whoa! And I had forgotten all about this.

    I can't really remember on what channels but when I was younger I can remember seeing this show quite a lot. I am pretty sure that I had some of the episodes taped but those were probably thrown away ages ago. Anyway, I had only just remembered this show, and don't ask me how I could have actually forgotten about it. This show was absolutely stomach turning. The babies special attacks revolved around pee, spew, crap and drool. In terms of kids cartoons that have gross-out humour this basically makes Ren and Stimpy look like Teletubbies. Man, what an awesome show.
  • a good show yet somewhat gross

    truly this is a good show that i am not sure is on anymore. i used to watch this show and i loved it. my family thought it was quite gross and i agree with them. i mean it really is nasty when a huge pile of poo all the way to ceiling comes soring up like a rocket going in to space. overall this is a good show. it would have been rated higher if it wasn't so gross.
  • The show is about three babies named Meg, Derrik, and Buck. Lightening has given each of them powers. They are under the care of they're nurse, Lazlo.

    I really liked this show. When you want to feel stupid, just hang out with friends and watch something, this is the perfect show. The jokes are so stupid, they're hilarious, and when you're watching it, its just so funny. The characters, plots, they're not that great, but it is a really good show, and I really think it should come back to Teletoon. I remember watching it a few years ago, laughing and being on the phone with friends and telling them what happens. What could be better than a stupid show that you can talk to friends on the phone with about? Nothing, I give this an 8.9, it could have been better, but you did I good job making it, and I hope it airs again soon shortly.
  • I'm so glad this show got canned!

    I have to tell you that this is the worst show I've ever seen in my entire life! It's about a group of three babies who make fart jokes which are really lame. The plots sucked really bad. I can't think of ANYTHING good about this crappy show! There are other shows just as bad as this which use the same old lame butt jokes, but out of the ones I've seen, this is definitely the worst!! It's unoriginal and too immature for my tastes. It hasn't even got good humour...

    Avoid it if you want to stay sane. I've seen it once, and I never wanted to see it ever again coz it's that bad.
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